Veterans Die while waiting on not only Earned Health Care from VA

but also their Earned Benefits from Veterans Affairs illegal stalling and denials

See below:

“ …least 40 U.S. veterans died while waiting for appointments at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system; many of them were placed on a secret waiting list.

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The secret list was part of an elaborate scheme designed by VA managers in Phoenix who were trying to hide that 1,400 to 1,600 sick veterans were forced to wait months to see a doctor, according to a recently retired top VA doctor and several high-level sources.”


This problem of government and VA abuse of not only Veterans but Widows as well has existed for many decades now. This is certainly nothing new. The reporters must have been desperate for a story to cover this depraved treatment of our warriors. If they would report the real truth it would or might even shock the American Public but that would be a guess on my part. Just like as in the Congress I really do not think the American Public gives a damn as long as they do not have serve and then have to fight for years for “ promised earned benefits.”

Everyone knows, including Congress, that VA and its workers, with even Inspector General evidence, have been criminal in their actions against the nation’s warriors. This was reported as far back as 1987 in the NYT’s and more recently in what was called “Shredder Gate.” The result was…Congress and the House VAC and Senate VAC did nothing. No one within VA held accountable.

Everyone knows, including Congress, that VA puts out bogus numbers on their performance no different from the one above. The result is…Congress and the House VAC and Senate VAC do nothing.  Even if they catch VA red-handed in doping the numbers they do nothing.  Could this Phoenix disaster been prevented by Congress.  I think the answer is yes if they ever deemed anyone criminal with criminal actions and actually charged them.  If there was and still is no punishment for government agency wrong doing no matter who it is then what price does anyone pay for criminal behavior.  As we have seen this criminal behavior going unchecked even produces yearly bonus checks  for their despicable actions such as this latest one.

The above case in keeping two sets of numbers is just one example of how VA can manipulate and misconstrue their performance.

Recently VA put out numbers on their “National Shame” of the backlog of claims reduction. This number finally reached the heights that even the anti-veteran and biased media began to cover it as a “National Shame.” It really sounds as if they are reducing the backlog. However these numbers mean nothing as to actual receipt of earned benefits by the Veteran/Widow denied illegally by using government collusion by this and past Secretaries of VA. This only means that 1) many claims were denied using government fraud   2) the claims for service connection, temporarily denied by VA, have been passed on up the line to the Veterans Board of Appeals (VBA) for another two or three year or longer wait for “earned benefits.” The result will be…Congress and the House VAC and Senate VAC will do nothing.

A few years back two reporters from Knight Ridder News sued the VA in court for the numbers of Veterans dying while waiting on “Earned Benefits.” The numbers given up by even the knowingly deceptive VA was staggering. It was probably a much larger number if that is what they actually admitted. As I recall in the thousands. The two reporters were awarded some kind of award for this story. Yet, the story actually went no where in the main stream media. Just after that Knight Ridder was bought out by a rival news agency as I recall. Now that might not be out of the ordinary but when I went back to the archives to pull out the story again… it had been taken out of the archives for "some unknown reason." The two together would make one wonder if there was actual government involvement.

Everyone knows that myself and others like me have put forward sound legal recommendations to stop this VA abuse and reduce the backlog almost immediately by the 100’s of thousands.  Without going to the VBA for another number of years of fighting and government delays and waiting for their earned benefits. However, no one in Congress is really interested in the welfare of Veterans and the abuse by the system they themselves setup. Worse than the Bureau of Indian Affairs and we know from history how corrupt they and the government were even back then.

We know as fact that VBA judges and staff try the exact same case over and over and over again with the only difference is the docket number.  Just more and more fat cat government jobs to do the same thing over and over and over.  How they do this is just mindboggling with any kind of mind at all.  I certainly could not do this and would have recommended changes long ago regarding productivity increase issues.  That would have been in the civilian world and would have been expected.  Not government workers that no matter what they do may not be charged or so it seems.  Congress stands by and just lets this VBA travesty go on and on and on.  If one case is found positive then according to the rules established by Congress then all such cases should be approved and approved immediately back to VA.  VA should no longer challenge these cases after that.

