I want you to know how much I appreciated all that you did to make the reunion such a hallowing success.  I believe that this was the best one yet, even if it was smaller than the last couple that we had.

Again, thanks for a wonderful time and it was great seeing all of you again.

As Ever,
LTG Richard G. Trefry




This was our first reunion and my wife Terry and I thoroughly enjoyed everyone we met. I left Branson buoyed by the feeling of being part of a family. Count us

in for next year.   

Bill Cooper


I thought the reunion went very well. I had a chance to meet and talk to some of the members that I have not had a chance to do so in the past. Also, we had 8 first timers come this year, which is great. I thought that the facilities were the best that we have had. With the scheduling like it was it gave everyone the opportunity to plan other activities, such as see shows, shop or just relax and visit.  All in all my wife, Dee, and I thoroughly enjoyed this reunion.

Jim Lary





I really had a wonderful time at the reunion.  Perhaps there being fewer people this time made it possible to visit longer with each, and the minimal schedule of structured activities suited my style.  Of course, I'd have loved to have stayed longer but job obligations don't allow that ... perhaps I'll retire when I get to General Trefry's age.  Ha Ha.


Charles Stephenson






I would like to pass on to all those that missed the reunion for what ever reason they missed a class act. I thought it was well organized and there was never a dull moment. Just being around all of the 2nd 94th members was outstanding.  Meeting old friends and making new ones meant a lot to me. Can't wait until the next reunion. Thanks for having me.

                   CSM(R) Robert L. and Jerlene McClain



We had such a good time at the reunion.  I am sorry that I didn't get to spend more time with you but you were sooo busy.  We think you all did a great job.  We put a comment on Paul's picture (where he was acting like a nut as usual).  We thought maybe some of his old buds might see it if you want to use it.

Paul and Kaylene Shelton

We had a great time at the reunion meeting old friends and some new ones. Was great meeting the doughnut dolly, she sure did look good after all these years. This isn't me making all these good complements LOL. Anyway I am hoping that the next reunion can be held here in the Smokey Mountains. You have a great gambling casino, Dollywood, Gatlinburg, and Pigeon Forge, everything for everyone to have a great time and the prices are all reasonable. Thanks again for a great reunion and hope to see you all again at the next time. 

Edward E. Hepler Sr.

I left Vietnam in September of 1967.  For about forty years, I barely gave my experiences there a second thought, until I began thinking about this reunion.  The war in general had stayed in my mind, and I had collected some old Vietnam era military gear, and some other Vietnam related material, but never, throughout the years, thought of any of it in terms of my own, personal experiences.  I felt like I had done my job, and contributed my share to the cause of American freedom, and freedom for others, and that it had been no big deal.  It was what I had owed, and I had paid what had been asked.  My bill had been paid, and it would stay paid until my country asked me for more.  It was no big deal.  I had, over the years, been very active in a separate Vietnam war-related cause, and gave that issue lots of thought, but gave virtually no thought at all to my own personal wartime service.  That changed at the reunion.  Soon after I arrived there I saw other men who had walked the same ground I had walked, smelled the same smells I had smelled, heard the same sounds I had heard, and eaten the same food I had eaten, and my mind was full of those long-ago years.  I came away with an increased gratitude for my own current wonderful situation, including my health, my good and comfortable life style, my fine wife and children, and so many other things I enjoy.  My pride in my service to my country increased, but in a peculiar manner, as I am confident that I did nothing extraordinary of which to be proud.  But, I became proud to have been part of a group, and I am proud of that group.  I am proud to have been one of millions of kind-of-average American soldiers, just doing what they were supposed to do every day, wanting to be home but not wanting to quit doing the job, hungry, tired, cold and wet.  Most American soldiers were just average.  I was just average, too, just like those millions of other Americans who had been doing a soldier’s job for two hundred years.  I have a renewed pride in the American soldier, and I’m proud to have been one.  And, by the way, singing “God Bless America” really, really got to me.  It’s true, you know: God Bless America.

Russell Funk



Super event.  A great time was had by all.  The name tags need to be made bigger each year to compensate for aging eyes.

Tom Jones




Hey to all... Larry and Pam Wyne had a wonderful time. Thank you to all bro's /sis's of 2/94th arty who were in attendance for the reunion. For those visiting the-site, YOU SHOULD HAVE COME!, because we all need to re-connect and stay-in-touch. We are losing more members as the years go by. it was nice to visit with General Trefry, LTC Charlie Adamson, Col Jerry Heard, etc. Thank you Kelley and Glenda for getting Karen Henton to come, enjoyed talking with her, even spouses of 2/94 members are "family for life"... Lt Gary Goedecke., "thanks" for requesting my "volunteerism" for special-ops assignments ('puter's & SOUND-MAN - that's been over 30 yrs), but the PA system worked for Brenda's show for us, glad to help out. Luv ya's all,

Larry Wyne



Everyone at the reunion made the get together a great one for me. Thank you so much  "C" Glenda and Charles Kelley,

Don Pullen






We truly enjoyed our time in Branson (and of course FT. Sills)............seeing all the old buddies and sharing stories............hard to believe after so many years we can pick up as if it was yesterday!!!!!!!!!


Bob(C Battery) and Cathy Janda 


Just wanted to let you know how very much my wife, Judy & I enjoyed the Reunion.  This was our second one and we thought it was great.  Each time we come, we get acquainted with more veterans and share more stories.  You all have done a wonderful job of putting this together and we wanted to say thank you so much for all of your work.

Norm Lacer

It was a great reunion.  I enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones.   It was organized well with opportunities to hold impromptu meetings  and discussions.   The " USO show"  was a real treat.   Let's have another one next year.   I would like to be the battalion cook at the barbecue.

My thanks to you and Kelley, Gary and Sharon, and others who helped.

A special salute to General Trefry who, through all these years, stayed with his soldiers. 

Mark Swearengen