Chronic Peripheral Neuropathy Update


Below is a letter sent to me by House VAC investigator Len Sistek addressed to the Secretary Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  As you will see, it is signed by Congressman Lane Evans and Senator Daniel Akaka respectively ranking democratic members of the House and the Senate. 


I was hoping for some direct challenges to the VA.  This is a challenge to address the generic issue which of course is still a positive outcome.


Not exactly what I was hoping and praying for but I will say that Mr. Len Sistek was true to his word and that is worth a bunch in DC for Veterans these days. 


I was told that the Republican majority leaders would be given the opportunity to also sign the prepared statement to the VA Secretary.  As you will see, either that did not take place or they refused to endorse this request the VA specifically address this most "prevalent of all toxic chemicals (plural) issues.


If you read my book I cite reference after reference on this issue of even found correlations in the Ranch Hand study considered by many as either the "gold standard" or a "designed to fail government exoneration only study."


In giving any prepared presentation and facts one has to ask themselves, what do I want the listener to come away from in listening to that presentation and the evidence submitted; in other words a set of behavioral objectives.

In that context I had presented and submitted evidence in DC on a few things I wanted the panel to at least question or ask themselves - is this logical without being a medical professional?


I had tried to present:

Apparently my case and evidence submitted was not strong enough to at least offer a direct challenge.


I think Congressmen Evans, Shays, and Sanders hit the nail on the head six years ago when they suggested that the congress had the right to know and make the decision as to if "they choose" to compensate something in question given the proper data.  This was in context of questioning as to why this major medical study "wanted no and never has had Congressional Oversight."


As a victim, I as well as any Veteran or Veterans family should not be real comfortable with that stance of any taxpayer paid for study that is being run by the executive branch, protocols mandated and changed by the executive branch, and in charge of a Branch of Armed Forces involved in the testing and use of such toxic chemicals; including charges of some Ranch Hand scientists of this military branch in "changing the concluding sentences" of their already cleared for publication medical facts that were found.  Not what I consider a study filled with robust integrity.


The other issue the same congressmen pointed out six years ago was the lack of Veterans participation in the analysis and protocols and such.  Yet, we still have no forum to challenge the VA findings and level of findings;  other than contacting our congress.  Which, with few exceptions will do little to challenge anything the VA does.  They might ask but not challenge as you our I would with data and studies that clearly demonstrate at least a "significant correlation" or an "increased risk of incidence."


Obviously, my personal thanks and gratitude as well as your own should be extended to Mr. Len Sistek, Congressman Lane Evans, and Senator Daniel Akaka.


Anyway read the letter and we will see what happens but frankly I failed at what I wanted to accomplish. 


Best to all,