Then we recently have some pinhead left wing liberal at the left wing school of journalism at Northwestern University comparing Vietnam Veterans as some form of nut cases in a murder using a sample of one Vietnam Veteran. A sample of one in 2.7 million that served in Vietnam. Jesus folks how this crap gets published is just mind boggling. You would need a massive computer to even establish any kind of statistical anomaly to this pile of male cow dung.

If all we need was a sample of one in 2.7 million for our presumptive disorders we would already have the 38 major disorders plus sub-tier disorders and symptoms that comes with those issues that should be automatic on our list and not the very miniscule amount we have at present.

For the Veteran even an identified legitimate 300 hundred percent increase found to a significant statistical increases at 95% confidence interval by a treating hospital means nothing to the media; and of course the caring Congress and its total facade.. Still denied by VA and the Congressional setup form of denial.  Congress will give you the system in order to stall, delay, and deny but for heavens sakes do not blame them.

Recently we had a report that Veterans interviewed were basically satisfied with their VA medical care. Does anyone really believe that a Veteran, knowing how vindictive VA can be in not only medical care but their benefits as well, is actually going to speak out anything negative regarding VA medical care. If you believe that then you were not around for the two Diane Sawyer broadcast media reports. When even the wives told Ms. Sawyer their husbands begged them not to say anything negative because VA would make it worse on them.  How is that for World Class Medical Care Senator Sanders?  Afraid to speak out for fear of government retaliation.

Now on this latest uncovering which is probably more widespread than just the Phoenix VA just as it was in “Shredder Gate.” You will hear Senate members and House Members screaming for an investigation and all of that and how despicable this treatment. Remember this is after all a mid-term election year. You must also take this outrage with a grain of salt. Trust me this is all an elected official façade.

You will also hear our VSO’s up in outrage. This also is a façade. They will do in actuality nothing just like they have in our other issues even with known facts of abuse.

Senator Sanders SVAC will do nothing meaningful, except act outraged and maybe show a blood vessel or two on his forehead. He has not done anything since he was a Congressman and I know he knows what I know; so why would he start now? If not associated to his socialistic agenda it really means nothing to this elected official.

Most of you know the government collusion information I have put out with documentation over the years.  One of those happen to be the testimony of the Ranch Hand scientists themselves back in 2000. At that hearing Sanders was present. He heard the testimony of scientists concluding many issues of scientific misconduct and even White House interference. What is more important is that one of the original lead scientists concluded under oath that Veterans were "not being given a fair assessment of their health status" in many issues created by this government. Many of them still denied by VA using the “Veterans Only System” set up by Congress. Yes, they can say what they want this whole despicable VA system was set up to deny the AO issues by Congress and the late Congressman Specter. His words were, well if it does not work we can change it. It hasn’t worked and is not working. Apparently no one in Congress has guts enough to change it to some realistic form of constitutional law were there is punishment for the guilty. Before he died Specter as a Senator tried to take the asbestos issues out of the constitutional courts and put it under the Executive Branch Law just like the AO issues and other similar Veteran Era Issues.  I am sure with the compliments of campaign money from the Asbestos Companies. Then those victims would be stalled, delayed, denied by an Executive Branch appointee with appeals to some level and right down the line just like our issues taking years to settle.

When I went up to fight this set up system Congressman Buyer was still in office.  In that meeting the VA representatives concluded somehow, I cannot imagine how, that I did not like this system that required the highest form of integrity when there was none.  One of them asked me point blank, "you do not like this system do you."  I said no I do not. What is there to like?  His response was that this is what the VSO's wanted and campaigned.  I just recanted; if this is what the VSO's wanted then this is what VA wanted and by default what the government wanted - no one in their right mind would sign up for this.  I fought hard and had them going to the point they were mad as hell.  When it was over I had two lobby folks come up and shake my hand and say; we have not seen anyone put up a fight like you did.  However, it did us no good obviously.   It was more or less a dog and pony show put on by Buyer.

Just one example of what I found in this bogus government interfered with gold standard male Veterans only study.  This should let the reader know exactly how corrupt this whole issue was and still is.

Example:  The Ranch Hand birth defects report that was published was published in Helsinki, Finland.  If you wanted a copy of this so-called government gold standard study and actually happen to know about it you had to, get this now, write to the Health Institute of Finland and request a copy in some weird no one could open software.  Does this sound like the United States Government was the least bit honest and open and actually wanted anyone to find and read this report??????  While I am sure it was minimized to the hilt after reading the testimony of the actual scientists that covered that issue in the transcripts of 2000.  And yes; Sanders heard this as well.

