Answers to a few questions that came in from an unidentified source.


"I've been reading the pages on the VA and congress about Agent Orange and i simply ask: where these reports ever published in a way the people of America knows the information.  if any of this is true why cant the people do something."

Dear questioner,

I do not know what pages you have been reading so I do not know your knowledge base or if any of it is recent.

The short answer is yes some of these studies are published mostly in Industrial Health.  Our government's studies that were supposed to be done in order to help the Vets the data is also there to prove many issues.  The problem is the government format of redacted, only publishing some data and not even the data points that others might interpret differently is so White House tainted as to render the gold standard used as useless except as an exoneration tool.

We know that by actual scientists accounts that the taxpayer funded studies have been nothing but scientific misconduct.  From the so-called CDC studies to the Ranch Hand studies, all have been nothing but government scientific misconduct.

Even when the scientists came forward in 1987 and even recently within just a few months ago in the smaller media; congress will do nothing.  And of course the major media outlets just go with the flow of the government cover-ups, misconstrued facts, and changing of scientific medical concluding statements.  Much of the media and even the civilian population of our nation think AO was settled in 1984 with the first lawsuit.  It is far from over in death and disability caused.

They, like our government, just say yea boy we really support the troops.

I posted a recent AJC media cartoon response to the Iraq war as to this so-called support.  Yet, this cartoon could apply to about any war we have had and certainly applies to Vietnam Veterans.  Also could apply to those that were used as lab rats in Biological Chemical Warfare testing by the Department of Defense authorized by the White House government legal authority

I am reminded of a quote by one of our group that states the following:


I would add killed and/or disabled by our government with no government support or even a warning of the found medical issues.

As far as VA health care, there are many issues some good and some extremely bad that our congress and the press will not address.  They believe the propaganda put out by the VA and their own blind eyes and deaf ears.  The VA health care system for the most part is nothing but socialized medicine and teaching aides for those in medical schools.

The Veteran gets a 15-minute or 30 minute office visit depending on whether the student doctor or intern doctor will be associated with the office visit.  This visit took four to seven months to get and yet the time allocated is kept to the strict time limits, as this is nothing but a medical cattle call.  If you are not done within the time frame, another visit is scheduled normally within three to six months.  Needed tests and even operations sometimes are seven to 12 months out.  Miss one of those and you get back in line again.

If the nation wants socialized medicine, I suggest they visit the local VA hospital before they demand socialized medicine.

I would also add here that this earned benefit takes about 12 months to get your first appointment in the system.  Unlike the illegal medical health care that is "on demand" 24 hours a day seven days a week in their local areas not three hours away.  So much for earned Veterans Benefits versus social programs.

A more recent example of this waiting to get into the system for Veterans and actual refusal of treatment is the following:

VA turns over veteran's suicide probe to inspector general:

The inspector general of the Department of Veterans Affairs will look further into allegations that Marine veteran Jonathan Schulze
was turned away from two VA hospitals in Minnesota before committing suicide...


The article alludes to the VA IG in charge of investigating what happened and why this Marine was not treated as well as an illegal would be treated - I would add.  Having the VA IG investigate much of anything is like having congress investigate the Ranch Hand studies or more to the point the Ships Safety Inspector OK'ing the number of life boats on the Titanic.  The results are the same in death and disability.

Another as far as quality goes is located at:

The president did not know - how convenient.  Congress does not know because Veterans are petrified of losing what little medical treatment they do get if they speak out against the VA.  One only had to see the Diane Sawyer special on VA hospitals to see that even the wives of Veterans are afraid to speak out because the VA will hold their Veteran husbands accountable and the VA is very vengeful.  Even having to shut down VA operating rooms because of flies in the surgical room does not reach the level of raising the rage of the general public.  Now we find even the DOD health care is substandard. 


Why are they are allowed to be so non-caring? 


Because congress says so and listens to the lying ass VA and the lying ass DOD and not to those that know the best.  Those that go through it.  Then the congress touts how what quality care the Veterans get yet they only listen to the VA and their in house surveys as the VA goes around behind the questioner of the facts looking over his or her shoulder. Now what is it that anyone thinks is going to be reported when even the wives are afraid to speak out.


If you saw those rooms on TV most of us have more respect for our animals than those rooms represent.  I would not leave my dog in boarding kennel in a rooms like that.  These rooms did not get this way in just a few months.

Even the two Diane Sawyer specials on the VA hospitals did not bring the nation to anger.  Yet, if that same thing had happened to illegals in a hospital - holy smokes the congress would be up in arms holding midnight sessions.  How can a wounded veteran lay in a VA hospital with flies laying eggs in his nose and congress says this is quality earned care.  Not free government care but earned care.


Lately even the VA med program which was the only thing the VA hospital system had gong for it is under pressure it seems to cut down on expensive life long medications.  Prescription drugs are being opted for supplying over the counter drugs to minimize cost.  Now if the two were the same then no one would need prescription drugs would be my guess. Of course the note you get with the replacement says your doctors have talked it over and they have OK'd this change.   Lets see, a Vet suffers for 37 years for something the government caused and finally after researching the real scientific findings the government covered up for that many years figures out on his own what the problem is.  He then with the prescription medications finds relief after 37 years of suffering and then the VA says they talked to their doctors and you no longer need this expensive medication and a OTC pill will work.  Man what a joke that is.

That should answer your question of what can be done.  NOTHING; except for the Veterans to become aware the nation does not care about its used up government obsolete assets nor do the presidents or the congress; then make a decision as to whether they want their sons and daughters to sacrifice.  It is all talk and cover-ups for the cost of war and the cost of idiotic government mistakes in the use of toxic chemicals and other assorted levels of biological - chemical - radiation warfare issues.

Only if the nations citizens demand something be done by congress would even hope of getting something done be feasible and quite frankly most of the nation couldn't care less as long as it is not them that has to the unspeakable dirty work or their kids.

The day will come shortly when this government will need all its sons and daughters once again to fight and die and who could blame them if they just said no.

They have lain aside too many of us to swallow their hollow government promises ever again. 


Even Veterans justice and rights is not rewarded for serving honorably and with integrity. 

That legal justice system is reserved for terrorists, criminals, and criminal politicians.