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Here is a link to a 1st Cav Combat Veteran that was also duped by the VA published “less than truthful presumptions” on Peripheral Neuropathy (PN) as many of us Veterans have been taken in.  I would like to think the VA also misled Congress but I reserve judgment on if they were actually duped or actually participated in "the duping" of our Veterans.




Notice his remarks about the fact he was also misled.  Moreover, the cost of PN must have been considered since the less than truthful VA put first a 10-year proposal and then a one-year after Vietnam to manifestation.


“There must have been a significant number of veterans out there suffering from peripheral neuropathy for the VA to cut the manifestation time period down to one year.”


I think we all know by now it is all about the VA budget control money, not the scientific and statistical facts.


This is one of the issues I tried to fix in DC.  When I indicated this was VA exclusion, I was told it was congress that did the dastardly deed in proposing a 10-year exclusion and then going to a one-year exclusion.  In which my comment was, why not a 678 and one half day exclusion, which makes about as much sense.  In fact, I have letters of some scientists addressing this issue with the proposed time gate that were addressed to Secretary Derwinski not congress.  


The issue of dioxin reentering the blood stream from cell attachment later on in life possibly from his wound.  Although, this soldier was worried about the injury being a cause.  When it might very well have been the shock from the accident.  Not mental shock but the actual physical shock he might well have sustained during the accident.


Some scientists, including one on the presidents Gulf War council, have put forth that yes it is possible for the cell attached toxic chemicals to reenter the blood stream and travel upon extreme physical activity or shock.


We must remember that unlike some toxic chemicals that are expulsed from the body in nails, skin, hair and such.  Dioxin remains to some levels in the body attached to more lipid cells, which can in fact be the central nervous system.


While this Combat Soldier is trying to get at the proposed gate to meet the requirements.  The bottom line is there should be no gate for this, in some cases, crippling disorder and I might add painful 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can be very painful at times.


The sad part about this sick VA and/or Congressional ruse is the Vietnam Veteran is now saying, "I cannot wait until I develop diabetes so I can be compensated for my real toxic chemical disability."


Sad state of Veteran Affairs to say the least.