More reason to be angry and wonder why it is other than duty, honor and country and a life style long ago departed from would anyone want to serve in the military of the United States.


Certainly not to defend those hypocrites in congress and president after president who are nothing but propagandizing hypocrites in all matters of Veterans’ Issues.


“Let us pray” they all say – they better - maybe their God will forgive them - but I certainly never will.


I want you all to go to Larry’s Scott’s page at:





The above link discusses what we have known for decades that this study was so controlled by the Air Force and the White House the way it was used was about worthless.


Now as you read the above link, I hope you noticed it says the study may underestimate the risks of cancer as well as diabetes.


As you recall one of our guys that has this stuff so bad he is now in leg braces and the VAC spokesperson said he was lucky it was associated because the NAS/IOM said diabetes was tenuous as an association at best.


Now we have one of the latest principle Ranch Hand scientists, Dr. Michalek’s says the study is flawed in significant rates of cancers found as well as a stronger association to diabetes.


IOM says while it reviews other studies it primarily relies on the Ranch Hand and in fact, the Ranch Hand briefs the IOM in person.  I know this for a fact because I was to be given five minutes and Ranch Hand was to be given 1 hour.


Dr. Michalek’s finding of cancer was not used in the analysis for the Ranch Hand Report.


Air Force spokesmen Col Karen Fox who succeeded Michalek as principal investigator told Michalek to destroy the data.


What kind of country is this where a government study official can command that life and death data be destroyed?  Damn, what is going on in this nation?  Government Tyranny?


You will also note Dr. Trewyn slammed them pretty good as I have commented on this study before that it does meet the smell test but I also include what the NAS/IOM has been doing in not meeting this olfactory sensory test.


Dr. Trewyn clearly stated; “And it does not take a scientist to figure that out,… This is common sense now, a lot it.  It’s like wait a minute.  This just does not pass the smell test or the common sense test.”


Dr. Trewyn is also a combat wounded Veteran that served down in III Corps.


The above is exactly what I said in my book!


In my book, I cite Dr. Trewyn as one of the heroes of this study as he tried to bring in common sense and take some of the stink out of the study.  Along with one other scientists who tried to bring some more common sense into the study with AW and AB and indicating that guys along the DMZ were swimming and bathing in these toxic chemical cocktails.


I can tell you this - the answer was when the scientists tried to bring in AW and AB the new study manager said well that just leaves more opportunity for more studies.  Just classic – Veterans are dying from government causations with no compensation for their family or themselves and this egg-sucking dog of scientists is looking for future employment opportunities. 


In addition to this, now the Air Force wants the scientist to destroy the data found on the single dioxin, TCDD.


Now congress knew of this in 2000 when the former original principal Ranch Hand scientist, Dr. Albanese, that had developed many of the original protocols not only charged the study with scientific misconduct as well as the use of command influence but he then gave several examples of such misconduct and concluded Veterans were not getting a fair assessment in birth defects and cancer in this group.  As well, as heart disease, vascular disease, neurological ailments, endocrine disturbances, and hematological difficulties


The house VAC oversight committee did nothing!


The most despicable charge in my opinion was the actual changing of cleared for publication scientific and medical conclusions by the Air Force.  Did not like the answer found so let’s just change the meanings of the found data.


Now we have two more of the Ranch Hand scientists indicating the 140 million dollar study was flawed.  NO KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!


During that same oversight meeting, Dr. Linda Schwartz of Yale also concluded the data was not being used properly in Ranch Hand and that using it as a “gold standard” was wrong.


Is this failed and now indicated flawed study used as a world gold standard?  The answer is yes. 


I guess world scientists have no idea how corrupt our government (President and Congress) can be. 


I think Veterans and their families have found that out the hard way, OUR government “in total” can no longer be trusted when it comes to veterans affairs.


Many studies compare what they found versus Ranch Hand only they wonder why they found things that Ranch Hand did not find – yet when one looks at the actual transcripts of discussions they did find it.  They just distorted it to the point of uselessness. 


Primary example is cardiovascular issues in mortality.  The Koreans found this and could not understand why Ranch Hand had not found it.  Yet, clearly they had as far back as 1991.


The same thing for peripheral neuropathy.  Ranch Hand clearly found this along with some IgA antibody issues and this has never been addressed by the VA other then to say it was not associated.  Not associated based on what?  Presidential White House command?


Koreans after two studies indicated this peripheral nerve damage was the most prevalent disorder found in their Vietnam Veteran Cohorts.


Seveso studies found at least a three X increase in this nerve disorder from exclusively the dioxin, TCDD and yet many many many Vietnam Veterans suffer in agony and disability with this VA/IOM declared non-associated disorder.


So here, we have a clear conclusion that cancer was “at least” a two-fold increase in the most benign form of exposures and more direct conclusive evidence of a diabetic connection.


My questions would be: