2nd Battalion 94th Artillery

Reunion 2003 Video Clips

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37 sec clip - 6.0 mb file

24 sec clip - 3.9 mb file

13 sec clip - 2.2 mb file

17 sec clip - 2.8 mb file

14 sec clip - 2.4 mb file

90 sec clip - 14.5 mb file

The Sounds of Combat on the DMZ

27 APR 1967 Attack
Gio Linh Combat Base

Approx 40 min

12 AUG 1967 Recon Extraction
Dong Ha Mountain

Approx 30 min

A Note to Our Troops Fighting in Iraq

The following is a partial scan of a large card mailed to 2LT Ryan Bulger, FSO - and his men with the 101st Airborne Division in Iraq signed by 2nd Bn 94th Artillery members present at the 2003 Reunion in Branson, MO.

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