Searchable dioxin study database

I just wanted to pass on this link for our Veterans and our Widows in this toxic chemical fight against IOM/VA/and our own guilty as charged government on what George Claxton has accumulated in a dioxin database. With the help of Hatfield this database in now searchable by criteria.

Link no longer available from my links due to request by owners of study database.  Please do not ask why???????


Now I would warn you that even though you may develop overwhelming scientific evidence in your favor with Veterans Affairs it will do no good. What you will get back is something like this from VA: “Even though you have submitted credible scientific evidence of association only the Secretary of Veterans Affairs can determine herbicide associations in accordance with United States Code (U.S.C.) 38.” U.S.C. 38 of course being the “congressional denial tool” and budget control used in the fleecing of American Disabled and Dying Veterans and their Widows created by our own government. Although the U.S.C 38 code expressly states these facts it seems Senators Webb and Akaka have now inserted themselves as a clearing house for so called justice based on budget and no facts in the issues at all.

More than likely your claim will have to go the Board of Veterans Appeals hamster wheel of justice with your scientific evidence and then maybe, and that is only a maybe, depending on budget control for that year you might get approved.

Then of course we already know that many of the issues have already been decided positive for the Veteran/Widow at the Board of Veterans Appeals for the same thing over and over again in associations and your case will be number (hypothetical number) 25,000 of the exact same case to be tried for “at least as likely as not associations" only. Makes no sense now does it. Except for deny deny deny until they die.

By the way I just read in one posting, where the data came from I have no idea, that out of 2.7 million troops on the ground there are less than 800,000 left of us. Normal aging actuarial tables would have us at 2.2 million still alive as with any other campaigning army given the average age of serving and the normal population death rate.

So it looks like government 1 Veterans/Widows 0 and except for the possible close to 800,000 left VA has succeeded in their Executive Branch primary mission assisted by our congress and our presidents in deny deny deny until they die.

Of course this is not new to other period or era Veterans/Widows as they same thing happened to them just as it did to us and now our Gulf War Veterans will be next until they are all or almost all dead. They will be studied to death just as we have been. The Veterans largest mistake was not in serving with honor and even valor but trusting our own government and its elected officials.

I also did want to point out and this is typical and maybe even our government mandated.

Remember the 3x increase in thyroid issues found in 'Vietnam Veterans only' by Syracuse University I put out a few weeks ago. Remember my comments about IOM denying any associations because while Ranch Hand found an increase in Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) they denied any overt disease because they indicated that Ranch Hand did not find any thyroid microsomal auto-antibodies? Remember I stated that according to the transcripts they did find thyroid antibodies.

In reviewing another ‘Ranch Hand published study’ for something entirely different I found the following.

“The prevalence of Ranch Hand Veterans with positive thyroid microsomal autoantibody test was INCREASED IN ALL THREE DIOXIN CATEGORIES, and in the low category was significant (OR = 1.9 95% 1.0-3.8).”

So much for “no autoimmune thyroid issues found” and the IOM excuse used to deny any overt disorders.

Oh and let us not forget that if this was found significant or positive as to 'not occurring by chance alone' then the actual data would be overwhelming since some of those in the so-called “comparison group” (non-exposed) we found out later were indeed exposed as well. As I recall a little under half of those in the comparison group were in reality exposed.



super job by George and his efforts have been monumental in our issues

our thanks to hatfield for making this possible