Civilian Agent Orange Act of 2007 (Introduced in House)

HR 972 IH


1st Session

I disagree. 


Veterans, dead or alive, as well as their families are dimensioned by such a civilian Agent Orange bill as it is now and only proves more evidence of the government’s thoughts that Veterans are nothing but damn chopped liver.


This civilian bill gives them everything we have asked for and our congress has never even addressed our issues, or the media, or did the civilian population stand on our side and demanded answers.


Sec 2.  Definitions:


If you look at the Veterans VA rules in USC 38 our rules association must be proven to a p-value of 0.05 to, 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD, or dioxin).


Civilian rules are all of sudden - The term `Agent Orange illness' means an illness listed by the National Institute of Medicine as having at least a limited or suggestive association with 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D), 1,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4,5-T), 4-amino-3,5,6-trichloropicolinic acid (picloram), and cacodylic acid (dimenthylarsenic acid, DMA), and 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD, or dioxin).  Some of which are not even dioxin isomers.




(a) In General- There is hereby established a program to be known as the `Agent Orange Illness Compensation Program' (in this Act referred to as the ‘compensation program'), to be carried out by the Attorney General.


(b) Purpose- The purpose of the compensation program is to provide for timely, uniform, and adequate compensation of exposed employees and, where applicable, survivors of such employees, suffering from Agent Orange illnesses incurred by such employees.


Going to be carried out by an agency that might actually have some integrity within and non-adversarial instead of the agency Veterans have that has very little integrity and is lawless in many areas; because they are above the law.


Provide timely, uniform, and adequate compensations????  – When has congress gave a damn about how timely or uniform compensations to the soldier or the family is awarded to the soldier?  Define timely?  For Vets it seems timely is at least five years stalling.  Enough time for one Vet to die and then replaced by another depending on the budget.  Those Veterans that died in-between get jack shit.  Unlike this Civilian bill that is going to go retroactive even to the children if both parents are deceased.  Our guys get a big Old thank you for allowing the US government to kill them or their children.




(a) Establishment- There is hereby established on the books of the Treasury a fund to be known as the `Agent Orange Illness Compensation Fund' (in this Act referred to as the `compensation fund').

(b) Amounts- The compensation fund shall consist of the following amounts:

(1) Amounts appropriated to the compensation fund pursuant to an authorization of appropriations.

(2) Amounts transferred to the compensation fund.

(c) Financing- Upon the exhaustion of amounts in the compensation fund, the Secretary of the Treasury shall transfer directly to the compensation fund from the General Fund of the Treasury, without further appropriation, such amounts as are further necessary to carry out the compensation.


What?  The congress is just going to let the fund manager transfer money in from the Treasury with no yearly budget control, no votes, no nothing!




(a) In General- An exposed employee, or the eligible survivor of that employee if the employee is deceased, shall receive compensation for the injury, illness, or death of that employee from that employee's Agent Orange illness in an amount determined under subsection (b).

(b) Amount- For each exposed employee, the Attorney General shall provide compensation in the amount of $100,000.


Christ our guys that died while our government pissed around in collusion and collaboration stalling for three decades before the first mortality disorder was finally begrudgingly admitted.  There were no retroactivity clauses in their deaths.



(c) Payments in the Case of Deceased Persons-

(1) SURVIVORS ELIGIBLE- In the case of an exposed employee who is deceased at the time of payment of compensation under this section, whether or not the death is the result of the employee's Agent Orange illness, such payment may be made only as follows:

(A) If the employee is survived by a spouse who is living at the time of payment, such payment shall be made to such surviving spouse.

(B) If there is no surviving spouse described in subparagraph (A), such payment shall be made in equal shares to all children of the employee who--

(i) had not yet attained the age of 18 when the employee died or was permanently or totally disabled before the age of 18; and

(ii) are living at the time of payment.

(2) CLAIMS- If an employee eligible for payment dies before filing a claim under this Act, a survivor of that employee who may receive payment under paragraph (1) may file a claim for such payment.

(3) DEFINITIONS- For purposes of this subsection--

(A) the `spouse' of an individual is a wife or husband of that individual who was married to that individual for at least one year immediately before the death of that individual; and

(B) a `child' includes a recognized natural child, a stepchild who lived with an individual in a regular parent-child relationship, and an adopted child.


(d) Children With Spina Bifida- In any case in which a child of an exposed employee is born with spina bifida by reason of that employee's exposure to Agent Orange, that child shall directly receive compensation in an amount determined under subsection (b).


To what level of spina bifida – Christ our guys fight the VA for their kids and VA just ignores it because of severity and now Congress is going to give 100,000 dollars to each civilian exposed with born with spina bifida regardless.  What kind of crap is that?  For Veterans it must be the level of spina bifida to some disability and now for civilians "a birth defect is a birth defect" and here is your money!


Now what about female exposed civilians?  Are they going to be covered for the additional issues VA compensates for that which is the exact same thing found in the Ranch Hand for paternal damages?  If so how much?


As far as additive for more folks involved, I really do not see an impact here.  The estimate of Veterans exposed is right at 4.2 million and we could not get anything done.  Adding a few more with special congressional privileges is not going to matter much.


As far as funding for more testing, I am confident the data is already there to award compensations in many issues based on “significant correlation” or “increased risk of incidence” we have been saying.  Then being denied by VA and IOM based on what we clearly know now was a botched Ranch Hand study in the statistics and flawed cohort assumptions.  VA studies did the same thing in flawed cohort assumptions.


The only testing I see that might possibly be needed, before we are all dead, is the DNA issue of permanent or semi-permanent genetic damages.  I believe the Kiwis have a good start on that regarding genetic DNA damages and the creation of hereditary defects the family lineage did not have prior to exposures.


This Bill is nothing but a total slap in the face of all Vietnam Veterans, alive or dead.