Reunion/Battalion/AO Update

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Dr. Birnbaum of the NIH has had to cancel joining with us in Williamsburg at our 2013 Reunion. There was a conflict of schedule but she did indicate she would like another opportunity in the future.

I had also invited Dr. Schechter but he has declined.

I have extended an open invitation to Bob Walsh to join with us but it is too far away to know what his court schedule will be etc. Bob is a former Vietnam combat vet that is a outstanding VA lawyer out of Michigan.

It seems Greg Smith is going to try and have a 2014 Reunion at Fort Sill; so that I would assume is in the works. Seriously thinking of turning all of this over to someone and Greg seems to be the logical choice since he already has another site set up. Then he can use whatever he wants from this site and then I am done. My software is old and I am not going to upgrade. He can have the domain name and all of that and then I can cancel my web server. Glenda kids me about bleeding-out under the skin. My family doctor said he wanted to see that and for her to call him since that would be a first! Ha Ha

If the 2014 reunion it is be in Oklahoma, as Greg is planning, I would suggest an invite to Dr. Ron Trewyn of Kansas State but that is just a suggestion. Dr. Trewyn is a two time member of the Ranch Hand Committee on the Ranch Hand Study itself. From the transcripts I read one of the very few on the scientific committee that actually asked pointed questions as to what in the world was going on with that study. As most of you know many issues were not brought forward due to what I consider bogus protocols. Dr. Trewyn is also a former combat Veteran of Vietnam wounded in action.

Dr. Trewyn also has sent me his valuable congressional testimony data in the past to use in our fight against the government; which for all intensive purposes we got all we are going to get in presumptions - even though it is nothing but government/IOM/VA lies. Budget control for government mistakes is more important than medical facts and supporting Veterans.

Greg, on his 2/94th site, has posted Marine General Al Gray, former Commandant of the Corps, presentation from the 2004 reunion that was recorded by Darrell at:

This presentation the Marine General praises the 2/94th fellows for their excellent Marine gun support and bravery during those bad years and the impact the big guns had in the war in the Northern Provinces. You fellows did good! He also talks about the long tenure the 2/94th had in Vietnam operating from 1966 to early 1972.

Unit has never been given the credit it should have in bringing so many of our fellows home and destroying so many of the enemy. To include the second battle of hill 881 which never took place as the 94th decimated what was to be a second NVA attempt. Never been given credit for process and tactical changes that were made at Battalion as the role and critical mission assignments of the 2/94th heavy artillery in Vietnam changed. But the lineage and heritage of the 2/94th shows the same thing. The 94th during WW2 landed at Normandy and was in the lead elements of the armored division that broke the siege of Bastogne. Of course at that time it was the 94th armored artillery (105 mm).

The world may not know but I am sure the 1st and 3rd Marines and the Infantrymen of the 101st and the Brigades of the Americal Division, the 5th Mech as well know as fact, as well as the many ARVN units that were supported.

Three new fellows have been found:

  • Domingo Rios Jr.

Domingo Rios Jr. who served with B Battery 68 – 69 talked to Lester on the phone. His e-mail for those that might have served with him is:

  • Rick Hagman HHB

Charles - I served with the 2/94 from DEC 70- DEC 71. I'm following Darrell Gutsche's instructions and forwarding my information to you. Please add me to the 2/94 members list.   LAST: Hagman FIRST: Richard MIDDLE: Norman Phone: 410-490-0759 Email: HHB DEC 70-DEC 71. Comments: I was assigned as a WO1 Aviator in Da Nang, the (2) Battalion pilots were sent to the 62nd Corps Aviation Company (CAC), call sign Coachman 11, based at Marble Mountain. Within a month was attached to the 108th ARTY Aviation Section at BIG ED's Place in PHU BAI (call sign Sneak White 7) We supported all the 108th Battalions during LAM SON 719 and DEWEY CANYON Operations in the spring of 71. I remember the CONVOYS up to KHE SAN and back and the hundreds of sorties we flew to the many the firebases in I CORPS. I lived in short intervals at DONG HA, LZ NANCY, Red Beach (Da Nang) HQ of the 1st/44th Dusters. I flew COL Bruce Holbrook, the 108 ARTY Commander most of the spring/summer of 1971. CPT Patrick Rhodes, with 1st LT Brooks led our Aviation section. I'm not sure of the exact details but after LAM SON the 108th ARTY pilots were attached to the 101ST DIV ARTY AVN at Camp Eagle. I was there 2 months before leaving the NAM. I got out of the Service and am about to retire from The Dept Of Defense at Ft. George G. Meade, MD after 35 years combined service.        Rick Hagman

  • Ray Vaske

Glenda, Sorry, I doubt I can make the reunion at this time.  I flew helicopters and was with the 2/94th which was part of the 108th Arty at Dong Ha prior to the 2/94th moving south of Da Nang.    I would love to find LTC Oates, (call sign "Silver Fox), and other members of the 2/94th.  I have a complete list of all the pilots from the 108th Arty Gp and would like to add the crews and other members of the 2/94th and/or 108th, that would like to find a pilot.  Hell, we had some great times and hope all had the same.     Ray Vaske

A Veterans Affairs Whistle Blower has come forward in congressional testimony of what Veterans’ Affairs is doing and most importantly not doing. This involves the Gulf War folks and of late the burning pit issues. Same thing they did to us for over 40 years and still continues at White House directive; only we were in the millions with many issues still unresolved (covered up); on purpose as the article suggests with this specific campaign era Veterans and families.

