WHAT IS NEXT?  What can we do?


Some, after reviewing my postings, have asked “what is next” and “how do we fix it.”  I wish I knew “how.”  It would already be fixed and we would all be better off; including the future obsolete government assets, “The Veteran and his family.”


However, I will list a few things that I am doing; a few recommendations we, as Veterans, can do to help this segment of society and possibly get some political action going and some of these issues resolved.


For me, I will continue the battle as long as I can.


Working on: 


As I have said many times long ago, I thought that B and T cell dysregulation was the “secondary root cause” of many of our issues in mortality as well as debilitating autoimmune disorders.  Including that endocrine damage was also having an effect on both the immune system as well as the body's many internal clocks, for a lack of a better description.  What this would mean is the body’s system integrators and controllers are being corrupted creating systemic havoc.


Of course, the “primary root cause” would be how the dioxin TCDD and the mixture of the other toxic chemicals actually do whatever they do down at microbiological levels at the cell receptors and/or changing cell DNA. 


That is a pipe dream in our lifetime and I think the government and government scientists are well aware of that issue.  What they thought they knew 20 years ago, by most scientific minds including the dioxin expert at the EPA, is much more complex today as they dig deeper into the actual “primary root cause failures and/or cell changes.”


Therefore, I submit that we will never know “the cause” but we do understand “the effect” based on “significant correlations” or “increased risk of incidence.”  Vietnam Veterans have met this scientific and statistical correlation long ago in many such issues and have been turned away by our own government.  A government that actually created this national disaster after being warned by over 5,000 U.S. scientists, “twice,” not to commit to this toxic chemicals (plural) disaster.


Based on the findings of the Korean Immunotoxicological Effects Agent Orange Study, which this study confirmed an association to dioxin, and/or Service in Vietnam problems within the immune system itself.  These issues were in Interlukin 04 and Interlukin 10, along with Interferon – gamma and a slight disturbance in Tumor Necrosis Factor – alpha. 


This will take me a long time to accomplish. 


Number one, I am not use to the medical terms and have to look up the terminology  - until I understand it or at least the basic concept of the term. 


Number two, as I do the matrices I am finding out that one thing dysregulated not only “serially impacts another factor above and below it” in the immune system decision hierarchy, for want of a better definition.  It also at the same time has a “parallel effect on the factors above and below it.”


This is in not only other cytokines but also the smaller chemical messengers that direct the cells called Macrophages and Monocytes with even more reactions among themselves as they talk and even share crosstalk - again for the lack of a better medical definition.


I am only part way through IL-04 and the manifestations it can cause in dysregulation of the immune system are just incredible.  Many of it matches what we have been telling the government for 40 years.  Also matches some of the issues even the government has admitted to in B and T cell issue created cancers.


One of the most obvious connections was the overproduction of IgE from IL-04 issues. 


Since I cannot find this already done and cannot seemed to find any university or scientists interested in doing this, I have to do it alone.


I do not think there is any doubt at this time with just in a cursory quick look that dioxin and/or Service in Vietnam in a toxic chemical environment creates a disturbance in “the balance” and “well being” of B and T cells homeostasis.      


This is particularly compelling when you look at the comparison selection of the study where three comparisons were made and both groups that served in Vietnam showed this dysregulation to any significance.  The non-Vietnam Veterans did not show this dysregulation.


I will try and return to the panel in DC in April for another presentation and hope to meet the reporters and editors of Knight Ridder News in DC.  They seemed to be the only national outlet that will report anything associated to Veterans Issues and even have a section called "Veterans Issues."


The above is what I am working on and will continue to do so.


I think most of us can agree by using the VA’s own infamous verbiage; “it is at least as likely as not” – our own government/DOD/VA is “directly responsible” for more Vietnam Veterans death and disablement than the total causalities of Korea, Vietnam, and the initial Gulf War 1 casualties combined; without being associated to the combatant enemy. 


That by using the VA as the White House “official government mandated budget control” afforded them by the White House and our own congress - they have denied and controlled (rewritten) this piece of American history that “is just as likely as not” caused our toxic chemical legacy.”                                                                                                     


Identifying the issues 


Now there are many of you that will have much better suggestions than I can put forth.  Nevertheless, here are my thoughts on the problems we face.


Taking stock of what we know and can identify


(1) We know that our major VSO’s are “politically ineffective” for many reasons some of which are their own doings.  While the VA can pressure them to “not support a bill or change,” the opposite is not true.


(2) We know, with a few exceptions, our own entire congress (senate and house) will not address the “Veterans Issues” except with hollow words.


(3) We know that White House after White House has been very poor at keeping campaign promises to include conservative efforts in what must be characterized as nothing short of “government propaganda” in dealing with “Veterans Issues.”


(4) We know the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is not our allies and only functions as a mandated “White House appointed budget control” in many issues, including cover-ups of White House/Department of Defense (DOD) mistakes.


(5) We know that the DOD is protected by the White House, our Congress, and by the “Feres Doctrine that allows the DOD any injustices” such as biological, toxic chemicals, toxins, LSD, and radiation testing of our nations finest citizens with no regard to legal or moral ramifications of those direct actions.  This also includes the toxic chemical herbicides and whatever the Gulf War Veterans got into over there in their war, which more and more seems to be associated with depleted uranium.  (I am quite sure that the White House and our congress knows or at least some know and they still let this injustice go on for these Veterans no differently than the Vietnam Veterans.  Silence makes nothing but cowards of them all!)


