Members Not Yet Located

2nd Battalion 94th Artillery

Service Battery

1969 - 1970

Please remember these names were taken from whatever records we could find. These records were often very hard to read and some may be misspelled and some could be missing.  You will notice (in red) names missing.  If you can supply these it would be very helpful.  We appreciate any corrections or additions as they make the site more correct and complete.

If you know where we can contact any of the following people please email Glenda with the data.  We can even use the state they were originally from to narrow the search.  Anything you remember will be of help.

If you would like to try and find any of these members on your own a good site to use is

Brase, Leonard A.

Buffone, Ralph J.

Callaway, Charles

Cherrye, Frank L.

Collins Jr., Charles L.

Collins, Gerald W.

Culp, ?

Davis Jr., Archie L.

Davis, Jack D.

DeWitte, Scott J.

Dickbon, Daniel M.

Dimond, Lawrence

Dromboole, Donald

Dubitas, John G.

Durling, David L.

Farley, Gerald C.

Farwell, George F.

Foster, William

Gaedke, Carl H.

Galad, Harold A.

Gandy, William E.

Gibson, William J.

Griego, Carols

Griffen, ?

Hanson, Vernon B.

Hardin Jr., Otis

Harris, Bernard T.

Hayhurst, Fredric

Hileman, Franklin

James III, William B.

Krahen Buhl, Robin L.

Little, Edmond

MacKismicz, Allen M.

McBirney, John A.

McCracken, Robert

McCullough, Willie

McElroy, James E.

Meridith, Bobby D.

Miller, Michael J.

Mitchell, Nathan E.

Mooney, Jack C.

Morris, James A.

Morris, Joe

Morse, Carter D.

Orel, Keith S.

Ortiz, Hector R.

Payton, Raymond

Pedigo, John L.

Pera Jr., Harry G.

Prentice, Carl L.

Purcell, Gary

Reese, Robert A.

Rugers, Johnny

Smith, Kenneth J.

Stallworth, Willie

Tomich, Sam M.

Turner, Joe L.

Valentin-Marreso, ?

Vaughn, John A.

Williams, Willis M.

Wright, James D.