The birth defects issue for paternal exposures has been minimized to the point of lunacy. Yes, Congress heard testimony regarding this issue as well by the main scientists.  There should be at least 18 major birth defects including birth defect syndromes not the single outcome we have today.  The issues of epigenetic birth defects has not even been mentioned yet by VA or Congress.  This is where the Veterans DNA is scrambled by dioxins but may or may not appear healthy and pass on birth defects that some scientists have stated they suspect at least four to five generations may be affected; to include it may even skip a generation.    

Oh by the way it took the study eight years after it was finished to release this study over in Finland.  Eight years - holy batman the entire war lasted 10 years.

Now even if the VA were an honest agency (cough cough) and the doctors that worked for VA were actually told this valuable life saving information on the government QT or at the very least delaying disability; and the doctors were allowed to treat as they should; not as directed by a VA administrative memo then that would a gold star for some anyway. The greatest majority of Veterans do not go to VA health care if they have any other form of insurance or financial resources. With the above article…one no longer has to wonder why.

If I have information that can prevent or delay death or disability, as the scientists testified to under oath, and then do not give this information on health status out not only to the Veteran but their treating physicians as well; then is this not as similar as to stalling to the point of death waiting for an appointment. Since this denial of information effected millions and while horrible the above it only effected 40 or so.  The denial of health information effects hundreds of thousands which would also be additive to the number of widows created and still denied; I ask you the reader is not this same issue as the Phoenix issue only multiplied by 10,000 times?  The end result is the same whether you do not treat due to stalling or deny information that allow you treatment.

Oh by the way, this government information void on particularly dioxins in order to deny Veterans also effects our civilian population as well.  Just because you did not serve in the military do not think these chemicals in Agent Orange, Super Agent Orange, Agent White, Agent Blue, Agent Pink, Agent Purple, and Agent Green, etc do not effect you as well.  Not all these increases in medical issues in our population (lipid issues, heart disease, stroke, diabetes type II, cancers, etc) is a "direct" result of eating McDonald's French fries! 

Just look at the massive increase in Autism in our children.  And while there are several chemicals listed as associated to Autism and Learning Disorders -  Organochlorines is one of these and guess what dioxins are.  Yep, you guessed it Organochlorines.  These are not easily expelled from the body, they are not biodegradable, and they are not water soluble.  Anyone remember DDT or Chlordane 74?

Studies are starting to come forth that demonstrate an increase in Autism is suspect in associations to these toxic chemicals which includes dioxins. 

Now I am in no way suggesting that the generic population is exposed to the toxicity levels that the Vietnam Era Veterans were exposed nor would the general population be exposed to the unprecedented massive dose rates the Vietnam Era Veterans were exposed, nor the multiple different toxic chemicals creating a synergy effect.  The problem is that science cannot effectively establish what is a level that would be safe for the general population.  In fact, in talking to one of our leading experts it was commented to me that we may not be able to measure that low to ensure a safe level over life since everyone has different genetics and different environments.

While Phoenix is horrible it should be easily conclude that Congress has acted inappropriately for decades now and they themselves have allowed our Veterans of many Era’s to die or become disabled with no "service connection."  Much of it from direct government causation not physical war wounds. They, our Congress, by not acting even to testified data and facts have themselves created and are "directly responsible" for death and disability; no different from Phoenix.  Although had Congress acted decades ago to put these VA criminals in prison and show them that "VA crime does not pay salary bonuses" these men may indeed still be alive; as well as thousands of others.

Let me give the reader a sample of what your and my Congress knew and still knows....and did nothing.

The official Congressional Transcripts are quite clear.

Study scientists testified to and gave examples:

  • Protocol violations were numerous 
  • White House Interference all the way up to at least the Surgeon General was mentioned
  • Scientific study conclusions were being changed by the Air Force...after the study scientific conclusions had been cleared for publication and accepted in open literature
  • After the development of dioxin TCDD *blood serum equivalents was established the entire study became nothing but a search for the single compound affects of dioxin, TCDD and not as the original protocols were set up as the Toxic Chemical Experience of many toxic chemicals.

* This blood serum equivalent establishment of what we know now in half-life in current testing is also in question as to whether this was fabricated back then and not factual.

