Agent Orange - Bureau of the Budget Memo Directed Agencies

Not to Find any

Medical Issues Related to Veterans


Who in Congress Knew and Remained Silent?


Who in the Executive Branch Knew and Remained Silent?


Who in the Judicial System Knew and not only Remained Silent but did nothing to protect citizen’s rights from Government collusion?


Would it make any difference had it been civilians?  I think so.


Did the media know about this and did nothing – not even report it?


Most of you know, I reported years ago that in an interview with America’s Defense Monitor the infamous Bureau of the Budget (BoB) White House memo to all Federal Agencies “not to find any associations to AO and the returning Veterans Health Issues”.


See below:


Admiral Zumwalt – “I spent about nine months doing that and turned in a study that pointed that there were very badly flawed studies done by the chemical corporations which had been used for years as a so called reference study to denigrate very good scientific studies done by Swedish scientists. I recommended that those flawed studies be disregarded and that if one did that that there were, in my judgment, assisted by scientific advisors, 28 diseases that were as likely as not a result of exposure to Agent Orange.


We found and reported in that report that the Bureau of the Budget had ordered all the agencies of government in essence not to find a correlation between Agent Orange and health affects stating that it would be most unfortunate for two reasons: A) the cost of supporting the veterans and B) the court liability to which corporations would be exposed.”


What I did not know, regarding this White House memo to dump all the Vietnam Veterans and their families was if the Admiral had testified anywhere in a government setting/hearing/committee etc referencing this BoB memo. 


Well yes there is.


Clearly those folks that are elected knew about this as well as high-ranking officials within the Government and DoD and did nothing.  Including the statements below … “That's been documented; a published document is available by Congress.”   


Thanks to Norm we now have the following from a







Tuesday, July 13, 1999

Washington, D.C.

The transcripts are located at:


ADMIRAL ZUMWALT: Mr. Chairman, I have one other comment I'd like to make, unrelated. I thank Dr. Rostker for that answer.


“As you know, Mr. Chairman, I worked very diligently on the Agent Orange issue, and I believe that part of the problem we have with the polarization that exists on this issue is a residue of the, after-effects of the battle that took place with regard to Agent Orange. A battle which led to the discovery that the government had in writing in the early '1980s, at the level of the Bureau of the Budget, specifically requested government agencies not to find a correlation between Agent Orange and disease. That's been documented; a published document is available by Congress. That investigation and that conclusion, which was shocking to many of us, led many veterans, including me for a long time, to be suspicious just in general of the processes of government with regard to veterans.”


Are we supposed to assume that some peon in the BoB decided to do this on their own as some kind of personal vendetta against Vietnam Veterans and their families?  Rather than deliberate government collusion and conspiracy against the best of citizens.


Problem is no one, not one peon, fell on his sword that we know of to protect these despicable collusion actions by our own White House. 


Who was the BoB coward that put out this memo and who directed it?


Who at the Veterans Affairs knew this and did nothing but enforce the White House memo by denying all the issues except Chloracne for 28 years.  It seems VA is still enforcing this unforgivable White House Policy and directed Philosophy.


What VSO’s knew this and still did not just raise hell about it?  At least going to the media to get some help for millions of Veterans being thrown away by their own government.


Who knew and did nothing and why is still nothing being done.


Clearly this is what Supreme Court Justice Scalia was discussing cited in the case of United States v. Johnson, (1987):


“Feres was wrongly decided and heartily deserves the widespread, almost universal criticism it has received.”  Furthermore, "Congress's inaction regarding this doctrine and its doing little, if anything in the way of modifying it to prevent Constitutional claims is clearly unjust and irrational.  Again, allowing such power to military leaders can and does result in abuse therefore, where are the checks and balances on the military."


I would also add he might have thrown in allowing such power to the Executive Branch and to military leaders can and does result in abuse.  And for kicks he probably should have included our Congress in that statement that it does lead apparently to the abuse of our Veterans and our Widows.


Two and half million Veterans of an 'on the ground' 10 year campaigning Army literally being thrown to the side as government damaged assets not worthy of even telling them their health status created by their own government.


An additional one and half million also exposed and also turned out to figure out why they were sick and dying on their own.


Some of the Gulf War Veterans stated they felt like the government was spitting in their face.  I think we can call it just a little more than that.


What good does the separation of powers do if there is bridge with a six lane highway between them called the 'Feres Doctrine' linking all those powers; only when it comes to Veterans?


Veterans cannot hold anyone in government for accountability in trying to cover up what they did or what they created in death and destruction when it is associated to Veterans.


Who in congress, both house and senate, knew this and did nothing.  More appropriate, who knows now and is still doing nothing.


I would hope that all of you would call your congressperson and your senators while they are back at home and ask these questions.  

The sad part of this scenario is the sacrificing of so many by so few that had no integrity or character that this nation elected based on that false pretense. 


The real sad part is the government damage was already done.  There was nothing to be done.  Medicine and science had so much to learn regarding the development of cancers, autoimmune disorders, degenerating neurological damages, diabetes type II , development of Immunotoxicity issues, blood disorders, protein disorders, autonomic nerve damages, etc.   What the world could have learned is incredible except for the government turning its collective back to try and save a few bucks in comparison of what has gone out the door for far less important issues.


We do know that there were at least two senators in that meeting so I would say the senate knew and did nothing.  Of course all those guys are probably dead now.  (Senators Brown and Rudman)


Since the Admiral in that meeting said the memo was available for congress to see; maybe Kurt can go after it.  He seems to have some expertise at this and has been successful in retrieving documents.


A despicable action by our government and no one is held accountable because it involved Veterans and their family.


Anyone thinking about joining the military I would suggest you tell the recruiter, “not until the Feres Doctrine is declared unconstitutional so when I get out of the military I can once again have my guaranteed constitutional rights restored.”