Title e-mail:  "Just a thank you!"

I know it is faster to do e-mail but a hard letter I think gets more response and is much more appreciated but do both if you can.


Mr. William W. McLemore

Deputy Assistant Secretary

Intergovernmental and International Affairs

Department of Veterans Affairs

810 Vermont Ave. NW, Suite 915

Washington, DC 20420





Subject:  Just a Thank You!


Dear Mr. McLemore,


It is with great appreciation I send this letter of thanks for your attendance and answering questions at the December 6th Veterans Issues meeting. 


While there are two sides we must work together for the benefit of the nation.


I understand that some of the discussions became quite heated and it is understandable.  You are a three time Vietnam Veteran yourself so you know the passion involved if a Veteran is defending and fighting for his veterans and our I Corps group is a close knit bunch of Veterans from all branches of service.


Thank you again for your efforts in expediting some VA issues for our Veterans and their widows and your participation at this meeting.


I know the Veterans look forward to seeing and working with you again in April of 2006.


Sincerely and with best regards,



Veteran, wife of a Veteran, widow of a Veteran, son or daughter of a Veteran or whatever applies.