  • Scientists testified that with the many different compounds in the exposures there was no way to ferret out what caused what or what combination of chemicals created what outcomes.   That we may never know!
  • The study had very little integrity
  • Command Influence was being used which in effect as stated by the scientists is "scientific misconduct"
  • Command Influence directly altered report content which by default denied the Veterans a fair assessment of their health status
  • The lack of Veteran Representation, mandated by Congress, also denied the Veterans a fair assessment of their health status
  • Scientists testified to the fact that Veterans were not being given a fair assessment of their health status and were of great concern in birth defects, cancers, heart disease, vascular disease, neurological aliments, endocrine disturbances, hematological difficulties, etc.
  • Protocol violations were quite serious
  • It was brought out that dioxin TCDD by itself was 100,000 times more potent than thalidomide - the birth defect creating drug of the 1950's and 1960's
  • It was brought out that the soldiers were exposed in many different ways and different levels (chronic and acute) and many different toxic chemicals (15) through ingestion of food, swimming in the water, drinking the water, skin contact, breathing, etc.
  • It was brought out that the word was that VA Offices were dragging their feet in response and continually asking for redundant and spurious information - (nothing new here as it still is on going)
  • It was brought out that VA had approved only 7,500 Veterans as of 2000 for AO associated disorders.  7,500 out of 2.7 million that served on the ground - some of the approved had 0% disability ratings - like the war had ended in 1999 not more than two decades prior!
  • It was brought out that peer reviews were taking seven years...(Seven years while Veterans died or became disabled with no service connection)
  • It was brought out that when Congress transferred this study to the FDA they provided no funding for at least three years.  Nice touch for our Congress since the protocol for this Committee was to meet every six months- three more years goes by while Veterans died or became disabled with no "service connection" because of what I would call miniscule funding in the context of what is given away for free with no impacts
  • Called the world's greatest scientific epidemiological study*
  • It was brought out that in 2000 it was found that the level of toxicity in fish, fowl, and beef was at least 65 part per trillion in Vietnam.  It was still in the soil and breast milk exceeded any known standard.

I will comment on this world's greatest scientific epidemiological study statement in full. 

*After I read the protocols for this study and what was actually on-going I surmised four issues that a first year engineering student could ascertain as fatally flawed assumptions

1. The comparison cohort was questionable at best if they were indeed non-exposed.

2. The cutoff toxicity in parts per trillion for dioxin TCDD creating no harm was nothing but a damn guess and the study was supposed to be about the 15 different toxic chemicals plus Dapsone and not purely TCDD anyway.

3.  I also questioned whether the TCDD blood analysis or even tissue analysis was indeed anything that could be concluded as generic in general given the different forms and types of exposures.   The amount of TCDD in the blood versus tissue or remaining in the liver is directly related to the liver function and how the chemical is ingested and acute versus chronic exposures and how many times.  One exposure can mean one thing but the next would be something else in outcomes.

4. Dioxins have no easy access for body explosion and remain in the body over life only reducing in half-life toxicity per year.  Even this stated value per year reduction in half life rate with what we now know from testing in Vietnam itself seems to be over estimated.  Therefore, any exposures to other toxic chemicals, especially while in tour in Vietnam, must be considered as simultaneous toxic chemical exposures.  Then brings into play a known and scientific fact of what is called synergy effect or amplification factor of generated medical outcomes.  One outcome and one outcome no longer equal two outcomes but an exponential number of outcomes.  Therefore, using a single dioxin compound exposure study in order to deny our presumptive disorders is as bogus as this entire process has been.   

I called the IOM way back then who is supposed to be independent, I say supposed to be, and informed them of these concerns.  I was told everything was on the up and up.  Of course I about fell over but when the government is in control; science will say anything.

IOM does no real testing they just review studies and come up with some "associations" or "no associations."  My contention to them and our Congress so they know as well, as how IOM can compare any study that comes close to what our Veterans went through - when none exists.  Would you the reader like to have your toxic chemical experience and medical maladies determined with what I have described and then some so-called honest scientist review a study where there was some low level exposure of TCDD alone in some factory where the workers went home every night to nice clean toxic chemical free environment in their food and water and bathing.  Is this an honest comparison in order to deny your medical claim with say a pharmaceutical company?  I ask you the reader.

