2/94th 2018 Reunion

As of date:  09/04/2018

AGAIN; for the "War College tour" do not send in money for the tour or the luncheon.  Pay for that at the reunion.  $20.00 for the luncheon and $25.00 transportation for the tour.

Added SCHEDULE of events at bottom


Added request for information for events and costs at bottom.........

*Added those who signed up for what event; how many going and money received

*Note;  For those that sign-up for the War College at this time please indicate to Neal the numbers only DO not send any money for that event.  This only transportation cost only for those going and can pay at time of transpiration.  No more than $25.00 per person.

 PLEASE RESPOND as soon as you can for planning purposes

When: September 9-12, 2018 with departure on the 13th.

Signed up so far is indicated below

Where: The Eisenhower Complex


Cost: $109. per night plus taxes (group rate 3 days before and after)

Reservations: Telephone 717-334-8121

Be sure and mention the Eisenhower Complex as that is where we will be located.

In addition; be sure and mention we are located in the Aspire part of the complex.  This complex is huge.

Also we will be departing on the 13th.

Group Rate Number: 312509

Good for three days in advance and three days after.

Please be sure to notify Rhonda Kozlowski of your plans to attend As Soon as You Can as well as menu choices if known.


Banquet Menu

London Broil: Thin slices of skirt steak served with hunter sauce

Chicken Cordon Bleu: Chicken Breast stuffed with ham and Swiss cheese topped with supreme sauce.

Vegetable Lasagna: Layers of pasta, vegetables and cheeses.

*All entrees accompanied with:
Eisenhower Garden Salad/assorted dressings
Chef’s choice of vegetable and starch
Rolls and butter
Fresh brewed coffee, tea, decaf
Cheesecake with toppings

Gettysburg 2018



* Indicates those who have made reservations at the Aspire


Others are those who plan on attending but have yet to make reservations



* Aaron Hardy (Whitt family)

*Allenbrand, Curtis and Linda

* Braster, Bob and Denise                                                                                           *

* Brister, Alan

 Bryant,  Milford and Frances

*Buckner, Austin and Faye

*Byrnes, Kevin

* Chelberg, Robert and Vicki

* Clark, Patrick and Ingrid

 *Cook, Keith  and Tiny Deese

* Creachen, Tom and Terri

   Cunningham, Chris and Anna

*Davis, Doug

 *Davis,  William and Colleen

 DeLoach, Roy and Anna 

*Doby, Neal and Susan

*Dunnehoo, Felton and Carol Dunnehoo

   *Ferrell, Johnny and Shelby

*Ferrell, Vicki

* Forsythe, Gerald and Eula

   *Freed, Ron and Teresa

* Galehouse, John and Joy

   *Greenlaw, Jack and Barbara

* Gress, Gerald

   *Hall, Gary and Kelly Mehner

 *Henderson,  James and RoAnn

*Hepler, Edward and Barbara

 *Hjerstedt, Ron and Christine ---- plus Lt Cmdr Michael Hjerstedt USCG.

   *Hobbs, Leonard and Jeannie

 *Hollifield, Van (Randy) and Freddie Wilson

*Jackson, Hank and MaryAnn Ferris

* Jones, Bill and Robin and guest Lynn Gilbert

   *Kelley, Charles, guests Janeen Kinney, Dawn Hubler and Marine Sgt John Lewis

Knowles, Squire (Skip)

* Kozlowski, John and Rhonda

* Kozlowski, Nick

   *Lacer, Norm and Judy

 Long, Sherry and Curt (Whitt family)

* Mahmood, Bob and Celeste

*Maples,  Jim and guest

  *Marchand, Peter

   Mason, LT

* McClain, Robert and Jerlene

  Moseng, Erving and Colleen

   Nemeth, Danny and Linda

   Nielsen, Carl (Buzz) and wife

* Niles, William and Cheryl

* Orr, Ron and Charlotte Ballanger

   Parton, Van and Bev

   Pazoureck, Joe and Kathy

*Tim and Sylvia Pearson

   Pullen, Don

   Rhoades, Randy and Robin

* Ryan, Thomas (Jim) and Peg

*Schulze, Roger

   * Short, Gary and Kay

 *Smith, Greg and Kaye with guest Caroline Smith

* Spores, William and Linda

*Sutter Art and Margaret Gettel

   *Swanner, Art and Diane

   Taylor, William and Marie and guests David Helms and Ashley Helms

   Tippett, Roy and Juanita

* Trefry, Richard and Jacque

  *Tyler Hardy (Whitt family)

   *Whaley, Bob and Brenda

  *Wham, Russell and Donna (guests of the Whitt's)

   *White, George and Sally

 *White, Robert  and Sheila

 *Whitener, Russ and Bea

 Whitt, Joe

*Wilmeth, Jay and Carol Potter

*Wilson, Freddie

 *Zovistoski, Charlotte 






Reunion Schedule

(Subject to Adjustments if Necessary)

Sunday the 9th


10 AM to 5 PM...Meet and Greet

5 PM...Welcome Meeting -  Nimitz/Bradley room

Monday the 10th


8 AM to 1:15 PM...Battlefield Tour and Lunch

3 PM...Battalion Meeting (Nimitz/Bradley)

Women’s Meeting immediately after the Battalion Meeting (Stillwell room) Approx 3:20


7 PM...AUCTION Nimitz/Bradley Room


Tuesday the 11th


Lancaster Tour/Lunch

8 AM to 6 PM...Tour of Amish country 

8 AM to 3 PM...Golf

Wednesday the 12th


9 AM to 2 PM...US Army War College

Vacate room for Banquet preparation

5 PM...Happy Hour

6 PM...Banquet and Program


Thursday the 13th

8 AM to Noon...Goodbyes............Until Next Year







Please read all the way through. Rhonda needs your responses FOR PLANNING.

