Robert Cahill

2302 Delta Street

Longview, Texas



April 30, 2006 


Dear Senators, Cornyn, Hutchinson, and Congressman Gohmert,


This may not be the proper way to address United States Representatives, but political correctness is not my style.  I am a Vietnam Veteran with 100% total and permanent disability due to combat in Vietnam. 


I wanted you all to know my feelings, and I know the feelings of many Veterans across this once great land. 


I feel that our government officials have failed the American citizens in many ways.  I have a very difficult time understanding why there is so much political posturing by both parties, while our country continues to suffer due to your lack of apparent ability to work together and take this country back to it’s “Greatness” it once knew. 


I am appalled by the inaction taken by this country’s elected officials.  Therefore, I am promising if there are not positive changes for the welfare of the United States Citizen, I will cast my vote against ALL who currently hold office.  I will also demonstrate by legal means to gather others who feel as I do, and we will vote you out of your elected offices. 


I am trying not to sound angry, but it is difficult for me to see some of the actions going on in our country that we can get some control over, IF WE WORK TOGETHER!  The Partisan Crap has got to go!! 


We are at War, and I have heard remarks from too many state and federal politicians, actually giving aide to our enemy, the Terrorists.  This seemingly treasonous behavior to me needs to stop.  I am asking that you have your debates in private, when law allows, on such matters, and not use the media for partisan bashing, which in turn weakens our country and resolve. 


These are my feelings as a registered Voter.


Now I will offer my concerns as a Disabled War Veteran. 


I am angry at the ineptness, of the Veterans Administration to provide the care that was promised, as the Veteran marched off to War.  A war, any War that you made the decision for us to go. Our brave young Americans, time and again, availed themselves, and their family’s to “Do As Our Country Asks’; …Now it is time for you elected officials to do as the country promised for the American fighting Man, nothing more. 


Just give us the same treatment you or your family members would want.  Don’t you believe for one minute what Henry Kissinger stated; “ Military men are dumb animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy”; as told to Washington post reporters Woodward and Bernstein.


I am enclosing some articles the media has put out, that have major impact on all Veterans, but especially those in need of PROPER AND TIMELY CARE. 


I am embarrassed at what I have seen in some of our VA hospitals, I am embarrassed at the lack of empathy shown by our elected and some appointed officials, and I am very embarrassed and disappointed with the Secretary of Veterans Affairs power to over-rule some of our greatest scientists and medical experts opinions on subjects as Agent Orange, and Medical Disorders caused in service to our country.  I am tired of the lies, the cover-ups, and the deceit that has continued since my memory by this agency that is to take care of the very people who protect your rights.


When will the time come, when you will only live up to the promises made to our Military and it’s Veterans?


Please if you do not do anything more, I ask you to read or at least glance at Charles    Kelley’s Book,  “Vietnam Rains, Agent Orange, White and Blue; Weapons of Mass Destruction.”  The book can be ordered at:


This book will give you a valid, factual, and scientific viewpoint on how the Government, especial the Veteran Affairs Branch, that has wronged thousands and thousands of veterans.


The saddest thing for me is I passed a brain disorder on to my daughter, due to Agent Orange.  Please have the VA Secretary tell me, what generation will these genetic anomalies stop, and when he plans to listen to the proven scientific data, all brought on by the incompetent use of dangerous chemicals actually rained down on the Troops and the environment we lived and fought in, that our Government sent us.


Now, the elected and appointed officials deny proper and timely healthcare, and blatantly ignores what "science" has proven. 


The picture is clear for me. 


Make the proper changes or I will try my hardest to assure you get a new job when election time rolls around. 


I will appreciate any response. 


Thank you for your time.



Robert Cahill 

Vietnam Combat Veteran