Title  e-mail:  "Just a thank you!"

I know it is faster to do e-mail but a hard letter I think gets more response but do both if you can.


The Honorable Lane Evans

2211 Rayburn House Office Bldg.
Washington, DC 20515





Subject:  Just a thank you!


Dear Congressman Evans,


While you were not present at the Veterans Affairs Committee room meeting on December 6th, 2005 it is with our great appreciation that you sent Mr. Len Sistek, Jr. to attend.


He was forthcoming and obviously a Veterans' Advocate as it seems you and your entire staff wear that same badge of honor.


I know Mr. Sistek will brief you on what happened and the CD with all the information and evidence on supporting the addition of "peripheral neuropathy" as a stand-alone associated disorder to our toxic chemical legacy.


There are many such toxic chemical disorders that have met the "intent of congress" to be compensated and should you have the time or if Mr. Sistek should have time Mr. Kelley (researcher) will be glad to meet with him and discuss these issues of evidence of facts.


I hope you will support these efforts as you and Congressman's Shays and Sanders did in the oversight of the Ranch Hand study in 2000.


Again our deepest appreciation for showing you do care and sending Mr. Sistek.  


Thank you so much for your concern and all the help you have given to our Nation's Veterans.


Sincerely and with best regards,



Veteran, wife of a Veteran, widow of a Veteran, son or daughter of a Veteran or whatever applies.



His E-mail address is:



Or please do both.