Response to Offset by Congressman Boucher of the 9th District from Virginia


I would suggest that all Veterans and their families in that Virginia district turn out to vote for this congressman in Brigade numbers whether he is running unopposed or not and show total unity for this man against any GOP candidate or just against the Bush White House anti-Veterans' Philosophy in general.


In addition, "Nationwide" lets show our support and send this congressman an e-mail thanking him for his support against this seemingly unconstitutional attack on once again the best citizens this nation has to offer, The Veteran and his or her family.


Just a short note thanking him for his support.


Make the title of the e-mail:


"Thanks for your Veterans' Support" so they will know it is the same issue.


I thought we were finally making some progress on the offensive side of our Veterans Issues and the disingenuous DoD/VA forcing congress to take a real look at these issues - then the GOP and Bush pull this crap and we have to go back on the defensive to save what few benefits we do have and even worry about losing more in this effort to have a Disabled Veterans Tax of which who knows what else that will lead to.


Congress of the United States

House of Representatives

Rick Boucher

9th District, Virginia


May 31, 2006


Mr. Richard W. Fender


Dear Richard:


    Thank you for contacting me to express your concerns regarding a Bush Administration study regarding veterans who receive Social Security and VA benefits concurrently.  I appreciate your taking the time to write, and I assure you that I share your disgust for the Bush Administration's disregard for veterans.


    Veterans' Social Security payments should have no effect on their VA benefits, and neither benefit should be reduced.  Veterans have contributed to the Social Security system just as anyone else and deserve to be covered like any other American, and the VA benefits veterans have received for defending our country should never be compromised. 


    I am disappointed and, frankly, surprised that President Bush would show such blatant disregard for veterans' service and the contributions they have made to our nation.  As you mention, he and the Republican leadership in Congress have passed tax cut after tax cut for the wealthiest Americans, and it is shameful that they would ask veterans to pay this price.  You may be assured that I will make every effort to block the Veteran's Commission Chair's study, and I will strongly support legislation to ensure that veterans VA and Social Security benefits are protected. 


    Thank you again for contacting me, and I hope you will continue to provide me with your advice and counsel.  With kind regards and best wishes, I remain




                                                                Rick Boucher

                                                                Member of Congress




Dear Congressman Boucher:


Veteran's Commission Chair, Retired General Terry Scott wants to study if vets should get V.A. compensation and Social Security Disability at the same time.  His aim is obviously clear: reduce benefits and save the government money.


This so called "study" is an outrage because in an unconstitutional move, as noted by Larry Scott of, "he (General Scott) asks Congress to interpret its own law so he would have the power to launch (the) study."


Public Law 108-136 established the Veterans' Disability Benefits Commission (VDBC) and President Bush signed it into law in November 2003.  The VDBC's charter states they are to study "whether a veteran's disability or death should be compensated" and at what level, if any.


This study must not be approved, Mr. Boucher.  It will undermine the trust that disabled and able-bodied Veterans have placed in the very government that called upon them to serve their country in time of peril and conflict.  Simply put, this is just one more underhanded attempt the Bush Administration is attempting to use to dismantle the Veterans Administration.  Furthermore, President Bush has succeeded in pandering to the rich giving them huge tax breaks along with providing enormous tax incentives to big business and wants to balance the loss of those revenues on the backs of the disabled and less fortunate members of our society and in particular, Veterans who depend upon the V.A. for medical care. 


President Bush and the entire Republican Congress will reap what they've sewn in the upcoming November election.  I predict that disgruntled voters by the thousands, including me, will see to it that the balance of power makes a decided shift from the current "One Party One Rule" that is destroying the fiber of our nation.  Any Congressman, Republican, or Democrat, who votes to allow this Commission to conduct this study, will be singled out as helping to destroy the V.A. and its current mission.


It is absolutely unconscionable for the Republican controlled Congress and President to create this VDBC that has probably already studied a way to dismantle the Veterans Administration.  We know the conclusion of the study has been pre-determined and that is evidenced by the Commission's charter which states the purpose of its being.  Thus, Congressman Boucher, you and other members of Congress must not allow this Commission to conduct this study.


Sincerely yours,


Richard W. Fender