this event is a grass roots movement

call to arms

million veteran march

on washington, dc

june 8, 2005

for more info please call 800-630-3631

purpose for the march  please read

press release

we need to know how many people we can count on.  if you would email glenda  or karyn with your name and how many are coming with you.  we will try and keep a running list of attendees.  please join us if you can.  va funding is too important to veterans for us to do nothing.

   dc links  

the purpose of this march is to demonstrate our anger at the lack of adequate va funding, va performance and veteran benefits in general.

this event will be held in the mall at 10:00 the vietnam memorial.  the event is expected to last approximately 3 hours.

the speakers i know about so far are:

congressman bob filner, (d) ca

dennis bradley, (vet)

if you would like to speak please contact karyn asap.

there are some rooms reserved for this at the omni shoreham hotel in dc.   the hotel phone number is (202) 234-0700.  the hotel is located at 2500 calvert street nw, washington, dc 20008.  this will be the headquarters hotel.  if you need information after arriving this is the place to get it.

we are investigating other places to stay and will get that info to you asap. 

i have removed the caravan information as there has been no real response to it.  we will just all meet in dc.

this page is a work in progress so check back often please.

updated 5-24-05



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