Members Not Yet Located

2nd Battalion 94th Artillery

C Battery

1968 - 1969

Please remember these names were taken from whatever records we could find. These records were often very hard to read and some may be misspelled and some could be missing.  We appreciate any corrections or additions as they make the site more correct and complete.

If you know where we can contact any of the following people please email Glenda with the data.  We can even use the state they were originally from to narrow the search.  Anything you remember will be of help.

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Andrews, Grover

Assaro, Howard C.

Bailey, Jack L.

Baldwin, Ronald E.

Banks, Allen

Barlow, Barry

Beck, Richard A.

Bell, Aldridge

Bingham, Harold

Bingham, James E.

Boisvert, Robert A.

Borowski, John E.

Boss, William E.

Bowcutt, David W.

Braddy, John R.

Bradley, Alphonso

Browder, Walter

Brown, Harold

Brown, Jimmie L.

Bruce Jr., John W.

Burt, James R.

Bussell, Jim D.

Buttrick, Robert

Chaney, Cleveland

Clowers, Jerry

Colley, Norman N.

Collins, Kenneth J.

Crooks, Franklin R.

Crox, Lloyd

Curtis, Clarence J.

Davis, Malcolm

Donelson, Don L.

Dutton, Robert K.

Eberhardt, George S.

Eldridge, James R.

Elliot, Travis

Evans, John J.

Foster, Sylvester

Gibson, Roy

Gilpin, Jeff L.

Girt, James D.

Godfrey Jr., Andrew J.

Grimes, Michael W.

Gross, Kenneth R.

Gulley, Michael A.

Hale, Larry J.

Hambrick, Phillip D.

Hammond, Woodrow

Hartel, Gerald L.

Hatfield, Alvin M.

Hayes, Albert

Henderson, Gary

Hinson, Arlanda

Hodges, Chester A.

Hogan, Joseph M.

Holladay, Dwight E.

Hollins, Anthony

Hubson, Troy H.

Jones, Walter R.

Kalindeski, Allen

Kaprelien, Karl M.

Kirkpatrick, Robert

Kurecki, Steven

L???dfer, Charles

Lask, William C.

Lassic, Paul K.

Marks, Michael

Mellott, Herman

Munguia, Jose I.

Need, Stanley E.

Nettles, Lenwood

Newton, Jeffrey P.

Newton, Richard

Olson, Jack

Orr, Ronald D.

Pate, James F.

Patterson, Winfred

Peterson, Keith A.

Pica, Albert H.

Pillsbury, Carl J.

Raines, Eddie

Reed, Jerry P.

Reliford Jr., James E.

Roberts, James

Robison, David V.

Roke, Illias

Rukusek, Larry L.

Russell, William L.

Sawyer, Virgil

Schafeauer, Donald

Shaffer Jr., Lenus C.

Shaw, Richard

Shumate, Fredrick

Smith, Robert W.

Snipes, Glenn

Stevenson, Melvin S.

Timm, Michael W.

Trettin, Kurt E.

Trinidad-Dominquez, William

Tyler, Robert A.

Watson, David

Wax, Russell

Weatherly, Charles

Webb, Robert

Whitehead, Taylor

Wilson, Alan W.

Winston Jr., Mack

Woods, Willie

Workman, Ronnie

Wright, Kenneth