Some "Good News" for my analysis and my book on these toxic chemicals.

Of course, the VA says I am just a layperson and they can reject because the VA has that power.  They do not address the evidence just deny because congress allows them that power.  "Yes, Mr. Kelley has shown the associations to his disorders but USC 38 will not allow us to compensate him for his disabilities."  How would you like to have a judge and jury like that? 

In a discussion with one of the PhD's that has been involved with our toxic chemical legacy issues since day one; or maybe the day after.  The indication was it might be that 2,4-D (Agent White) is actually more important than the dioxin, TCDD (Agent Orange) in some of our issues.  No one knows!  Yet, the VA can deny based on one isomer study of about 30 different toxic chemical formulas and different isomers of dioxins and closely related furans. 

The example given by the scientists was ALS, which the Europeans call "Motor Neuron Disease."

As most of you know, I have been working on an actual "failure modes and effects" on the immune system as I get time and energy.  Given a few test results of immune system and blood testing results found in several studies of those which are commonly found in Nam Veterans.  I am taking that data and backing down into the immune system functions to see if it matches what we are actual experiencing in many forms of immune system issues, diseases, disorders, and smoldering cancers while still being denied this mortality and disability. 

I had given this PhD my "failure modes and effects" link to review but not to laugh at me as I was collecting data and had not even formatted in chronology yet.  But from what I could tell most of our issues that are denied are indeed found in this analysis.

The reply later on:

"I will not laugh at you because I think you are on the right track.  I am not an expert in the immune system - but it seems clear that there are many "immunological syndromes" occurring in Vietnam veterans.  I am afraid that there has been a concerted effort to AVOID doing precisely the studies needed to clarify this."

I bet that makes all you Veterans and widows feel real good about what has gone on the last four decades.

I was very pleased at this response as to me it only makes sense with logic and historical data.  You cannot have cancers and then have no autoimmune disorders or variants, unless you are the United States Government.

I think you have heard that from me before and clearly have seen the historical data I found in the United States Government actions from the Presidents we have had to the Senate and the House.  Although I found a few in congress that I have mentioned before that have tried to do something about this 40-year national tragedy and our governments rewriting of this entire history.

Who do we turn to in voting for in the mid-terms 2006 and 2008 as far as Veterans and Veterans Issues?  Who knows?  In my opinion, we have about five-congressmen total - no presidents, and no senators that have stood up for us regardless of which party.  They have just let the DOD and the VA sweep the whole issue under the rug at the behest of the White House.

The other problem for Veterans is we have the same congressional folks running unopposed for years on end.

Not much choice since we know the ones there now just speaks with hollow words and hollow actions.

Maybe we should just take the stand with the exception of a few districts, if you are in - you are now out; and tell them why!  No matter what party affiliates!

Anyway, with all the work I have put into this and am still putting into these issues the statements by the PhD made my weekend.  I had almost given up trying to prove that the government lies since they have that power to override medical and statistical evidence.

Even a "dumb stupid animal" characterized by Secretary of State at the time Henry Kissinger with his analogy of that to the Military of our nation, can learn.  They learned after at least four decades of cover-ups and denials that our government could have saved many of our nations finest and chose not to.

What we have learned in our almost half century of government collaboration; regardless of what Kissinger said that we were "dumb and stupid."

Best to all,