(6) We know the White House, congress, and the court system have allowed the VA to create its own “legislative, executive, and judicial form of government” within our elected form of government not subject to voter justice or even constitutional justice for all; our most sacred of all constitutional guarantees.  This is in the form of U.S.C 38 paragraph 511 that gives the Secretary of the VA total unfettered legal authority in all legal decisions as it applies to Veterans segment of society and claims for death and disability caused by service in the United States Military.  In other words, for the Veterans community the White House appointed Secretary now becomes the constitutional justice, not our constitution or the legal authority and order of precedence defined by that hierarchy.  In fact, the VA often has refused direct District Court Orders by judges to compensate Veteran Victims for toxic chemical damages as they continually tip the scales in favor of the government in many ways.  If not by the VA centers, then in the Board of Veterans Appeals which is nothing but an extension of the VA and/or White House.  For all practical purposes and definitions, we are talking about government anarchy for an entire segment of society.  Ironically, the only segment of society that actually physically defends the nations inalienable rights to the “guaranteed constitutional justice for all” with blood, sweat, and tears. 


(7) I am not a retired Veteran so there are many issues that I am not aware in that context.  However, the Veterans Disability Tax in my opinion has to be one of the most despicable acts by the federal government in its entire history.  That must be done away with; and is illogical in application.


Here are a few issues that I did find that seemed to apply to our nations career military.  


(8) 375,000 retired military career veterans with less than 50% disability denied Concurrent Retirement Disability Pay.


(9) 275,000 retired military career veterans who have aged at least 70 years and who have made at least 30 years of SBP premium payments denied “paid in full” status.  With the current effective date of 1 October 2008, those who enrolled in 1972 will have made 36 years of payments (20% overpayment).


(10) 188,000 Chapter 61 medical disabilities retired military career veterans with
less than 20 years denied Concurrent Retirement Disability Pay.


(11) 55,000 widows of retired military career veterans denied relief from the VA Dependency Indemnification offset to military Survivors Benefits annuity purchased by the deceased military member from earned retirement pay.  This legislation was included the Senate version of the 2006 NDAA but was deleted by joint committee action.


(12) 20,000 retired military career veterans rated IU (Individually Unemployable) denied 100% benefit under Concurrent Retirement Disability Pay.  Section 665, 2006 NDAA, grants no relief until 2009.


(13) 17,000 POW who died in captivity denied the Purple Heart.  This last item is a crying shame because unlike the other issues, the Congress can not claim  “budgetary constraints.” This is a sad commentary but certainly representative of our congress.







Obviously there is no “fear factor” of Veterans, widows of Veterans, or offspring of Veterans inside 495 for our elected officials, when it comes to “Veterans Issues.” 


Otherwise, we would not be in the political shape we are in and the robbing of billions of dollars from Veterans “earned in battle” and/or “service to the nation benefits” would not be taking place.


The politicians know that historically there will always be a 60/40-voter split in the “Veterans Community” due to the two main political ideologies in which our nation has now evolved.


Therefore, return on efforts expended, return on assets expended, the fact we have no effective lobbyist in the politicians face daily - all adds up to NO (ZERO) FEAR FACTOR! 


I have had many Veterans tell me that, even though our government has treated them despicably and without honor, they cannot bring themselves to talk badly about our government.  I believe we can all agree that our form, format, and general concepts of government are the best that the world has ever seen up until this point in time in the worlds history with its built in checks and balances.


However, the problem is in the people in the government who seemed to think their main and primary job is only winning elections using “all the tools of government” at their disposal, not the condition and the state of the nation as a NATION.


The problem is certainly not in our founding fathers vision of government and its role in an organized democratic society of an established “constitutional republic” but in those that we elect as so-called honorable men and women. 


If we let White House after White House and their “appointed federal officials” as well as our Congress who allow these changes in constitutional law and no (zero) separation of powers in what certainly should be considered analogous to “government anarchy” for a segment of society…  Then which segment of even our civilian society is next when the government decides they no longer can get anything useful out of that society in the form of elected power.  Which it now seems this is their political task.  Not morality, fairness, and above all honor and integrity.


The most important and sacred standard (victory banner) in our constitution and form of government is the separation of powers.  Regarding “Veterans Issues,” this separation of powers no longer exists.  This standard has been negated regarding this “guaranteed separation of powers” that mandates no single part of government shall have a “conflict of interest” and that “no citizens rights to the rules of law are set aside because of that “conflict of interest.” 


We have fought our nations wars and then let the enemy within, our own government, “set aside our constitutional rights as citizens.”  Circumventing the forefathers vision of the separation of powers when it is convenient for the executive branch in self-protection from being liable.


George Washington said, “When you create the Veteran you do not lay aside the citizen!”


It seems that since that time our government/DOD/VA has been doing exactly that!      


If the non-Veteran community had anything remotely common with even just a few of the issues Veterans and their families face daily against our own government there would be rioting and demonstrations in the streets, the national media would be covering this on the front page for months on end in a political forum, and even those in congress running for decades would remind the voters of what "so and so" did 30 years ago.


For the Nation’s Veterans there is nothing.  We stand-alone.


This is another reason why our politicians just love to see and encourage so many different VSO’s instead of a united group of organizations that would really represent those they say they represent.  Their individual bank accounts are more important than fighting for justice as a united group.  They are only after their share of the money prize afforded to them by, yes, the Veterans Community!


I do not believe we can run off and attack “all the individual issues” and we must prioritize.  This saves not only “expended energy” which many of us have very little of any more with the toxic chemical damages but also concentrates the fire support, as it where, to a few specific issues at any given time.  In other words, it centralizes the attack with “focus and purpose.”  Win one battle at a time and go to the next battle in an attempt to win the war.


Not all political battles will be victorious but that does not mean we cannot still win the war.


As one of our Edgewood Arsenal testing Veterans wrote in as a quote:


"U.S. politics is a beautiful fraud that has been imposed on the people for years, whose practitioners exchange gelded promises for the most valuable thing their victims own, their votes."



