175mm Gun and 8-inch Howitzer Models 



 Ron Evans is creating 175mm and 8-inch scale models for you fellows that want to have a piece of history of the BIG GUNS of the Vietnam War.


Ron's Web Site is http://www.safetee.net/~ronsmods/


 Ron's email address is revans3517@aol.com


Contact Ron for pricing and delivery schedules also for members who have already purchased models for a reference.



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175 model next to a picture of a 2/94th A Battery Gun of SGT Wayne Wells.



I will post more of the model pictures when I get them from Ron.


Ron is not associated with the 2/94th site and just enjoys doing the model work.  He is also building models for some of the fellows with the 8/4th Heavy Artillery.  He is a retired computer programmer.


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