Agent Orange and Brain Cancer

Revised on 06-30-05


Due to the continuing requests for Brain Cancer associations to Agent Orange and the other two major herbicides  of Agent White and Agent Blue this link is created.


Obviously medical issues to individuals is sacred information and protected by law.  Therefore I cannot be responsible for letting this information out to the general public.


Many have asked to query others of the type of Brain Cancers and the locations and other pertinent information such as length of service in Vietnam, locations, and time frames.


Although it is doubtful that the location would correlate to anything and is more related to type of exposure, dose rate of exposures, combinations of toxic chemicals, and predisposition to such toxic chemical damages.


If those that want to communicate with others on this brain cancer issue would send me their e-mail and permission to post the e-mail on this link for communications with others I would be glad to add a list of e-mails.


My only request is that if a dialog is set up you copy me on the correspondence so I can glean out the applicable data for all the guys and their widows.  I have had two men go down from brain cancer serving in 67-68.


Added - Taura at  tdk4vets@cwnet.com indicated  she got astrocytoma and glilioblastoma brain cancer approved.  The second VA approval in history of the VA of associating brain cancer to dioxin or service in Vietnam.


E-Mail List of those that want to communicate with others:  As of 05-30-05










Below is a write up of what I found so far:


Here are some of the brain cancer issues I found in my research as it relates to dioxin and 2,4-D both of which seem to be able to cross the blood barrier and reside in the brain and spinal chord.  2,4-D (Agent White) is noted for Central Nervous System damages.  Regardless of what the government and the VA say, this whole issue is more than just dioxin. 

As far as Agent Orange, the government has never studied the impacts of this herbicide, only 2,4,5-T that is only one part of the AO herbicide.  Any government study that says "Agent Orange Study" is just another government/VA a lie!

In 1989 a VA report was put out and then "classified" and stamped "NOT FOR RELEASE TO THE PUBLIC" that stated:

1989 - An unbiased, independent report, underwritten by the government, identifying and proving unequivocally that multitudes of medical problems, at least 28 of them directly associated with Agent Orange, none had time limits.

"…it is at least as likely as not that the following are caused in humans by exposure to TCDD: non-Hodgkin' s lymphoma, chloracne and other skin disorders, lip cancer, bone cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, birth defects, skin cancer, lung cancer, porphyria cutanea tarda and other liver disorders, Hodgkin's disease, hematopoietic diseases, multiple myeloma, neurological defects and autoimmune diseases and disorders, liver cancer, nasal/pharyngeal/esophageal cancers, leukemia, malignant melanoma, kidney cancer, testicular cancer, pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer,
"brain cancer", psychosocial effects, and gastrointestinal disease are service-connected"(38)

The VA study of Army Chemical Corps workers that served in Vietnam found:

1990 - The VA study of Army Chemical Corps personnel found mental disorders, nervous system disease; as well as the "excess deaths" from Hodgkin's disease, leukemia, and "brain cancer." (36)


The authors of this VA study discussed the fact that earlier research had found associations between exposures to chemicals and brain cancer.

Now even though this report shows excessive deaths from brain cancer already; the study did not find out why so many mental disorders and nervous system diseases.  As you probably already know, with glioblastoma (brain cancer) some of the early signs are nervous system issues and/or strange mental behavior patterns.  So how many of the actual found mental disorders and nervous system disorders were actually being caused by toxin induced brain lesions or brain cancers is of course not defined in the study nor identified.

In addition, there has been no follow up on this to see if the cause was indeed mortality brain lesions and brain cancers.  In fact, I had to find the results of this study in an actual court case as it is pretty well kept under the government wraps.  As I recall the statistics were at least 22% of the 800 found were diagnosed and being treated for mental disorders.  I could not find how many of the cohort found had already died or were dying from brain cancers.  I guess that is secret government taxpayer paid for information.

After the White House quit controlling the EPA in this issue in the 70's and 80's.

