History in Work


I am trying to get the final print version of the history completed after three years.


As  part of that I would like to have those that are interested follow along with this development.  Your review of these campaigns and such is as valuable as me trying to get this on paper after 37 years.


Because of the disparity between Windows and XP.  I am going to put the download files on this link as .wps.rtf files.


This will allow you to download the file.  Then view as either Word or Works.  Most of your computers the default will be for the download to open in WordPad.  Given that the final extension is .rtf.  However, you can download and then open the file with with your Word or Works program.  This will allow you to then save the file as a normal Word or Works file.  The next time you view the saved file it will open automatically.


It will work and open with just WordPad but the formatting, highlighting, page numbers will not be the same!


The other way to do this is just right click over the link and "save target as".  Then once it is downloaded open with either Word or Works.


You will also see that I have made the revision date part of the file extension.  Such as "reactivation 0526.wps.rtf."  0526 meaning March 26th.  This way you can check and see if you are up to date with the changes.


You can view this when you put the curser above the link.  You should see somewhere, maybe the bottom of your screen, the link name.  This should inform you of the latest revision date.


This should enable you to keep up with the latest as well as an easy method for me to post a new revision.


I am allowing three weeks on a file date with no changes in order for it to become closed.  I have to put a rule in otherwise it will never get completed.  That gives those that are interested three weeks to review and add, delete, or correct.  After that , it will have to wait for a total history revision. 


In addition, I believe Chris Cunningham  can create an index of references after each campaign. 


Click on the links below for download.



Cover sheet


Reactivation - June 1966 to Oct 1966


1st Campaign

Counteroffensive, Phase II

(07-01-66 to 05-31-67)

in work at November 1966

rev 0530




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