The Government/DOD/VA FIX is IN!


Hi to all,


The vote carried for the offset data gathering issue study by 11 to 2, with Commissioner Wynn and Commissioner Grady being the opposition votes.


This is a killer and now we have to get political.


Also the below was discussed and a plan.  Which it is obvious what this is leading up to if you read between the lines of the below and the fact they want to study the offset.


“Commissioner Livingston, in the final minutes, also revealed that they were contemplating the loose and not yet defined idea of merging the SSDI program with the VA Comp & Pen program so that Veteran applicants could and would receive a single application of convenience to receive one or the other or both from a single document set submitted to the VA.


Those Veterans who qualify for SSDI would receive a fast-track ruling for that in their favor even if they had not yet met the rigors of the Comp & Pen side of the claim.


It would be a faster way to get other money to the Veterans while waiting out the Comp & Pen side.


The data collection is necessary for them to do inter-program comparisons which they are missioned to do as part of their authority.”


Here are the kickers here.


First, I as a Veteran do not want the Veterans Administration having anything to do with my social security or anything else outside of my military benefits.


Christ the VA cannot handle what they have now with over 500,000 outstanding claims and even when it is proven they sit on BVA remands for five years or more while the Veteran dies nothing is done.  The VA operates outside the constitutional laws of our nation period and congress allows them this luxury as part of the mandated budget constraints that the VA and its workers are an integral part of that budget constant per year.  Do I want this agency handling my social security claim HELL NO!


This agency can stall and stall and stall and there is nothing you or your widow can do about it.


Also, remember when you go to social security you are allowed competent legal representation.  This is not allowed at the VA until they tell you it is allowed.  No there is no "justice for all" at the VA or for any Veteran.


All of this is supposed to be for a convenience factor for the Veteran.  Ha  Boy that is rich!


Why not address why it takes 12 to 18 months for an associated automatically approved disorder at the VA.  No, this commission will not do that.  Even though the automatic disorder has no complex medical decisions and only requires validating three data points, two of which are givens.  Yea buddy, we get a real bargain with the VA. 


The commission wants to address convenience and speed with the VA as they stall while the Veterans family suffers and he or she dies uncompensated.  Which we all now know only benefits the government even more with the definition of when the Veteran dies his claims dies.  How convenient is that and does this reflect the very poor even criminal performance of the VA.


You can see the amount of data that would be available and how one agency could sit on either claim for as long as they wanted if it goes to the VA.


Now if the commission were concerned at all about speed and convenience;   other than the directed politics I will tell you what they should do.


As my old engineering boss use to say, if you want to complain with no recommendations on how to fix the issue then keep your mouth shut.


I have some suggestions that does not take gathering data and this other entire politically hidden agenda and money wasted.


Number 1 – address the issues of why it takes 12 to 18 months at the VA to get through a claim were the only complex decision is?  Do we have a diagnosis? 


The government already studied and denied the facts for 35 years while a hell of lot Veterans died uncompensated and now this just adds insult to injury to take that long to verify a diagnoses on an automatically approved government caused disorder.  No explanation can explain how the VA can possibly take this long, other than corruption and stalling.


Number 2 – As I previously discussed no Veteran should want the VA to do anything regarding social security.  Not on your life, which it could, very well cost you with their allowed stalling and reporting false numbers even to congress.  We again, just recently saw how corrupt they are when the VA workers themselves said they were pressured to fudge factor numbers as high as 61% of real data.  You want these same folks and same agency delving in to and handling your social security claims when the head guy is allowed to lie his ass off.  No No No Not a good idea.


The issue is as follows:


1. Given the Veteran has already gone to social security and is already qualified.  Then the federal agencies should recognize each other’s decisions; please Christ all mighty do not let the VA make these decisions.


So when the Veteran goes to the VA he shows is social security card as disabled.  The VA then should take that as gospel and the only decisions then would be:


Is it service connected?


Are the issues on social security close to what is considered service connected?


If there is a question on 100%, the Social Security decision must take precedence as the deciding factor.  This is because of benefit of the doubt which is mandated to the Veteran and the cumulative medical effects which again the VA does not seemed to want to recognize as in connective tissue disorders.


2.  Given the Veteran is already found 100% disabled by the VA.  The social Security office should by reciprocal agreement find the Veteran qualified for his social security should he choose to apply for it.  The claim should go right thru the first time based on the VA findings.  Again the only requirement for Social Security now would be validating qualifying data not complex medical decisions.  Certainly on an "expedite level" of work required.




Because not only is the VA more stringent but also the VA has ascertained that the 100% disability is service connected in which the Social Security Agency does not care what caused the issue; only that it exists.  The VA certainly ascertains the condition exists sometime to the point of decades of government BS.  Except if you are a VA employee and then they just approve each other’s disability or an increase in percentage.


The VA uses math data points as cumulative total that is subjective as to rational to each issue.  Social Security does this in a cumulative total.  So by the time the VA finds a Veteran 100% disabled he or she is probably 150% disabled at Social Security if you converted the two systems. 


So no I do not want the VA and its philosophy which does not even use standard recognized diagnostic codes (they have their own codes as any anarchy federal agency would) messing with anything outside of what I have to deal with much less social security disability.


You want speed and convenience without the VA acting on our behalf?  It is as simple as I described above.


Study and Solve that and we all win including all citizens; not just Veterans!


So in fact, all we need is agency reciprocal agreements not this let’s let the Republican Administration VA screw us in another area of our citizenship. 


This would not only take some of the burden off of the social security but also the VA.  Giving them more time to work on real complex medical decisions.  Lowering the burden on each agency at the same time both civilian and military.


If either one recognizes the person as 100% then any submittal to the other agency should be fast tracked with a much simpler form, almost like a short form tax submittal.


Obviously within a year or so the claims that are now stalled would be able to be pushed through with relative ease.  Now why would our government not want this to happen? 


You guessed it.   The Veterans mandated budget control and disability lottery which is what the VA operates.


Do that and also change the process at the VA to mandate that when an automatically associated disorder is submitted the VA has four months to get the money into the hands of the Veteran and his family.  End of statement. 


If the VA can not handle that simple task then have some high school students do it for them part time and we would have better results.  Remembering there is no decision to make; only data verification.  In fact, if the Veterans is in a VA hospital it should be:  have the doctor push a button on computer that says send!  End of claim and it is approved!


Including that, the VA is supposed to already take in to account if the Veteran has already been found disabled by Social Security.


I would bet you would be hard pressed to find one example of that at the VA were the VA worker actually looks at that and cites the regulation.  He or she is too busy approving their buddy’s claim.


No, this is nothing but a GOP political agenda and I was a republican at one time. 


Time to get off that bandwagon for me I can tell you that.