Members Not Yet Located

2nd Battalion 94th Artillery

Headquarters Battery

1970 - 1971

Please remember these names were taken from whatever records we could find. These records were often very hard to read and some may be misspelled and some could be missing.  You will notice (in red) names missing.  If you can supply these it would be very helpful.  We appreciate any corrections or additions as they make the site more correct and complete.

If you know where we can contact any of the following people please email Glenda with the data.  We can even use the state they were originally from to narrow the search.  Anything you remember will be of help.

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Agee, Willie

Allen, James D.

Barnacastle, Andrew

Barrsca, Antoine R.

Beebe, Marin B.

Bertham, Robert M.

Bess, Kenneth B.

Brady, Herbert L.

Bridges, ?

Brown, Jeryl K.

Brown, Randolph J.

Cadarette, Douglas

Campbell, Earl M.

Clark, Gregory B.

Cliett, Gregory

Coles, Jerry N

Colon, Manuel

Conklin Jr., William

Cox, Dennis D.

Cross, William H.

Crynack, David P.

David, William R.

DeFoe, Douglas N.

Delgado, Julian C.

Denny, Mark

Dick, Jon D.

DiLuzio, Carl J.

Domanay, Placido G.

Doyle, Thomas

Dyer, Robert P.

Dzubinski, Sigmun

Eggnick, Timothy

English, Charles

Farmer, Anthony D.

Felt, Nathaniel H.

Fogg, ?

Ford, Robert L.

France, Robert A.

Francois, Robert C.

Froberg, William R.

Fuentes, Arturo G.

Gambill, John

Geddings, Lawrence

Gibbons, Joe L.

Gronowski, Richard

Hader, Gary L.

Hale, James

Heckaman, Douglas

Heckathurn, Donald

Heckerman, Donald

Henderson, David A.

Hess, John P.

Hill, David N.

Hodges, Joseph T.

Holtschneider, David

Idvanne, Lindsay C.

Jex, Wayne R.

Johnson, Kermit L.

Jones, James L.

Karl, John D.

Keedwell, ?

Kelly, Colin

Knisley, David L.

Koch, William R.

Kranich III, J.

Landon, Dale C.

Lerma, Robert

Lewis, James R.

Lewis, Richard J.

Lilly, Roy C.

LIncoln, Richard D.

Lipson, Peter S.

Long, Larry E.

Luke, Howard E.

Lynch, James F.

Mahon Jr., John C.

Marigold, Joseph

Marshall, Calvin B.

Marinez, Roldan F.

Mays, Eddie W.

McAlpin, John W.

McBride, James F.

McIlvane, William

McLaughlin, James J.

Mehus, Larry A.

Meley, Jack L.

Miller, Robert E.

Miller, William F.

Moncure, Michael B.

Moore, Robert A.

Morgan, Robert

Murray, ?

Newell, Michael J.

Niles, Barry

Oberender, Kendall

O'Connor, Michael

Oliveros, Rodolfo, M.

Olsen, Gerald E.

Owings, Jerry

Parker Jr., Jerry

Parker, Richard R.

Pattenaude, Richard

Pederson, David E.

Pederson, Michael

Peterfeso, Terry D.

Phipps, Thomas W.

Pizzarelli, Dean L.

Polson, Roy G.

Poteet, Kenneth W.

Powirza, Robert C.

Przbysz, Thomas M.

Rich, Frederick T.

Richards, Roy L.

Ridgeway, Haywood

Ronning, Michael E.

Ross, Joe B.

Sabbatis, Anthony V.

Sanders, Jessie C.

Scales, Marvin

Scheller, Kurt D.

Schisler, Kendell

Schucker, David R.

Seacren, Dean A.

Shak, Thomas

Sheaffer, Walter C.

Sheffield, Paul K.

Sherrill, Don N.

Shift, William F.

Shriver, Marvin P.

Shropshire, Ronald

Skaggs, Barry

Smith, Carlos

smith, Charles B.

Soules, Kenneth L.

Spresser, Michael

Staskavich, Eugene

Sutton, William

Taylor, Bobby L.

Taylor, Roy J.

Tingwald, Gregory A.

Tolle, Stephen

Touliatos, James W.

Trim, David R.

Tschirhart, Donald

Walker, Samuel J.

Wallace, Stephen C.

Wayne, Clyde G.

White, Donald, L.

Wilkens, Charles

William, James A.

Wilson, Leroy

Yarborough, Kent B.

Young, Charles M.

Zerfas, Gregory A.