All Veterans, widows of Veterans, and children of Veterans must remember that quote.



Who in congress might be on our side?


In researching data for my book on our toxic chemicals (plural) legacy and the many government forms of stalling and denials, I found very few in congress that will address “Veterans Issues” or as one of the Aussie Veterans that wrote to me put it “really give a rat’s ass.”  There are a few and by no means am I endorsing anyone much less any one specific party. 


I was a republican at one time but I find that it makes no difference in “Veterans Issues” as they are both despicable “in actions” and “lack of actions.”  I am a member of the Veterans Party and vote as an independent.  I thought maybe this new party might be the answer but it seems Veterans still want to use Democratic or Republican rhetoric and philosophy and as I have concluded neither one are worth a damn when it comes to “Veterans Issues.”


If this were not true, then we would have seen some ground gained in some areas the past 40 years, depending on who was in power.  There has been little difference and we are losing even more ground as we refuse to get up off our backside in Divisional and Corps numbers and challenge on the issues.


This is also a perfect example of what those in power depend on.  No, they actually count on the fact Veterans will fight amongst themselves over which party did this or which party did that and neither of them could care less about your used up “government assets” and you know what I am implying.


In fact; Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State, another appointed executive branch official; officially spilled the government "military philosophy beans" when in 1979 stated:


“Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”


{See "Kiss the Boys Goodbye - by Stevenson & Stevenson p97 (Futura 1990).  “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy,” Kissinger told Washington Post reporters Woodward and Bernstein.}


In my review for data on my book, I found no (zero) senators that I felt I could trust to even look at some of these issues.  They just sit back and believe entirely what comes out of another executive branch appointed official, the Secretary of the VA. 


I thought at one time the first year senator from Illinois, Senator Obama, was going to be a staunch allies but it seems his claim to fame was “one issue” and then it was on to more lucrative voter recruitment and pandering.


In my review for data on my book, in the house I found just a very few that I think would tell the truth regarding many of these issues and have in the past made some inquires and brought some of the issues to the forefront but to no real conclusions in making the DOD or the VA accountable or even answer hard questions.


Those being:


Congressman Lane Evans from Illinois

Congressman Bernie Sanders from Vermont

Congressman Christopher Smith from New Jersey

Congressman Christopher Shays from Connecticut


Other than that – I have no idea of who would stand up and be counted on behalf of Veterans and their families.


We must make them or elect our own!


Feres Doctrine Discussion


Every Veteran that has served in combat or in a combat environment has seen the death and/or wounding of Veteran that was not related to the enemy but our own forces.  The result of someone else’s carelessness, someone not doing their job, an errant artillery round, a gun or howitzer malfunction, and on and on an on.  Even though these events (mistakes) are minimized with some of the best equipment and the best training in the world and are tragic, these are the real facts and the real results of war. 


Of course one of the historical exceptions to this in our war was that first M16 assault rifle which was a piece of junk authorized by an arrogant president and his arrogant Secretary of Defense.  The Marine death toll alone from using that forced on the military weapon by elected civilian idiots will probably never be fully realized nor documented.


In most of these issues, this does not mean that the U.S Government, the DOD, or any branch of service is now held legally accountable.  I think most sane people realize that.  If not, then we would have the most "careful military" in the world that would not be aggressive and would no doubt "lead to the loss of even more lives."


However, our government/DOD/VA have taken this lack of legal responsibility to ultimate new highs in covering up issues of death and disablement that should be brought forward.  In fact, the government/White House/DOD was directly responsible for the decisions to use these “weapons of mass destruction.” 


Just some very basic facts on what has developed regarding this issue of legal responsibility for any action. 

“The United States is not liable under the Federal Tort Claims Act for injuries to members of the armed forces sustained while on active duty and not on furlough and resulting from the negligence of others in the armed forces.”


The high court then misinterpreted the FTCA’s statutory protection of service members outside the scope of combat.  The FTCA’s author, Representative Emmanuel Celler is quoted in the 1949 Yale Law Review:  

The high court asserts it reviewed legislative history, so how can it rule as such when Representative Celler never intended for a soldier to be denied redress under the FTCA, for matters arising outside the scope of combat?  Remember, the enemy did not injure our Vietnam Veterans with “Agents Orange, White, Blue,” and other toxic chemicals; our own Government did. 


Thus, the issues of combat related injuries or illnesses arising from combat are not in question.


In addition to barring claims for injury or injustices arising from negligence and medical malpractice under the FTCA, the Supreme Court went a step further.  This has resulted in a long-train of human, constitutional, and systemic abuses by our military’s command, legal and medical systems.  The court held that all claims arising “incident to service” in the United States Armed Forces are barred redress under the FTCA.


If the American people were aware of the constitutional and systemic abuses by the Department Of Defense (DOD) and Department Of Justice (DOJ), would they agree that this were fair or good for our National Security and in the best interests of our country, its military and veterans?


The high court did state in its decision that if they misinterpreted Congress’ intention to "not afford service members equal protection" of the FTCA, then the Congress held the “ready remedy” to correct their decision.


{This is such classic government BS regarding Veterans and their civil and constitutional rights.  This court, in my opinion, is saying we did what we thought the congress intended all along or wanted all along.  If this not the case, the congress, has the power to remedy the courts ruling?????  What kind of BS ruling is that?  The presidents and the congress using the Supreme Court as the bad guy????????


{Let’s see, Veterans are to count on congress to fix the problem that a court allowed to happen and continue not to address the morality of such actions and the government cover-ups?  Yea right!” 


{Congress will not address this issue in over 65 years and this has allowed the DOD unfettered and immoral acts against humanity with no legal ramifications for these acts of despicable proportions against the best and most noble citizens this nation has to offer.


