These pictures were found in a boat and sent to us.  They are pictures of  D Battery at Cumberland.

If you can identify anyone in these pictures please let Glenda know.

On the shirt in the 1st picture in the 3rd row you can make out "Ye???".

Across the white tee shirt in the last (6th) picture in row 4 it says David Robinson and on the army shirt is says "??Beer".

The Hydraulics on the gun in the 1st picture of row 6 says "From U.S. With Love".

On the end of the barrel in the same picture are the numbers "007".

Again on the same picture, just above the tracts, are "My -6" or "My 46".

On the back of the gun in the 2nd picture of row 6 is "1 FFV ??27" on the left and "?/23" on the right.

The last picture in Row 4 is Mearil Martin, ?, and David Robinson

Hope this jogs a memory.

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