Agent Orange dioxin, TCDD altered sex ratios


Here is something interesting I ran across in researching another unrelated dioxin issue recently.


(Industrial Health 2003, 41, 127-138) 


Sex ratio at birth:


“Another possible effect of dioxin exposures was enlightened some time after the Seveso, Italy dioxin disaster.  This was the change in the male/female sex ratio at birth that was observed to high concentrations of TCDD.  The M/F ratio at birth remains constant, worldwide, and corresponds to 106 males to 100 females.  As shown in table 10, in nine families with both parents with very high dioxin levels in 1976, the birth sex ratio was completely changed with 12 females vs. 0 males.  The study was extended to the period between 1977-1996, and those results were confirmed.  PATERNAL blood concentrations emerged as the most important predictor of lowered sex ratio at birth.”


Now the government in the Ranch Hand Studies mandated a linear tie in to dose response vs. a more aggravated outcome.  Clearly, the chart shows that correlation in altered sex ratio.


Now this is nice to know but hardly a real medical issue. 


However, for the government/DOD/NAS-IOM/VA to continue this charade that the PATERNAL side exposures was and is only producing the birth defect spina bifida becomes even more spurious than I reported in my book on birth defects of paternal versus maternal.


Clearly, this demonstrates the Paternal side toxic chemical exposures can be dominant in the offspring issues, and not only a loose secondary effect as government portrayed.


(Industrial Health 2003, 41, 127-138)