The 1994 EPA reassessment of dioxin states:

· The EPA has concluded that dioxin is more dangerous than previously thought, even at extremely low doses.  It accumulates in the body fat and once in the body, even at very minuscule amounts, interferes with cell development.

· The "brain may be particularly vulnerable" to accumulating dioxin into its fat content.  Nervous system tissue itself, with its high lipid content, can also act as a repository for dioxin. 

· An EPA dioxin expert has concluded that dioxin even if the dioxin had no part in creating the medical anomaly it is a "tumor promoter."

I have asked that anyone deceased please have an autopsy done of the brain and cancer area for the known toxic chemicals  we were exposed, not just dioxin.  Of course done by a pathologist outside of the VA and the government.  Morbid I know but if you are going to fight the corrupt VA/government, you need to have the data and a corresponding death certificate that points to toxic chemicals.


Added data:


In a 1988 study, the National Cancer Institute used proportionate mortality and case-control methods to identify elevated cancers in 1,495 white males who died between 1970 and 1979, and who were employed as agricultural extension agents by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. .....

.....In addition to the excess risks for , excess risks for Hodgkin's disease, leukemia and multiple myeloma, prostate, brain, and colon cancer also were found.



Seveso Italy Residents Exposed to Trichlorophenol Plant Explosion 130. The 1989 ten-year mortality study evaluating the population exposed to a 1976 explosion of a 2,4,5-trichlorophenol plant near Seveso, Italy ( found elevated brain cancer risks. In Zone R, an area found to have been significantly contaminated by dioxin, males had significantly higher rates of brain cancer (relative risk = 3.60; 95% C.I. = 1.1 - 12.3).


Increases of brain cancer were associated with duration of employment as an extension agent, although this trend was small and failed to reach statistical significance.

Let me pass on something that the Government/VA in my research never takes into consideration, as you can well imagine.


First, the Congressional Mandate only requires a significant increase; not some forty year study that must show a linear dose response and then some finding of p= 0.05.  P= 0.05 is the world standard for proving there is no doubt. Finding a p=value of 0.05 is impossible given the conditions in Vietnam and the many other toxic chemicals involved and the many forms of exposures and different dose rates the Veteran may have received.  The government/VA is treating this proof like they have a warehouse of veterans all waiting to be tested to the death and these veterans are exactly alike in human biology and gene pools.  Of course this is not a laboratory setting and this is a nothing but a government/VA charade.


Second, if anything is found in any cohort group that the government/VA has studied or even the agriculture workers then one must conclude the Vietnam Veteran would show a higher associations.  The rational?  The study cohorts the government/VA selected were controlled by MOS.  These were not the men that displaced from toxic camps and then spent time in the field in a toxic environment.  Upon completion of the displacement they again returned to the toxic camp where the water was still contaminated, showers were used with toxic water, and any hot food was cooked with toxic water.


Third, one must consider the TCDD in the military formula was much higher than the commercial equivalent and some are now saying that even 2,4-D contained dioxins.  In addition, the application rate for Vietnam was just outrageous.  The commercial application rate was 1 to 4 pounds per three acres while our rate was 13.8 pounds of 2,4,5-T and 12 pounds of 2,4-D.  This higher strength and application rate more than likely would also be for the other two major herbicides of AW and AB.  The bottom line if anything is found in the commercial world at some significant or increased risk of incidence then the increased linear dose rate and formula would play a part in more damages done to the Vietnam Veteran.  The government/VA cannot rely on this lack of a linear dose rate to boo hoo a 50% or larger increase found and then not consider the linear effects of application.   Science does not work that way except at the Government/VA illogical rational.


However, you must realize the government/VA has over 500,000 claims on the books right now.  If they can delay or stall a minimum of $10,000 dollars from each claim, basically robbing the Veteran or his family,  you are talking five billion dollars.  Now how many claims are off the books because the Veteran and/or his widow went away, tired of fighting the corruption, who knows.  I would suggest that even this number is in the billions of dollars of justified and justifiable claims.