Regarding (1) above - finally years, over a decade, after me pointing out the flaw in assumptions in (1) even the 12 year lead scientist Dr. Michalek and another leading committee scientist and cancer researcher Dr. Trewyn agreed that this cohort assumption business was a fatal flaw.  I was vindicated but once again it did us no good. See media reports below link:

While this never made it into main stream totally biased media of course, as so many of our issues did not, some of the local papers did cover their statements. 

The so-called world's greatest scientific epidemiological study refused to publish these cancer findings and Dr. Michalek was told by the Air Force to destroy the data.  Folks how about that for an honest government study for government damaged Veterans, their government created widows, and their government created damaged off-spring.  And oh by the way folks for a government funded study to not publish scientific findings that change the outcomes of that study is against the law.  But I guess according to Congress it does not apply to Veterans.  You tell me if the Government was honest or not???

  • In this meeting the IOM committee chairman refused to answer questions as to the certainty of these issues and if anyone could be certain of any associations.  He even refused to even proffer an opinion as to what level with the VA standing over his head.  Dr. Butler would not even answer a "yes" or "no" question.  (Independent reviewers and for all practical purposes our jury- I think not so much independent as they would like us to think)
  • In this meeting it was brought up regarding one of my pet peeves is the lack of government outreach.  VA said they put out a bulletin for those that have signed up and let the VSO's know what was approved every two years....well it came out that effort did not reach most of the Vietnam Veterans and in fact was indicated that 25 million Veterans had nothing to do with VA or VSO's; much less the Widows not included in that number.

Of course you know why the data as suggested in the testimony was not put out. It was not published because of not finding it or statistically associating it. It was so those issues would not end up on the presumptive list that VA must approve. Now VA and IOM can just pick and choose what they want based on government scientific fraud. In fact based on data found that the government refuses to publish.

Here are some more data points that my and your Congress, our elected officials, is well aware of and still did nothing to stop it.  As I put forth they are just as responsible for death and disability created that could have been prevented as the Phoenix issues.

Their own Congressional report in HR 101-672 found the White House had interfered with the Center for Disease Control Studies “Charges of a White House cover-up have been substantiated by report, HR 101- 672, from the House Government Operations Committee.  That report, released August 9, 1990, charges that officials in the Reagan administration purposely "controlled and obstructed" a federal Agent Orange study in 1987 because it did not want to admit government liability in cases involving the toxic herbicides.”  (HR 101-672 “The Agent Orange cover-up: a case of flawed science and political manipulation.”)

D. “The White House compromised the independence of the CDC and undermined the study by controlling crucial decisions and guiding the course of research at the same time IT HAD SECRETLY TAKEN A LEGAL POSITION TO RESIST DEMANDS TO COMPENSATE VICTIMS OF AGENT ORANGE EXPOSURE…”

E. “The Federal Government has suppressed or minimized findings of ill health effects among Vietnam Veterans that could be linked to Agent Orange Exposure…”

Folks the above is their own findings not mine.

They also knew and of course still know that as pro bono assistant to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs Admiral Zumwalt found:

1. a memo had been put out by the Reagan/Bush White House for all federal agencies in essence not to find Veterans medical issues associated to the chemicals for two reasons a) the cost of supporting the Veterans and b) the costs that would be incurred by the chemical companies

2. in his research he found  ---- "Unfortunately, political interference in government sponsored studies associated with Agent orange has been the norm, not the exception. In fact, there appears to have been a systematic effort to suppress critical data or alter results to meet preconceived notions of what alleged scientific studies were meant to find. As recently as March 9, 1990 Senator Daschle disclosed compelling evidence of additional political interference in the Air Force Ranch Hand study, a separate government sponsored study meant to examine the correlation between exposure to Agent Orange and harmful health effects among Air Force veterans who participated in Agent Orange spraying."

Even more Congress knew:

  • that EPA valid dioxin studies in direct contradiction to the chemical company assertions  were being shelved and not released as far back as 1979
  • an EPA scientist that demanded EPA enforcement do something after identifying fraudulent chemical company studies in effect lost her job and had to get a lawyer to get her job back - however EPA gave her a meaningless job as punishment

These false fraudulent chemical company studies were used by VA early on as some kind of proof no single person, not one, had ever been harmed by these most potent and carcinogenic of all manmade toxic chemicals.  In fact VA's original direction was to distance all issue from associations and using these proven fraudulent studies as some form of proof.  Agent Orange was good for you like Orange Juice.  Yet, when these studies were actually proven bogus the outcry from VA was not even a whisper.