{In fact, this decision has now allowed the government/DOD/VA to make any decision they want with no fear of reprisals of having to pay for Veteran’s death and disability or an offspring's life long suffering of disabilities caused by their arrogance, lawlessness, and immoral acts.    


{This allowed the DOD chemical, biological, nuclear, testing in such programs as Project 112, SHAD, Edgewood Arsenal Testing, our Vietnam Veterans toxic chemicals (plural) legacy, depleted uranium in the first Gulf War and on and on.


{Just absolute classic government BS when it comes to the government/Congress/VA.  So much for the Supreme Court marquee of the Supreme Court building of “Justice for All!”  Justice for all except if you choose to wear the uniform of the United States Military.}


It is both ironic and tragic that the Feres Doctrine opinion written by Associate Justice Robert Jackson was himself previously appointed by President Harry S. Truman to be the Chief Prosecutor at the Nuremberg Tribunal.  He successfully argued and helped convict and hang Nazi henchmen for engaging in crimes against humanity and peace. 


At the onset of the Nuremberg Tribunal, Associate Justice Robert Jackson in preparation to prosecute indictments against twenty- four men and six organizations associated with the Nazi axis powers, argued the legitimacy and need for the trial stating: “the wrongs which we seek to condemn and punish have been so calculated, so malignant, and so devastating, that civilization cannot tolerate their being ignored, because it cannot survive their being repeated.”


{But boy, it’s OK for the United States Government to do the exact same thing to our nations Veterans with no legal ramifications.  Obviously, the Associate Justice’s conclusions were wrong because civilization is still with us to a point and our own Presidents/Government/DOD/VA are allowed these despicable crimes against Veterans and their children and we Veterans have no legal redress.}


So, who is to be held accountable for the crimes against humanity and our Constitution that continue to this very day due to the Feres Doctrine? 


The President of the United States, Congress, and the Federal Judiciary should be held accountable.


Without question, the Feres Doctrine has denied American service members, veterans, and their families “equal justice” under The United States Constitution.


Many federal judges, scholars, lawyers, doctors, veterans and their families argue that the Feres Doctrine is unconstitutional since it violates the “due process, equal protection and separation of powers” clauses of the Constitution. 


The most significant dissenter in modern times is sitting Supreme Court Justice Scalia as cited in the case of United States v. Johnson, (1987): 

Since the Feres Doctrine is judicial-legislation and due to the Supreme Court and Congress’ failure to “remedy” this un-American law, it is up to we American veterans and our families to demand that we be afforded “equal justice under law.”


{Research on Feres done by Mr. Jeff Truman of “Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advocacy.”}


This issue must be fought and won if Veterans and their families are to ever get any justice.  Not in pain and suffering as most courts demand for civilians; only justified and justifiable claims for death and disablement.  No veteran is asking for pain and suffering.




I will not get into the biased 50-year history of the VA with its conflict of interest.  My book documents most of that historical perspective, the insane decisions, chemical company collaborations, as well as the government/VA cover-ups and denials.


However, here are a few issues identified and need fixed ASAP before we lose even more ground with the *disability commission’s on going projects.  (* To be discussed later.)


1.      The inexcusable continual 50-year lack of performance by the VA as a federal agency and the excuses made up by Secretary after Secretary.


2.      The VA’s definition of when a claim ends.


3.      The VA’s definition of the gate required to meet - to allow the extra widows and orphans compensations (physical war wounds are totally different than toxic chemical government caused cancer war wounds).


4.      The time and requirements it takes to verify an automatically associated disorder.


5.      The unconstitutional Board of Veterans Appeals.


6.      The philosophy of the VA in it being legislative, executive, and judicial rolled into one federal agency.  The name change and game. 


1.  The inexcusable continual 50-year lack of performance by the VA as a federal agency and the excuses made up by Secretary after Secretary.


Every time a new president appoints a new Secretary of the VA or even during some, mid-term question sessions by a congressional committee; we go through the same VA sham.  The congress asks how come it takes so long to get Veterans claims through the system and get them resolved.  The answer is always the same, we are trying hard, and we promise to do better.  Yet, nothing regarding this issue of “time to process” has gotten better.  In fact, it is consistently worse.


No House Representative or Senator will ask the question of a sitting appointed political pawn of the President how he is addressing just some of these found fraudulent and corrupt issues. 


{And remember now from the topic on the Feres Doctrine above - the Supreme Court is counting on the congress to redress any wrong doing caused by their totally illogical decision.  Boy, if that is not the blind leading the blind with regard to our Veterans issues.  A court is going to count on our congress to fix what they may have screwed up in denying their number one constitutional guaranteed right of “Justice for ALL!”} 


Classic, just classic, government left hand wondering where the right hand has gotten stuck.  I could tell you where it got stuck but then I made the mistake of trusting the United States Government when it came to Veterans.


Just a Sample of issues found: 

A team of five VA auditors worked in the St. Petersburg office during the yearlong review of more than 1,000 questionable files.  Their review also took them to a VA records center in St. Louis.  Among their findings: 

{…”takes months” is just a “slight mischaracterization” of the length of time for processing so lets call it what it really is 1.5 to 2 years worth of waiting, fighting, and being treated like a third class citizen.} 

In January 1999 St. Petersburg VA claims investigator was arrested for stealing $615,451 by creating a fraudulent award in the name of her fiancé.  That man, a Persian Gulf War veteran and St. Petersburg police officer, was not charged with wrongdoing.  He forfeited a Mazda Miata, a Mitsubishi 3000 GT, and two engagement rings; a prosecutor said at the time of her conviction she had conspired with another employee, a 29-year employee, to increase her own disability compensation.  A senior claims examiner was charged with conspiracy, theft, and obstruction of agency proceedings and destruction of public records.