I have guys coming to our reunions that still did not know even diabetes was compensated.   So how many widows due to lack of an outreach program still do not know their husband or father died from being mortally wounded by our own government?


Now that my book is going to the printers my focus is going to be on congressman and senators who turn a blind eye and deaf ear to this government/VA corruption.


In fact, I have posed the question to many already as to who runs the country, the VA or the congress; or is this a convenience factor.  The VA is an administrative agency only and is not supposed to set policy. Yet, time and time again they do exactly that and ignore the mandates by congress.  Of course this also a ruse by congress because they never follow up and ask the hard questions.


I guess the point is when you ask your senator for help or your congressman and you get back, "we are checking into the status of your claim."  You need to tell them they need to do just a tad bit more than checking status.  Hell you can do that.


How about addressing the corruption issues, paying cash bonuses for quick denials, the seemingly intentional poor performance in claims and the length of time it takes to get a claim that is automatically associated processed.  Corruption and lack of integrity in the studies need to be addressed.  Demand they do their job!


As one Ranch Hand scientists stated:  this is more than just a VA issue this is a National Security issue.  Men will not volunteer or  stay in once they learn just how they will be treated.  Then he cited the way the government has treated toxic chemical veterans and Gulf War veterans. 


It is time we made that happen.  Veterans and their families are reluctant to do so but they must get over this reluctance and force a showdown with not only the government but also the general public.


Example:  One of my close associates is a decorated special forces veteran.  His grandson called the other night about joining up.  He told him not only no, but hell no he was not to join the military.


Veterans made and keep this nation what it is, not politicians! 


Hope this helps some at least knowing you are on the right track.

Best that way to all.




General Response Letter to the group:


Subject:  Brain Cancer related to service in Vietnam from exposures to toxic chemicals Agents Orange, Blue, and White or the combination of what the “multiple exposures” may have caused.


Hi all,


There are many issues in dealing with the less than truthful VA for compensations.


Number one is - they are an operating front for White House yearly mandated budgets, does not matter republican or democrat.  The CFR is written so they can deny just about anything they choose to, no matter what the evidence; scientific, mathematical, or just plan logic and reasoning. 


Including the government has put in two more gauntlets that no other segment of our society must face, as part of this government mandated budget control.  The BVA and the so-called US Court of Veterans Appeals, which is a joke.  Out of over 14,000 claims, only 13 have been approved in this “so-called court.”


Number two - no two areas are the same in rating and allowing service connected status and to what level of disability is caused.


This is no different than applying for social security disability; except you must establish an in-service connection.  Whereas the social security disability does not care what caused it; only that the disability approaches 100%.  Including that social security does not have a CFR written by the social security and approved by congress that it can deny anything it wants. 


The VA has that CFR and will tell you up front that the 100 other studies you cited that show a connection mean nothing to them.  Even if you had 500 studies, it means nothing.  If the study cited meets all the requirement of the 38 CFR the VA will simply say that they give more weight to the statement (yea verily I command from on high by the Secretary of the VA, based on nothing but I have the White House power that this is "not associated") that is the end of it.  You loose for the next 10 years of stalling until you reach the level in the process where you can have a real attorney to represent you and your family.


Your congressman and senators will check on the status of your claim and that is about all, regardless of the evidence you present.  They will not challenge the VA on anything.  Kind of, a scratch my back thing.


Even when I point out that, our own government studies found something associated with a linear dose response to dioxin and that the study cites this medical issue as a “highlight of the study” it still is denied by the VA by using the CFR.  Even if they found a correlation to the number of days of exposures, it means nothing to the VA, your congressman, and your senators.  They just do not care! 


This what is called a Veterans Benefit for serving in the Military of the United States you get government corruption as a benefit and a reward for honorable and valorous service on the battlefield.


For instance:  The statements you brought up:


The Department of Veterans Affairs fulfills the government's obligation to help those who leave the military injured or ill.  In service to their country, military members give up the right to decline dangerous assignments.  Their occupations lack conventional workers compensation coverage.