And there is much much more but I think the reader gets the picture of what can be called nothing but government collusion.

I for one, and maybe others have different ideas, thought that our Congress in the scheme of the three government powers was so that no single power could create tyranny.  I always considered our Congress was to protect any citizen or any segment of that citizenry from Executive Branch Tyranny.

Given the history and just the information I have provided I would concluded that Veterans are indeed a segment of that citizenry and that Congress has failed to prevent Executive Branch tyranny and abuse.  To included they have aided and assisted the Executive Branch in that tyranny.

If you know and remain silent in issues creating death and disability that might be treated and prevented or at least delayed and do nothing about it when you have that power to do so that affects millions... are you...


_______Not Guilty

Is this not the same as saying what Congressman Miller is saying below.  Yes, we need to hold someone accountable.

Where do you even start...our Presidents over the years and their decisions not to support Veterans/Widows because of costs, the VA and its totally biased Secretaries and biased anti-veteran staff; or do we hold those elected officials that are supposed to protect their constituents from government collusion, conspiracy, fraud and attempt to defraud service connections and earned benefits for service to the nation?  Services that many in the nation would not perform.

Sanders and others in Congress heard this testimony and of course their action was to do nothing for the Veterans and created Widows even with all this testimony of nothing but VA and Ranch Hand devious and scientific fraudulent actions and conclusions.

So no, Sanders and the entire SVAC will do nothing once again but act outraged regarding this issue or any other issue.

Of course the entire Congress as I have documented in the past will do nothing as well.

Congressman Jeff Miller will do as he has done since taking over the HVAC and that will be as Senator Sanders and nothing will be done.

His statements on the Phoenix issue as follows:

“If proven true, these charges will only add to the growing pattern of preventable veteran deaths and patient safety incidents at VA medical centers across the country that are united by one common theme: VA’s extreme reluctance to hold its employees and executives accountable. In fact, if you look at recent VA preventable deaths linked to mismanagement – in Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Columbia, S.C., Augusta, Ga., and Memphis, Tenn. – department executives who presided over mismanagement are more likely to have received a bonus or glowing performance review than any sort of punishment. It's well past time for VA leaders at all levels to heed the alarms many in the veterans community have been sounding for more than a year. That means holding employees accountable - instead of rewarding them - for mismanagement that harms veterans and being honest with Congress and the public about the department's problems. This is the only way VA can regain the trust of the veterans it is charged with serving and bring some much-needed closure to the families of those who have died.”

These folks as you can see from previous issues even recanted by Miller, or which nothing was done, are nothing but hollow words. Nothing was done then and nothing will be done now.

Does anyone really believe that the VA system is not associated to the massive numbers of suicides by our Veterans daily? This system can be as damaging physically and mentally as any war wound.

“The only way VA can regain trust”, who really gives a damn about the despicable VA and its appointed Executive Branch Secretaries and their reputation, is for Congress to act and mandate by law issues that Veterans and Widows will receive. VA then becomes nothing but a clearing house like our wonderful welfare programs or as they say now somehow "Entitlement Programs." Even then Congress would have to watch them like a hawk spying a field mouse at two feet.

You cannot have this system set up by the Congress for set aside Veterans Only “Executive Branch Law“, with an appointed Executive Branch Secretary, and then have no integrity in the system or even when proven criminal... no punishment for the guilty and call it justice.  The Defendant for millions of Veterans and Widows in their issues is the United States Government and VA represents the Defendant. Nice neat way to deny, stall, and delay plaintiff earned benefits and even treatment as in the above story without constitutional law intervention or even prosecution of the proven guilty in criminal actions against the Veteran or Widow.

No, this new revelation is just fly droppings in the pepper of what VA has gotten away with in so many areas over the decades. As well as other Executive Branch Federal Agencies to include the CDC and EPA and the totally biased IOM when it comes to Veterans Issues created by the United States Government in death and disability.

Our United States Congress has allowed this to happen, some even supporting it. I conclude as well as other Veterans and Widows; Congress by the lack of actions is just as guilty in creating death and disability in our Veterans from government causations.