The American Legion’s Quality Review Team visited the St. Petersburg VA Regional Office.  While there, they were confronted with:

Management, rating board members, decision review officers, and front-line claims processors are under tremendous pressure from VA Central Office to produce the expected monthly quotas. 

At St. Petersburg, The American Legion holds power of attorney in over 1,300 remands. 

{Prospective and future Veterans might want to reread that last one.  You will wait five years in some cases for even an earned benefit decision - yes or no!  Meanwhile you will die or become disabled with no government help.


As Congressman Shays stated in 2000 -


“…I have concluded, based on our work that we have done on Gulf War illnesses, based on our review of Agent Orange, that I have to be honest with our veterans.  By the time we will know the scientific data, you are dead.  You will either have died early or you will have died in your old age in pain, but you will not get help from the Federal Government.”}


Three current and former workers for the Department of Veterans Affairs have been charged in a multimillion-dollar fraud scheme.  The three used the records of dead veterans to generate more than 200 fraudulent payments worth nearly $6 million dollars.


THE WORKERS allegedly spent most of the money on travel, homes, and cars.  However, prosecutors said one of the defendants bought a helicopter and a small submarine.


Assistant U.S. Attorney Barbara Nelan said the government had recovered only about a tenth of the illicit funds.  She called it “chump change compared to what was stolen.”


The three have cooperated with authorities and told investigators they spent most of the money on travel, homes, and cars, records show.  One defendant bought a helicopter, an Ultra light airplane, a hovercraft, and a three-person submarine.


According to the federal criminal complaint filed, one worked as a supervisor and Congressional liaison at the agency’s Atlanta regional office.


She is accused of using her security clearance to alter the records of at least 20 dead veterans with no beneficiaries, changing the status to “living.” By entering a retroactive disability claim, she allegedly generated large payments to Navy veteran and former Veterans Affairs clerk.


Authorities say they identified 246 fraudulent payments totaling $5.9 million made July 1996 and August 2001.  Two others, also former Veterans Affairs employees, allegedly opened numerous post office boxes to receive the payments.


Moreover, the list goes on and on…………an on.


{The next time the government starts talking about Veteran’s fraudulent claims it is time they looked in the mirror.  Two wrongs do not make it right but let us stop this blaming the Veterans all the time and put the blame where it really belongs.}



2.  The VA’s definition of when a claim ends.


This definition has to be one of the most present and clearly defined present day indicators of what the VA is really about and their purpose, as well as the White House/DOD/Congressional team.


That definition is:  when a Veteran dies “his claim” or “her claim” also dies, no matter how valid and no matter how long his simple claim may been in the system.


Again, this is another one of those questions you will not find our congress asking of the Secretary of the VA and even the White House as to; How this definition does not reward the government for poor and even fraudulent criminal performance.  Moreover, this poor VA performance may even be a White House/VA mandate.  Since there does seemed to be a yearly mandated budget of how many claims get approved.  With some sources reporting that no more than 4%, a year of claims shall be approved.  The VA simply becomes the denying; stalling; delaying; using whatever methods they want, criminal or not, to become the Kingpin and Controller of the “Veterans Disability Lottery.”  That is what this agency has been reduced to instead of “Serving Those Who Have Borne the Battle and His Widow and His Orphan.”


Now it should read: 


The Department of Veterans Affairs; “Serving Those in Government, Who Do Not Want to Support Those Who Have Borne the Battle and His Widow and His Orphan.”  Our role is to minimize the cost of war and DOD mistakes against humanity made by our own government and we do it well and with vigor, including taking a big piece of the money ourselves in robbing such things as the widows and orphans fund. 


In fact, recently reported by “Knight Ridder News” out of Washington, DC that is a national media outlet that will actually report facts Veterans face against our own government; One of the very few I would add of all our national outlets that will “report the truth” in these issues; reported:


WASHINGTON - A series of stories on veterans' issues by the Knight Ridder Washington Bureau was among three winners of the Philip Meyer Awards, which recognize the best use of sophisticated social science research methods and computer-assisted reporting techniques.


The series, "Discharged and Dishonored," showed how disabled veterans were being harmed by the bureaucratic inefficiencies of the Department of Veterans Affairs.  It was written by Chris Adams and Alison Young of Knight Ridder's investigative team.  The main story in the ongoing series ran in Knight Ridder papers in March 2005.


Among other things, the stories analyzed veterans' satisfaction survey data, the VA's own database of 3.4 million claims and other sources to discover that more than 13,700 veterans died waiting for their VA claims to be resolved. 


{By the way, if the VA reported that number you can bet it was two or three times that amount at the very least.}


Much of the data used by the reporters was released “only after Knight Ridder sued the VA in federal court.” 


Nothing like being at the total mercy of a real forth coming federal agency you have to take to court to even get their statistics and their actual performance record made public.  Bet that gives all Veterans and widows a warm and fuzzy feeling the government actually appreciates their sacrifice and works for them.  Bunk!


Remember in topic 1., above, they found “remanded claims” the VA sat on for at least five years and did nothing with them.  Is it any wonder Veterans are dying with their claims not approved and no financial support that might very well have saved the Veteran, instead of allowing him or her to die.


Now you can imagine the outrageous furry by the legal community if this same scenario were applied to “all case law,” including civilians.


This would mean that any company could do anything they wanted to the public and only be responsible for those that are still alive at time of discovery of this dastardly and immoral deed.  On the other hand, those that survived long enough through the courts proceedings, how ever long that would have taken, would be compensated.  Leaving a clear and defined conflict of interest to stall the courts and the court’s decisions as long as possible to reduce the damages cost to the company. 


