Information on Second AO Lawsuit



 Lester found one of the law firms that is going to handle the second law suit. 

Thanks Lester!!


I found another one on the East coast in Maryland.

Please this is not an endorsement of either one as I have nothing to do with these firms.   


Just info for your use only.


Smoger & Associates
California Office
3175 Monterey Blvd.
Oakland, CA 94602
Fax: 510.531.4377

For more information please call Dr. Smoger in the California office at
1-510-531-4LAW (529).


Website is at http://www.soft-vision.net/ao_vets/

Dean Baller

Legal Assistant
Smoger & Associates
Oakland, CA 94602
(510) 531-4529
(510) 531-4377 (fax)




Thomas Teodori
Chasen & Boscolo
6411 Ivy Lane, Suite 411
Greenbelt, Maryland 20770


Website is at http://www.chasenandboscolo.com/


Contact Thomas at TTeodori@chasenandboscolo.com

Thomas informs me that
Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange and who were diagnosed with an Agent Orange related illness AFTER 12/31/94 could be entitled to compensation.


 Anybody looking for information can visit their website as its contains some AO information.  As far as the rules go - they are still being fought.  The Supreme Court ruled in June of this year that the prior AO settlement involving only those diagnosed with an AO illness before 12/31/94 was arbitrary.  Therefore, it has opened the door for those diagnosed after 12/31/94.  However, there are many legal fights ahead before determining whether benefits will get paid.  


I have asked Thomas to contact Robin Gates widow to she if she will qualify for this lawsuit.  Hope so! 

Obviously, guys I cannot answer the questions so please contact them.

From reading through some of this stuff.  I think I have gathered the following:


The ruling now negates the 30 year rule for the chemical companies and the good deal the VA gave the veterans.

(Now if I can get them to negate the stupid one year rule for neuropathy my battle would be over in part.)

Which brings me to another subject. 

The VA will not inform you of this even though chances are you are going to be effected. 

If you are diagnosed with diabetes and are receiving compensation for the diabetes.  Now you develop complications such as Neuropathy.  Since diabetes is the largest cause of Neuropathy chances are pretty good sooner or later.  This now is an additional claim to the VA as a secondary to the Diabetes.  You must submit an additional claim for neuropathy as a result of the diabetes.  One limb or or all four may be affected.  The rating system is set up for each limb.  If they only allow your legs then as the disease progresses it may end up in one arm or both.  Then resubmit as it progresses.

There are other complications from the diabetes such as sexual dysfunction.

Now lets not be vain and not tell someone like your own doctor.  It is a medical disorder not manhood.  That also is a separate rating as a loss of function as a result of the diabetes.

There are probably more than I have listed.  Just remember the disease can bring on many things that are related and have a disability rating on them as individual losses.

Reason I bring that up as I have had a few contact me that have diabetes and rated for diabetes.  Then wonder if anyone else has had the neuropathy with the diabetes.  I would have thought when the VA doctor passed judgment he would have told the veteran.  Or even the VA service rep.

I would assume this is a preliminary screening and more forms will follow if they feel you are qualified.  I know they are not going to make it this easy. 


Again, this is an assumption on my part.

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