Once upon a time long ago free government health care was reserved for only the Veteran that served his or her country; when others would not.  Today of course this is totally obsolete with all the medical entitlements for doing nothing for the government.  I am still in amazement in the differences and the why of the differences except for government cruelty.

Entitlement Medical Care -

  • Go two blocks from your house to the doctor or hospital
  • Hospital is certified to state and legal standards and must conform to those standards 
  • Doctors are actually licensed to practice medicine in that state
  • Depending on hospital no one is practicing on patients or learning on patients
  • No waiting list or even as above a secondary waiting list before you get on the actual valid waiting list
  • No administrative memos telling the doctor to change a diagnosis or to start diagnosing with this so it is not service connected immediately and cheaper and VA can fight it
  • Normally no time limit on office visits within reason

I doubt there is any civilian or entitlement person in the United States legal or even illegal that is waiting seven months or longer for an appointment but Obama Care is not in full swing yet so that might come to fruition as it has similarly in Canada.

Budget is rolled into the national debt with no separate voting on yearly budget for free medical for citizen and non-citizen alike care or basically free medical care

VA Health Care -

  • Doctors do not have to be licensed to practice medicine in that state
  • VA hospitals, as we have seen, when they do not comply with even common sense medical standards there is no ramification except of course for the patient
  • Most VA hospitals are teaching hospitals were they practice on Veterans
  • Veterans already disabled, not like their civilian counterpart that also receive free medical care, drive many miles for an appointment in all kinds of weather and traffic conditions or even require an overnight stay at a motel
  • Veterans with an emergency can go to the nearest hospital but just try and get VA to cover it (you will lose everything before VA pays if they do at all)  Yet as we have seen published; illegal's with over a million dollar hospital bill do not even receive a single notice.
  • Fifteen minute or thirty minute sessions only

Maybe someone can tell me where this advantage for earned health care is actually other than budget control to be voted on yearly.

Would it not make more sense to qualify the Veteran using some process like social security and give them a card that they have earned by service free or almost free medical care anywhere and with any doctor and at any hospital or specialty doctor that works for them.  They also can travel two blocks or two miles instead of 43 miles to see a doctor or hospital or set up tests or whatever.

Does VA medical care for the actually very few still make sense other than yearly budget control to spread out the cost of war per year?

Do you keep an entire federal agency going for the very few that earned it when the much larger masses get the better benefit for doing nothing?

One thing is clear after reading the Phoenix issues and even the statements by Congressman Miller on the other issues - these would never have happen if these Veterans could have gone elsewhere.  At least elsewhere someone would be held accountable and some of these men with immediate treatment might still be alive.

Just thoughts to ponder as there has got to be a better way than what we have now with the obvious unchecked criminal element within VA itself.

While I am stealing someone else’s work, tongue in cheek, and thunder that I will not mention names and adding my own summary:

Congress lead by Sanders and Miller will establish a new edict to solve this VA problem and I am sure supported by the less than honorable Kagen and others like him. {No Kagen I have not forgotten how you lied to me in your bogus re-election all cancer bill and the Veterans suffering and no longer here from many forms of cancer that bill would have been covered - still denied by VA.  (For those that do not know, as I was naive when it comes to government truth and the lies and games a Congressman will play,...Congressman Kagen and his staff played me like a two dollar hooker.)}

In order to alleviate the influx of new Veterans and to serve our Veterans in a timely manner since VA cannot, Veterans can travel to the nearest airport. There, you will receive an immediate X-Ray, full body scan, genital palpation and foot exam.

If you are a female veteran you will have access to a free breast exam.

Mention you voted for Sanders, Miller, Kagen, Schumer, Murray, Waxman, Kerry when he was in office (I solved the AO problems), Durbin, McCain, Feinstein (all Veterans are nuts), Boxer, Pelosi, Bachman (lets offset everything the Veterans worked for and earned); and the I fear no reprisals for slander or lying about anything  since I am the chief propaganda minister for the senate and this president the despicable Harry Reid and you will receive immediate prostate and rectal exam along with a "Congressional Complimentary Colonoscopy."  I know you already felt like you have had that done with just one visit to VA.  This one will be different as they have been directed to use a smaller grain of sand as a lubricant.  Do not worry about the cleanliness or sanitation of the colonoscopy scopes…Hell VA never did…look at their previous history!  And of course this free colonoscopy will feel much better than you had with the larger lubricant sand when you applied for VA Benefits and got stump broke.