Identical to what the VA does with their definition of when the clam is terminated and no further legal proceedings are legal.  According to the VA, I would assume the Supreme Court agrees with this concept of damages, your awarded only if you are alive no matter how egregious the immoral act committed against the citizen Veteran by your own government.


This would also lend itself to the biased history of admissions by the Federal Government in these issues of cover-ups, collaborations, and indeed conspiratorial acts by our own government in order to save money.  A pointed “lucrative conflict of interest” in not being forth coming and telling the truth.  Also well documented in my book. 


If you die during or before the court activity if finalized, you lose!  Even though the company knew, it was damaging the population at large with their products or medicines or whatever.  I would doubt even the Supreme Court would find that constitutional law but then since “it is constitutional law for Veterans” there is some doubt now in our judicial system as far as I am concerned; and especially the Supreme Court rulings in this matter.


I would say that if that did occur then you would no longer be under a constitutional republic with a democratic society but a form of “government anarchy.”  There would be no more separation of powers mandated by our constitution.  The three powers playing paddy cake with each other for power.


Sign me up for some more of this good stuff by our Federal Government and President(s) that could care less, except for photo opportunities at military bases and VSO gatherings.



3. The VA’s definition of the gate required to meet - to allow the extra widows and orphans compensations. 


Here is another definition that should have been changed at least 30 years ago.


The VA has a benefit gate assigned to certain situations.  One of these is assigned to death causation of a disability or condition ranging from eight to ten years.  If a Veteran is on service connected disability for this established disability for a length of time then the widow and any minor children receive an additional approximately $300.00 a month per individual.


This was, in essence, established and defined for “known physical disability war wounds” eventually causing death, after a certain time limit or gate, incurred in battle or a combat environment.  This of course cannot possibly apply to Toxic Chemical War Wounds or Gulf War 1 Illness associated to death.


These war or combat environment war wounds associated with Gulf War 1 Illness or our Vietnam Veterans Toxic Chemicals (plural) wounds cannot be compared to a physical “visually obvious” war or combat environment war wound.  Some of these cancers and autoimmune disorders are symptom less for decades and may only be discovered in the early stages during a routine check for something totally unrelated.


Yet, the government/congress/DOD/VA seems to think these forms of wounds are identical and should meet the same equal definitions and requirements.  Not even rational by any logical person.


The one form of wound is “instant in recognition and severity, while the other form of wound is decades in even being manifestation and then discovered in many cases too late.  With a medically established mortality survivability of only “six months to two years” or cure - this disease or disorder is as different as the preverbal apples and oranges comparison. 


So how can the Veteran who died from these totally other spectrums of wound type be mandated to meet the same VA requirements?  It is called “collaborative budget control” directed by White House after White House.


Even more obvious in this scenario is the “lack of any real government/congress/DOD/VA outreach” for over four decades to inform the Veteran and his family of the potential diseases and disorders that the Veterans should have been warned about.  Of course, this particular issue is discussed in my book in detail. 


Sign me up for some more of this good stuff by our Federal Government and President(s) that could care less, except for photo opportunities at military bases and VSO gatherings.   


4.  The time and requirements it takes to verify an automatically associated disorder.


On December 6th in Washington DC in the VAC conference room I pointed out this disparity and nonsensical performance by the VA to Congressman Boozman of Arkansas.


When asked why it took so long to get any Veterans Compensations approved and the constant delays he suggested: 

While one could argue that the congressman’s point of view is a few of the possible reasons the VA takes so long to even get to a claim response within 12 to 18 months; or as documented over a decade.  On face value those are not the only reasons; as most Veterans or family members who have dealt with this discourteous and arrogant federal agency that quite often also hands out totally wrong information to the Veteran or his widow.


Remember in topic 1., above, they discovered “remanded claims” the VA sat on for at least five years and did nothing with them.  I would think that just might have a little something to do with the time line the Congressman may not even be aware.


These excuses do not hold true for diseases and disorders that have been stalled by the government for more than 30 years and finally begrudgingly admitted to as being “automatically associated.”


These “automatically associated” issues require no complex medical decisions and only require the verification of three specific data points. 

How any one can justify that this takes 12 to 18 months is simply mind boggling and borders criminal, as the VA waits and stalls for the Veteran to die.


A single day job becomes a year to a year and half worth's of sitting on the claim.


Conflict of interest?  You bet it is!


Among Knight Ridder's other findings: 

Sign me up for some more of this good stuff by our Federal Government and President(s) that could care less, except for photo opportunities at military bases and VSO gatherings for pandering at the troughs.


The congress does not ask real questions and demand real answers.  Like how can it possibly take this long?  We go through the same government dog and pony show every time.


A senator or house representative or even a sitting president has never taken our side and asked any of the following:


Mr. Secretary, 

These are not hard questions to ask if anyone had the guts to ask them and make someone at the VA answer them.  The question is can anyone at the VA answer such legitimate questions with any reasonable answers that make any sense.  



Disability Tax Discussion


I believe it is obvious this “Veterans Disability Tax” must be done away with and forget concurrent receipt, which was just some form of placating (pandering) for votes.


Including many of you are not aware but the Disability Commission I attended in September of 05 in Silver Springs, MD one of the main questions was, had the federal government gone to far in approving and implementing the present concurrent receipt program.


Even the present program, in my opinion, is in jeopardy.  Much less the continued 10 year pro-rating and then the talked about discussion of including those less than 50% over another 10 year pro-rating.


I believe, with the history of the VA in this type of issue, there will be and already exists extreme down ward VA political pressure “not to reevaluate” a Veteran that is 40% rated to the minimum requirement of 50% to meet the requirements mandated by the concurrent receipt rules.  I know it and I think most Veterans and their family’s realize it.  This seems to be what the VA is about now, politics and mandated budget control.