Lord knows the paternal birth defect issues due to epigenetic issues has not even been broached yet and probably never will be thanks to the IOM, VA, and our Congress.

However, this congressional testimony by the Whistle Blower is no different from the scientific congressional testimony in 2000 regarding our issues of what can only be described as government scientific fraud will not be dealt with by Congress; nor the media; nor the VSO‘s. In my opinion, they are part of the problem in lack of oversight and do not have the intestinal fortitude to hold anyone accountable for this abuse and government lies; and just basically common scientific sense.

That link is located at:

Whistleblower: VA Hiding Veteran Health Data

I have uploaded a .doc file of the congressional Ranch Hand testimony in 2000 at:

Just in birth defects alone the testimony shows this is a national tragedy.

Of course read the entire thing including IOM refusing to answer specific scientific questions as well as the stated protocol violations as well as changing concluding medical statements prior to publishing the bogus reports in the study itself.

Once you get the file open plug in ‘find’ or ‘search’ “The pattern in the Ranch Handers” . Just reflect on that because the findings did not meet some bogus mandated dioxin response that does not exist our guys and their damaged offspring are so much United States Government chopped liver.

In just a review of what I found and posted years ago in birth defects see the below link:

Also you already know of the fact that the Air Force refused to publish the all-site cancer findings which again is against the published laws of our nation.  I guess Veterans studies do not fall under that law.

I posted that link called "qualifies as bad science" at:

Demonstrates purposeful exclusion in a taxpayer paid for study of which congress clearly stated was to be used in health care decisions.  I guess they cannot consider it if it is "purposefully excluded".  In other words government fraud.

I know many of our 2/94th officers who either attended West Point or Army schools with General Shinseki have indicated he is an honorable and trustworthy man.

He finally admitted that the PN was not resolving within two years after I fought for over 15 years to make that very case. After decades of denial and deceit and leaving in the “must manifest within one year of Vietnam” constraint I must conclude he is not as described above or he is being led down the path of deceit by someone or someone’s or being politically directed.

In my pea brain you cannot put a time limit to manifestation to any dioxin manifestation unless you know all the biological specifics of how dioxin is creating PN and that “how” dictates a manifestation within time period X with a toxic chemical with a half life in the body of seven to eleven years. Amazing is it not?

Therefore, in any failure analysis you must know these facts and many more facts to include “how achieved” and “how much” and “where that how much resided” was needed to make it presumptive. Facts that I am sure that teaching hospitals such as John Hopkins, Harvard, Columbia, and other prestigious research centers would love to know and understand how this dioxin medical phenomenon takes place; to include board certified neurologists. They have no clue but yet the VA/IOM connection seem to have this all figured out biologically in a time line. NOT!

No one at VA to include the General or IOM is forthcoming with this incredible medical data that the whole world’s population and treating doctors would be better off knowing. Kind of one way with their so called facts I would say.

Again in my opinion only; they cannot be specific and if they approved PN as an over life issue as it should be (no different from all-site cancers which should be approved) then they would have to admit with this much PN that the autonomic nervous system (part of the PN) would also be affected. Of course this would bring in more immune system impacts and presumptive damaged systems and ICD codes and may even be involved at the basis for something as simple as gastrointestinal issues or for more serious blood fat absorption lipid issues as well as damaged pancreatic islets who no longer get the proper timing nor signals and many more issues regarding organ muscle tissue SMA and even COPD. I know…. just a guess but if you do the fault tree it works. It works to “at least as likely as not” which according to congress is all we are supposed to need. What a joke that is! Lets not forget that after two studies the Koreans in 1996 clearly stated that Peripheral Nerve Disease was the most prevalent disorder found associated to dioxin exposures.

However, they (VA/IOM) are allowed to make any conclusions they want in order to deny and we have no vehicle or method to challenge to make them tell us how this is medically possible. Again a one way street with the defendant holding all the cards and executive branch judicial power. Still does not sound right does it….Executive Branch Judicial Power?????? Kind of fly’s in the face of the separation of powers for the United States Citizen. Yes, Veterans are still citizens and should be accorded the same privileges accorded to them under the constitution and not subjected to what I have documented in nothing but government collusion for budget control.

Thanks to Paul Sutton and his contacts I finally got a copy of a published Congressional House Report 101-672 going back to 1990. This Congressional Report is called - “The Agent Orange Cover-up: A Case of Flawed Science and Political Manipulation”. Of course Congress to this day has done nothing to stop what they themselves concluded in the title and content.

Just in the Contents under D. and E. should give every Veteran and or Widow a reason for their stomachs to turn and in my case the total disdain I have developed for our despicable government of which I will take to the crematorium with me regarding these Veterans Issues in my research and fight.


D. “The White House compromised the independence of the CDC and undermined the study by controlling crucial decisions and guiding the course of research at the same time it had secretly taken a legal position to resist demands to compensate victims of Agent Orange Exposure and industrial accidents……”

E. “The Federal Government has suppressed or minimized findings of ill health effects among Vietnam Veterans that could be linked to Agent Orange Exposure…..”

I have posted that House Report in a .PDF file at:

Many thanks to Paul and his contacts.

This seems to go hand in hand with the White House Memo uncovered by Admiral Zumwalt that stated to federal agencies “not to find associations to the herbicides and the Veterans medical issues” for two reasons:

a) the cost of supporting the Veterans

b) the cost that would be incurred by the chemical companies

And that mandate and mandated budget control still is intact today while congress does nothing to stop this and the intentional back log of claims issues. No federal agency can be this bad in performance; if not on purpose.

The National Shame is our governments - not ours......for it was an honorable cause.

Reunion link is at:

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