2nd Battalion 94th Artillery

Vietnam 1966- 1972

2017 Battalion Reunion

As of Date 04/18/2017

*Added reunion schedule at the bottom but is subject to change

*Added note (bottom) for deposits coming in at bottom for Reunion Events

*Added list of early paid events at bottom

List of Reservations Already and who is coming at the Bottom

If you are coming and NOT staying at the hotel please when you contact me contact Rhonda Kozlowski at  kozlowski.rhonda@yahoo.com as well.

Rhonda needs that information for name tags, banquet plans, etc.

Hello All.

Update on 2017 Reunion in Colorado Springs.

Please let your brothers and sisters of the 2nd Battalion 94th Artillery know.

Hotel Elegante
2886 S Circle Dr
Colorado Springs CO 80906


Dates: Sept. 3 - Sept. 7

Cost: $100 per night (group rate is good 3 days before and 3 days after set dates).

Reservations need to be made by Aug. 04, 2017 for group rate.

Phone: 800-981-4012. Identify yourself as with the 2nd Battalion 94th Artillery Group.

Group number is 1698921.

Upon arrival at the hotel one will receive coupons for complementary breakfasts.  Gratuity is not included.

Thanks to George White, Bob McClain, Robert White and Neal Doby for setting all this up for the Reunion.

Hope to see you there.




Benedict, Raymond

Blackwell, Kayla---- Guest of Van and Beverly Parton

Brister, Alan

Bryant, Milford and Frances and grandsons Aaron and Tyler

Buckner, Austin and Faye

Byrnes, Kevin

Clark, Pat and Ingrid

Davey, Pat and guest Janice Grossman

Doby, Neal and Susan

Dunnehoo, Felton and Carol

Emery, Larry

Ferrell, Johnny and Shelby

Forsythe, Gerald and Eula

Freed, Ron and Teresa

Greenlaw, John and Barbara

Gress, Gerald

Hall, Gary

Hobbs, Leonard and Jeannie

Hughes, Mary----- Guest of Van and Beverly Parton

Jackson, John and MaryAnn Ferris

Jones, Bill and Robin

Kelley, Charles

Kerns, Lindsey and Shirley

King, Alan and Debbie

Knowles, Skip

Kozlowski, John and Rhonda

Lacer, Norm and Judy

Lary, Jim and Dee

Long, Sherry

Mahmood, Bob and Celeste

McClain, Bob and Jerlene

Mehner, Kelly

Myers, Randy and Lordy

Niles, Bill and Cheryl

Orr, Ronald

Parton, Roger-------Guest of Van and Beverly Parton

Parton, Van and Bev

Pearson, Tim and Sylvia

Pullen, Don  Sally McKinney

Quyen (Pee Wee) and Lee Pham

Rhoades, Randy and Robin
Romero, Ernest and Evangeline (Vangie)

Ryan, Jim and Peg

Schulze, Roger

Short, Gary and Kay

Sileski, John and Loretta

Spores, Bill and Linda

Swanner, Art and Diane

Taylor, Todd and Tammy --- Guests of Leonard Hobbs

Taylor, William and Marie Helms

Tippett, Roy, Juanita and Kendra

Trefry, Richard and Jacque

Weldon, Bruce and Lois

Whaley, Robert and Brenda

White, George and Sally

White, Robert and Sheila

Whitt, Joe

Wilmeth, James

Wozencraft, Lynn

Zovitoski, Bob and Charlotte


Coming Staying Elsewhere


Mason, LT

Pazoureck, Joe and Kathy

Porter, Richard

Smith, Greg

Tenis, Andy and Cindy



2nd Battalion 94th Artillery

VIETNAM 1966-1972


Colorado Springs  Co

Sept. 3 – Sept. 7,  2017


*Please Note*

Because of the high altitude and low humidity hydrating prior to arriving and during the stay is important for your well-being.  Apply lip balm and sunscreen often and liberally.  Those on oxygen need to plan on doubling consumption.  Bring spares and if your normal setting is #2, plan on upping it to #4.

Schedule of Events

*Sunday 9/3/2017: Arrival / Meet and Greet


*Monday 9/4/2017:  Pike’s Peak Tour 0830 -1330 (8:30 – 1:30)   The Battalion will provide water and snacks (no alcohol).  Cost is $65. per person (children under 11 are $35. per child).


Battalion Meeting 1600 (4:00 PM).


Wives’ Meeting immediately following the Battalion Meeting


*Tuesday 9/5/2017:  Tour Air Force Academy and Garden of the Gods 0830 – 1330 (8:30 – 1:30).  Cost is $55. per  person (children under 11 are $30. per child).


***Please make all checks payable to Neal Doby and indicate what the check is for.***


                Neal Doby

                9406 Valley Lane SE

                Huntsville AL 35001


Auction – 1900 (7 PM)


*Wednesday 9/6/2017:  Free day.

                Happy Hour 1800 (6:00 PM)   Cash Bar              

                Banquet at 1900 (7:00 PM)


*Thursday 9/7/2017:  Good-Byes


Please, please, please indicate to Rhonda if your plan is to attend the Banquet (a headcount is needed). 

Email Rhonda at kozlowski.rhonda@yahoo.com



Remember to bring an Auction Item.  There will be the usual “live” auction as well as a silent one.


Thank you!

Schedule may be subject to change.       



Reunion Update


Deposits are starting to come in for the events at the Reunion.


Please when you submit payments add a note for Neal Doby what the deposit if for and for how many.  It will save much confusion later on if it is done now.


Should you have questions on this contact Neal at ndoby@knology.net






Listed below are the paid events so far from Neal:


  Last Name First Name   Date Total amount   # PP adult Amount PP Adult # PP Child Amount PP Child # AFA Adult Amount AFA Adult # AFA Child Amount AFA child  
  Freed Ronald   21-Feb $240.00   2 $130.00     2 $110.00      
  Whaley Robert   27-Feb $240.00   2 $130.00     2 $110.00      
  Mahmood Robert   27-Feb $240.00   2 $130.00     2 $110.00      
  Clark Patrick   8-Mar $240.00   2 $130.00     2 $110.00      
  Forsythe Gerald   13-Mar $240.00   2 $130.00     2 $110.00      
  Kozlowski John   13-Mar $110.00   0 $0.00     2 $110.00      
  Ryan Thomas   13-Mar $185.00   2 $130.00     1 $55.00      
  Short Gary   17-Mar $240.00   2 $130.00     2 $110.00      
  Buckner Austin   17-Mar $240.00   2 $130.00     2 $110.00      
  Pullen Donald   17-Mar $240.00   2 $130.00     2 $110.00      
  White George   21-Mar $240.00   2 $130.00     2 $110.00      
  Doby Neal   21-Mar $175.00   1 $65.00     2 $110.00      
  Jones William   24-Mar $240.00   2 $130.00     2 $110.00      
  Benedict Raymond   10-Apr $120.00   1 $65.00     1 $55.00      
  Niles William   13-Apr $240.00   2 $130.00     2 $110.00      





+PP = Pike Peak

AFA = Air Force Academy