How can anyone believe that over 130 years of robbing Veterans of billions of dollars of legitimate disability compensations, which are totally separate than any retirement benefit is just for the nations disabled warriors?


Even the inception and approval of the “Veterans Disability Tax” was based on the “government saving money” not some form of logical earned benefit of sacrifice.


Just as an example –


A Vietnam Era Career Veteran puts in over 20 years and decides he has had enough and wants a more stable work environment and family environment and puts out resumes for career opportunities in civilian life.  Since he is at the age of 41 years of age, he can obviously have a second career with a civilian company.  The soon to be ex-military Veteran is successful and has several lucrative civilian career offers.


He applies for his retirement since he has completed all requirements for that retirement he has nobly and maybe even valorously completed.


After a year or so into his new civilian career, he is struck down finally by some disorder associated to the toxic chemicals he fought in during his two combat tours in Vietnam.


For talking purposes, the now ex-military man was drawing $1200.00 a month already earned retirement.


He is now not only disabled due to the direct cause of the United States Government.  His second career is now over before it started.  He must take another job since he is now 40% disabled by the toxic chemical exposures.


The government, who caused the disability, now tells the Veteran he can draw a 40% VA disability but he must offset his “already earned 20 year retirement” dollar for dollar.  In other words, he can now draw $600.00 in retirement one half of what he earned by 20 years of honorable service and he can draw a 40% disability of around $600.00, which combined would equal his already earned retirement of $1200.00 dollars.  The only delta is that the $600.00 dollars a month in VA disability is now tax-free. 


Not much disability compensation for being disabled by the United States Government.


How can any sitting President, Congress, or Supreme Court call that legal or legitimate?  What it is…… is tantamount to nothing but legitimate government thievery.


Again, I do not have a dog in that fight but I still find it disgusting behavior on the part of the federal government.


Another issue brought up at the Disability Commission was, should the VA continue to give the Veterans the "Benefit of the Doubt.  My reply was well where is it given now and in what context and at what level.  


As a scientist myself,  I cannot rationalize how anyone can evaluate the impact of "doing away with something" when no one will identify what that something is, what level of impact it is, and what process implications it will have if you do away with it or even modify its application.


The answer was well they, the VA, will just tell you they give it to you.  I went ballistic to say the least.


This told me this whole Commission thing was just another VA scam or a biased legitimization process of what they, the VA, intend to do anyway with the help of congress and of course the White House.



What can we as Veterans and Veteran’s families do to fix these injustices?


If not for ourselves, then for future generations of Veterans that are unaware of their loss of their constitutional rights

when their honorable service is ended, as they become nothing but “obsolete government assets.”





First and foremost, we must put away our political ideologies and go after the “Veterans Issues.”  It makes no difference if Democrat, Republican, Independent, or the Green Polka Dot political party.  We must address the man or women politician not the party.  This is especially true in challengers.


Unfortunately, I am finding in my state of Georgia many district federal career house politicians run unopposed every year.  Out of 14 districts, it seems 10 run unopposed year after year after year including my own in Congressman John Linder.  I am assuming that many states are the same way. 


One reason is and does not relate to the money required per say but to the actual requirements of getting on the ballot.  Which it seems the Democrat and Republican parties have made that such an “enormous task” it is almost impossible without an organization and of course, some money.  This also varies state by state.  The bottom line is you have to run as a republican or a democrat.


This also leads to “no fear factor” as I discussed above.


Now in DC a California Congressman by the name of Congressman Filner told us that whatever we do in addressing issues to a congressman or senator make sure that the letter is very similar and only has different names and signatures on it.  Why?


Because this shows some form of organization and politicians hate and fear that very notion.  This becomes more concentrated at the house district levels as you can envision.  In any district, there are only so many possible votes of which of those only so many actually vote.  An incumbent or challenger gets 500 letters a week from Veterans that all say the same thing.  That not only equates to 500 votes but 500 votes from wives, and 1000 votes from children of veterans, and say another 500 votes from supporters of veterans.  This effect all of sudden becomes cumulative in total.  This would be of great concern in any contested contest.


Now one thing that really bugs me about this political BS inside 495 is these senators and house representatives only want to address their constituents.  You must have an address in that district or the state to address issues.  However, once these men and women sit on any committee, especially the Veterans Affairs Committee, then their actions are no longer state or local but National in their Effects of what they do, their behavior, and lack of actions in supporting the Veterans of the Nation.


In that regard, maybe we should concentrate at first on those members of the Veterans Affairs Committee in the House and in the Senate.


With the statements of: 


Since you are a sitting congressman and/or senator on the Veterans Affairs Committee, your direct actions and/or inactions impact over 28 million Veterans of this nation.  In addition, these same actions and/or inactions affect their wives, widows, and their children.  In that context, Veterans of this nation are asking that you address the following issues:    


Of course, the more Veterans from those states and house districts the more serious the response will be from these politicians. 


Remember one of the tricks of these politicians is to sponsor a bill that they know has no (zero) chance of passing gas much less passing in the house or senate.  In some cases, they will sponsor a bill to get the support of Veterans and their families and then do not even vote for their own bill that they in fact sponsored.  Then turn around and say, “see what I did or tried to do for the Veterans.” 


SMOKE, MIRRORS, and DECEIT are their mode of operation when it comes to the Veterans of the Nation.


We must also remind them in every letter that congress makes the laws of this nation, NOT the Veterans Administration at the behest and bias of the White House/DOD.


We must also remember that this committee is considered a B committee inside 495 so it is obvious the government’s priorities and concerns are not on the Veterans’ Issues. 


At the same time the letters go to these politicians, they must also be sent to local newspapers and the national media. 