The big gotcha in that statement is “leave the military injured or ill.”  They use this all the time.  Even though we are talking about long-term chronic damages and never mind the fact that from 1967 to 1989 the entire US government was denying any and all toxic chemical damages.  Therefore, like in my case I came home and was diagnosed, tested, and retested and then retested again and no one ever mentioned toxic chemical damages causing any of this.  Because the government was lying; and my doctors had no clue.


VA disability compensation stems from an official finding that links an illness or disability with the period of a veteran's military service, whether war-related or in peacetime.  VA usually does not need to find the exact cause of the illness.  The dollar amount of compensation is determined by regulations that give a rating for each illness or injury on a scale of 0 to 100 based on the severity of the medical problem.  The philosophy of the compensation program is that these ratings are intended to reflect a loss of earnings capacity.


The big gotcha in that statement is: …official finding that links an illness or disability with the period of a veteran's military service.


They determine what is official not the rest of the 500 studies.  The government has corrupted studies going back to 1984 when the first Ranch Hand study was released.  Yet, when you compare the scientist draft of medical findings; the two are not even the same.


In my review of the transcripts of the scientific meetings I even found the scientists laughing at the fact the Air Force was going to change the report anyway, so why review it.


The other big gotcha is: VA usually does not need to find the exact cause of the illness.

Another joke and misstates of the real facts.  The CFR requires a p-value of 0.05 in any association.  This is the world scientific standard for proving there is no doubt of the cause or an “association.”


Yet, congress passed the Congressional Mandate called the Dioxin Act in 1984 that says veterans in this unknown toxic chemical issue shall get the benefit of the doubt.  In fact, it should have said toxic chemicals (plural).  I can assure you this is biggest lie ever put out by the congress regarding veterans.  As referenced a p-value of 0.05 is hardly what I would call a benefit of the doubt considering again that for over 23 years the government denied everything.


Now with all that said you do not stop trying that is exactly what they want you to do.  They want you to either go away from lack of energy, disgust, despair.  To them it is much cheaper to bury the veteran than support him from government mistakes that were made.


You do not stop trying and get on record that you are applying for brain cancer associated with toxic chemicals used in Vietnam not just Agent Orange.  Which is ironic because the VA and our government says Agent Orange and they have never looked at Agent Orange only dioxin; only one part of the chemical formula.


Trust me, this is not the government you thought it was.


Every study has been interfered with and corrupted from the CDC studies, Ranch Hand studies, and the VA studies them selves.  Check out HR 101-672 by our own congress in 1990.


…the House Government Operations Committee approved a report "The Agent Orange Cover-up: A case of flawed science and political manipulation", HR-101-672, that stated that:  


"The White House compromised the independence of the CDC [Centers for Disease Control] and undermined the [Agent Orange] study [of Vietnam Veterans] by controlling crucial decisions and guiding the course of research at the same time it had secretly taken a legal position to resist demands to compensate victims of Agent Orange exposure and industrial accidents."

On page 27, of this Congressional report (101-672), we see that "top administration officials such as Attorney General Edwin Meese and White House Chief of Staff James Baker had ultimate decision making authority for approving and eventually canceling the [Agent Orange] exposure study.”  (1)


How do we beat this government?  The only way I know to beat them is at the voting booth regardless if they are democrat or republican.


Far as I am concern if you are in - you are out in 2006 and 2008.  Political ideology no longer matters with a government as corrupt as this one has been the last 50 years in Veterans issues.


Veterans and their families can make a tidy some of about 130 million votes and state-by-state we need to get these so-called honorable congressional members out of office.  Query the opponent, see where he stands on these veteran issues, and get him or her in office if appropriate.  


I can count five so far that are in congress that have tried to get something done.  Equally split, with one Independent. 


Far as I am concerned the rest are bums and should be voted out and tell them why.


Sorry so blunt but you need to know what you are facing at the VA and even our own collaborative government that has covered up many many things, including brain cancers.


Two of my guys went down because of brain cancers also.


Best that way to all






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