If I understand your comments correctly: 


Take care,

Jeff Schrade



Dear Mr. Schrade,


I think you are being somewhat over reactive and defensive as to your understanding of what I tried to convey to you and just some of the issues that president after president and congress after congress are not addressing this run-away “executive branch” federal agency.  Issues that money, which seemed to be your only substantial argument regarding President Bush and our present congress, couldn’t solve and never will solve these stated problems without “demanded integrity and accountability.”


Even as of last Thursday you found out that the VA does not want the Veteran or their widows having the simplest of basic guaranteed citizen constitutional rights to "competent legal representation."  The VA does not even want the Veteran to have that guaranteed right even as an option.


As far as your first two bullets you fired, my point was with what the elected congress is doing and/or not doing Veterans and their families can no longer tell if congress is indeed lying; or really just does not care about the nations Veterans; or just inexperienced as to what the VA actually does to Veterans and their families with the awesome power "granted to them" by our own congress.  Power granted that now seemingly has no mandated "separation of powers" associated.


Regarding the third bullet fired, I suggested that doubling the budget may not have done as much good in the appropriate areas as you seemed to think.  I have seen a few changes.  Make no mistake it is not what you referenced and far from it.  In fact, if you and the senators want to really understand how these health care approval ratings are obtained from Veterans then that is another level of intimidation that also should be discussed.  If anyone inside 495 is interested.   Drug plans have gotten some better and easier to use.  But here again some are not available especially if there is no generic.  And some of the VA alternates cause side effects. 


If the work that is being done gets continually worse year after year and the results get simply "so unjustifiable” that even the VA can no longer justify its very possibly "directed poor performance;" then to simply double the budget or add 12% per year does no good, as I tried to point out.  Which is why the VA is now forced to use “fudged numbers” as recently reported by the IG.  Although these VA bogus numbers in and by itself is nothing new.


The VA is finally admitting they are at least 18 months behind and behind on 1.25 million claims.  Hardly what one would call a “stellar performance” with double the money, according to your statements. 


Now if these numbers are also fudged by the same 61% because some VA employees felt pressured to do so;  then in reality where do our Nations Veterans stand?  With this much backlog of claims and "denied service connection medical care" or even "state awarded service connected benefits" that Veterans and their families now also have to do without; where indeed do our Veterans stand. 


Doing without; not because of funding as you so pointedly pointed out but "lack of performance and integrity" by the VA that must be perceived to have a White House Budget Control "conflict of interest."  


I would say we Veterans are in big trouble.  Although, I doubt if our congress folks would agree with that statement as they are not the ones doing without; or possibly losing a home; or wondering where the next family meal is going to come from.  These are our finest and proudest citizens and to be left behind simply because an agency is not doing its' job is unacceptable to me and should be to our and "your" congress.


I would also say that Veterans and their families no longer trust this federal agency and if congress does not address these issues then how can we as "congressional district and state continuants" trust them.


Very similar to what happen when the IRS got so "renegade powerful" they were considered a "tyrannical federal agency" by the nations voters and the entire congress reigned in this federal agency. 


Yet, Veterans seemed to "not warrant" this reaction but instead even more and more "Executive Branch federal power" over one segment of society is given to this federal agency, as if they are a separate "appointed government" within our "elected government" by the same congress that should be on the side of its own constituents; regardless if they once wore "The Uniform."   Almost as if in the Feres Doctrine and U.S.C. 38 paragraph 511 congress demonstrates it wants rid of anything to do with Veterans and representing them as their constituents. 


Some would argue and have argued that is exactly the congressional philosophy for the unconstitutional Feres Doctrine that gives the DoD the legal latitude to use Veterans as Bio-chemical warfare "Lab Rats" with no recourse for their actions or any actions for that matter.  The same actions for which we hanged individuals for war crimes against humanity.  Yet, this seems to be a non-issue with our congress when it comes to the Veterans of our Nation.


Yes, I would like to know WHY!


Senators and congresspersons send us letters that they are checking on our claims but there is little they can do. 


We do not need congress to check on our claims.  A wife or a daughter or a son can do that for us.  Every Veteran knows the VA has absolutely no time line to do anything or even respond.  Since the VA's definition of when the Veterans claim ends is his mortality.  For the dying Veteran and his family this must be "declared a conflict of government interest."  The Veteran and his family should not have to suffer financially because of VA incompetence, White House directed or otherwise.


We need our elected officials to demand logical answers from the VA to the many questions and challenges we pose to what is supposed to be our support federal agency.


The letters sent to us by the house members and the senate members say that they cannot put pressure on the VA.  Asking legitimate questions and demanding legitimate answers in "a timely manner" for the Veteran and family is not what I would think anyone except our congress could consider as "undue pressure." Accountability yes, UNDUE pressure NO!


We challenge the VA on our own (unlike Kissenger and his statements about how the military are just dumb stupid animals, {even we can learn}) and they just tell us they have the power to overrule about anything we challenge them on in legitimate subjects and with legitimate data. Power given to them by congress after congress.


Even in BVA denials the VA cannot keep their story straight.  In one case it is because congress "will not allow."  The next case it is because the Secretary of the VA "will not allow."  Yet, the cases are the same and both denied. 


Alternatively in some geographical areas the identical cases which were disapproved elsewhere" may be approved in that area."  Makes no (zero) sense.


So yes, Veterans are wondering what side of the fence our congress is on and especially the VAC's.  In fact, the question has now risen to the level of what side of the fence is our "entire elected government on."


Yes, there are a few in our congress that will make the VA accountable or at least try.  About a total of five that I could find anyway in over four years of research.


My offer still stands to face to face should you and the senators on the VAC choose that option.


At least it would give them a chance to really break bad on a Veteran who is outspoken and prove him wrong; or try anyway.


You take care also Jeff.



DMZ 67-68

The Toxic Chemical Corridor


I also posted a response to you from a nurse in Indiana.