Monday 9/10. 8am-1:15pm.


Battlefield tour with licensed guide and a buffet lunch at the Historic Dobbin House.

$45.00 Per person (does not include cost of lunch).

Tuesday 9/11. 10 am. Mountain View Golf Course.


Cost of a round is $30. Includes golf cart. Clubs may be rented for $20.

Type of game to play will be determined by the number of participants.

Tuesday 9/11. 8 am-6pm. Travel to Amish country for three hours at the famous Kitchen Kettle Village.

Enjoy lunch on your own.

Tour an Amish farm and house. Find homemade goods with unexpected touches. $40.00 Per person (excludes lunch)

Wednesday 9/12. Tour War College.


Transportation will be paid for at the Reunion.

The luncheon at the War College will also be paid at the luncheon...cost is $20.00 per person.

The cost for Battlefield and Lancaster are based on 30 passengers.

If there are at least 40.

Because our contact person is so busy, I need your cooperation and help.

1. If it is not already noted on the reunion site, PLEASE let me know if your reservations have been made or if you are staying elsewhere.

We may need to block more rooms!

2. Let me know your meal choice's
for the Banquet.

3. Bring an auction item

4. Let me know which tours you want to sign up for.

Thank you for your anticipated assistance.


For the selected tours please make checks payable to:

Neal Doby
9406 Valley Lane
Huntsville AL. 35803

To avoid confusion it would be helpful to indicate how many paid for and what tours.

On the War College indicate how many are going only to Neal and pay for transportation and luncheon at the reunion.

  Last First   Date Received # Battlefield   # Amish   # War College      
  Taylor William   4/2 2 90.00   2 80.00            
  Hall Gary   4/2       2 80.00            
  White Robert   4/5 2 90.00                  
  Freed Ronald   4/6 2 90.00   2 80.00   1 20.00      
  Layman D. A.   4/7 1 45.00   1 40.00   1        
  Braster Robert   4/10 2 90.00   2 40.00   2        
  Kelly Charles   4/10             3        
  Chelberg Robert   4/16 2 90.00   2 80.00   2        
  Clark Patrick   4/16 2 90.00   1 40.00            
  Whaley Robert   4/16       2 80.00            
  White George   4/23 2 90.00         2 50.00      
  Braster Robert   4/23             2 50.00      
  Knowles Skip   4/23 1 45.00   1 40.00   1 25.00      
  Greenlaw John   4/23       2 80.00            
  Parton Van   4/24       2 80.00   2 50.00      
  Allenbrand Curtis   4/26 2 90.00   2 80.00            
  Galehouse John   4/26 2 90.00   2 80.00   1        
  Mahmood Robert   4/28 2 90.00   2 80.00            
  Forsythe Gerald   4/28 2 90.00   2 80.00            
  Ferrell Johnney   5/5       2 80.00   2        
  Ryan Thomas   5/7 2 90.00                  
  Dunnehoo Felton   5/12       2 80.00   2        
  Spores Bill   5/17             1        
  Moseng Ervin   5/24 2 90.00                  
  Byrnes Kevin   5/25 1 45.00                  
  Swanner Arthur   6/5       2 80.00   1 20.00      
  Ferrell Vickie   6/9       1 40.00            
  Marchand Peter   7/2 1 45.00   1 40.00            
  Cunningham Chris   7/3       2 80.00   1        
  Doby Neal   7/3 2 90.00   2 80.00            
  Buckner Austin   7/9 2 90.00                  
  Pearson Sylvia   7/11       1 40.00            
  Gilbert Lynn   7/16             1        
  Hubler Dawn   7/19 1 90.00   1 80.00            
  Kinney Janeen   7/19 1 90.00   1 80.00            
  Lewis John   7/26 1 45.00   1 40.00            
  Henderson James   8/2 2 90.00   2 80.00   2        
  Crawford Larry   8/4 2 90.00   2 80.00            
  DeLoach Roy   8/6       2 80.00            
  Wilmeth James   8/9 2 90.00                  
  Gravitt Diane   8/15       3 120.00            
  Miller Thomas   8/15             1        
  Maples George   8/18 2 90.00                  
  McDermott Gerald   8/20 2 90.00   2 80.00   2        
  Total       47     54     30        





2018 2/94th Field Artillery

1st Annual Golf Tournament

Sep 11, 2018 at 10 AM

Mountain View Golf Course

$30.00 18 holes with cart

Club Rental:  $20.00


So Far:   Joe Pazoureck, Jim Ryan and Bill Spores are players