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The Honorable


Washington DC 20515



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Subject:  Veteran's Issues


Dear Congressman or Senator,


On December 6th, 2005 a meeting was held in Veterans Affairs Conference Room discussing many of the toxic chemical issues from our toxic chemicals (plural) war and other issues concerning Veterans and this nation.


Another such meeting is scheduled for the end of April 2006, tentatively scheduled for the 25th.


These issues are of great concern to me and all my comrades.


Would you please make arrangements to attend or if you cannot attend due to a schedule conflict please send a senior staff official from your DC office.


There is a web link you can go to review just what was discussed in at least one area of discussion.


Thank you so much for any efforts to be represented at this meeting.


Sincerely and with best regards,



Veteran, wife of a Veteran, widow of a Veteran, son or daughter of a Veteran or whatever applies.