Many of you are much more gifted than I in writing 500 word editorials to be submitted to once again your local papers, larger state papers, and national media papers. 


This e-mail media contact becomes a painless task if you go to the links below, as I will discuss.


Slide down to Elected Officials- Plug in your zip code – plug in your zip code and hit go.


That will take you to your next link with your two senators – your district House Representative – and the President.  -  Hit Write to ALL of your representatives with one click.


That will take you to a form that you can fill out with a subject and copy/paste your message in the block and then hit – SEND.




For newspaper media contacts in your state as well some of the National Papers you go back to the previous link and instead of Elected Officials click on GUIDE TO MEDIA WITH YOUR SAME ZIP CODE.


This will take you to a list of not only newspapers but also TV news, talk radio, and several magazines.


You can hit or check five at a time and send the same message to those five at a time.  Then go back and hit five more.


Now if this is going to work we need to assimilate and post the zip codes to plug in for House Reps on the Veterans Affairs Committee  (VAC) on the e-mail form as well as borrowed street addresses from some of you that live in that district.  Then at the bottom of the same letter or editorial put in your real name and the real state you live in to show national unity as well as starting the e-mail with as I posted above:


Since you are a sitting congressman and/or senator on the Veterans Affairs Committee, your direct actions and/or inactions impact over 28 million Veterans of this nation.  In addition, these same actions and/or inactions affect their wives, widows, and their children.  In that context, Veterans of this Nation are asking that you address the following issues:    


The same data will be needed for those on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.


I would be glad to write say a message or editorial about once every three days, post it, and send out notifications.  This would give everyone a chance to put the messages in and then three days later another subject matter could be addressed.  Alternatively, I would be glad to post to everyone a message or editorial written by someone else for all to send in.  As I said I am sure, some of you are more gifted than I am.


Just as obvious there are more of you that have more information on certain subjects than I: such as Edgewood Arsenal testing, SHAD, and PROJECT 112, etc.  Those also could be posted for everyone to copy/paste to send in.



Discuss and prioritize with "which effort/subject" covers the resolution of the most issues. 

Obviously, this effort cannot be about individual claims.  We must attack the White House/VA definitions, processes, and biases.  These must be in generic form.  This would include the biased processes used in studies as well as the NAS/IOM.


As an example of just one conflict of interest issue:  The bias of the definition of the White House/VA definition of when a claim ends.  This denying and stalling and the very poor performance of the VA rewards the VA but also reduces the cost of going war as well as minimizes the cost of government/White House mistakes such as toxic chemical mortality and Gulf War mortality.  Not even talking about Veterans losing everything as they become disabled while the VA takes forever to process a claim that should take a day - not decades.  This stalling also denies the Veteran his state compensations.  As some states and counties within that state have tremendous, tax saving benefits for disabled Veterans and their families. 



Plan for politicians; federal congressmen and senators as well as state politicians and governors 


As already discussed are our federal VAC officials above.  I think we should start at least with those in the senate and house Veterans Affairs Committee (VAC) while you could copy your own senators and congressman using that same MOAA form.  While it would not be directed at them, the message to the VAC would let them know you are unhappy about what he or she has let go on for decades now.


State Legislatures I think we can leave out but I do think we should copy the governors of our states since they also have a vested interest.  In addition, they have national meetings and do not forget even the future political aspirations of these governors.





Obviously, this would take me a few days to set up the names and applicable zip codes for the VAC members in the house and senate.


Just as obviously me, doing it by myself will make little impact if any although I have made some end roads on Peripheral Neuropathy and at least made them think about how illogical the VA stance is regarding the most prolific disorder found.


I can post to you all day long on issues that make us feel better about at least us knowing but it gets no action at the congressional level. 


The VAC’s charter demands accountably from the Department of Veterans Affairs especially in the benefits area and it is their job to make sure the intent of the mandates and their enacted laws are being carried out and without White House directed VA bias.


Obviously, I would like to see a show of hands of how many are willing to try this but obviously this not going to happen. 


I would like to see some e-mail and comments on what I am proposing and our links could grow as to state-by-state federal officials that do not support veterans or veteran’s issues as you respond with the answers you get in response; or you need to let me know if you do not receive a response as that also could be posted state by state to let those Veterans and Veterans families know the might want to consider voting for someone else regardless of which party affiliation since in my opinion neither of them are to write home about.


We also need to support anyone running from the Veterans Party regardless if at State Level or Federal Level.  The main issue here is they have no money in which to fight but a simple dollar per veteran could fix that.  I could also work that in on a link.


Now if this seems to be a working effort by all I would like to get e-mails from those in charge of websites and blogs.  In addition, individuals if you would put your state on the e-mail then I can record you as a contact for the state in getting zip codes and such.  Now I will not be able to respond to all the e-mails of course but I will start a link immediately of those groups and those in a certain states that will support this effort.


Anyway that is all I know to do on this subject and I am willing to try.  However, if I do all the work and the community at large does nothing such as take 15 minutes and send in the editorial or e-mail comments and then tell me what they got back if anything then it is a wasted effort.  Moreover, I only have so much effort left.


I really would like to start a letter campaign to the VAC’s such as having you not only send an e-mail but also copy/paste a letter that everyone says the same thing but the members name and signature at the bottom is different.  I figure that most have some form of printer and sending a letter, a week is only about 37 cents.


For those of you that meet regularly with other veterans not on the NET you could run copies of the letter, have them sign their name, and send it in.  Might cost more but that also would show unity - as saying the same thing.


Sending a letter, to me, means you mean business and I think most offices usually respond to a letter with a letter - addressing views and stances.


Anyway, I am open to suggestions on how or what anyone thinks or a better idea of attacking the Veterans Issues and our “rights as citizens”; not mongrels of society.


Best to all,