In two weeks have your self checked for HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis…just in case!

Congress does investigate issues by having hearing after hearing in the senate and house but only on party political biased issues.  Like where the tax status of some group is at stake.  Not hardly the same when they are as guilty as the VA in creating death and disability by not demanding the facts and truth on Veterans and Widows Issues and then acting.

I will in fact pass on a job well done to one of the Florida VA centers... I wish I knew who did it.  This in reference to an ALS created widow who did not know about the issue for years and that she was covered under this government causation; which is another Congressional fault.  The lack of outreach on issues that are approved over years is just dismal and another shame of this nation.  She submitted her claim and within about six to seven weeks was approved with a check in the bank.  That is the way it is supposed to work but this seems to be the exception and not the rule.  Of course the only evidence needed was a death certificate and a marriage certificate... not much they can deny on that.  Although with one of my widows they tried to say the death certificate was wrong and she was denied. Now how someone with in VA can determine a legal death certificate is wrong is beyond my pay grade.  I thought that was a legal document that could only be circumvented or changed in a court of real law; not VA law.  They eventually capitulated but they sure as hell tried to override a certified legal death certificate and deny her!

Closing notes for those readers who are not knowledgeable in the treatment of Active as well as Discharged Veterans.

You can see from the above and the latest Phoenix disaster that much improvement needs to be done in the treatment of our Veterans and the accountability of the United States Government; especially the Congress.

How many of you know that up until a few years ago it was OK for the Secretary of Defense to authorize biological/chemical warfare (BCW) testing on our military?  Thank heavens for Senator Olympia Snow who introduced a bill that banned all such testing on our warriors.  I assume it passed but that is an assumption.  Granted there were many protocols established for this testing that were mandated to be followed.  One of which was in any negative outcomes discovered  the Veterans were supposed to be notified.

Opps! - Project 112/Shad BCW testing comes to the forefront.  The denials start of course.  Then finally admittance takes place but there are no records of the Veterans that were in the BCW testing and on and on.

Another fault of Congress is who do they really trust.  You have Veterans from different areas of the country, not related, do not even know each other but all of them served in a certain geographical area or were in this inhuman testing issues and all recant the same thing.  Congress then believes the DOD and other government representatives rather than the Veterans.  It eventually comes out after decades of government lies, delays, and denials the Veterans were indeed telling the truth.

Let's face it you have seen these government folks on CSPAN under oath in testimony.  How many times do they say I do not recall who was there, I do not recall what was discussed, I do not recall who called the meeting, we have no record of that, and on and on.  I would suggest they either have the IQ of an earthworm and should be on disability,  have had a stroke and should be on disability, or have Alzheimer's and once again should be on disability.

This Phoenix tragedy and what I have covered though massive is still just a tip of the preverbal iceberg in what has gone on from day one against our warriors.

Mustard Gas and Engineered Bio-toxin Testing, Nuclear Testing, LSD Testing, Project 112/SHAD BCW Testing, Vietnam Herbicide/Pesticide Issues, Gulf War Syndrome Issues, etc, now the latest from the Burning Pit Issues.

Let me give you one more example of this travesty in treatment of our warriors.

On 2 December 1943 during World War II the Germans bombed an Italian Port/Harbor.  One of the American cargo ships in port was carrying Mustard Gas and was hit; the reasons for the gas are unknown to me.  To save face the British and American governments decided to cover this up rather than let the German propaganda machine have a field day with this fact.  This mustard gas added to the death rate as well as the wounded as well as treating corpsman, nurses, and doctors.  Now this was in 1943 and as you know the war was over in 1945 with the total devastation of Germany.

Now comes Secretary Jim Nicholson from 2005 to 2007 as Veterans Affairs head.  I believe it was in 2006 or 2007 finally he put out a directive that VA was looking for WW2 Veterans that were exposed to Mustard Gas in order to service connect them and compensate them.  Now giving them the benefit of doubt and figuring the war was over in 1945 so there was no longer a need for the cover up it took 61 years to admit these Veterans deserved their earned benefits. 

Now how many does anyone realistically believe were even still alive?  Now that is a caring government! NOT!

And that is the way it really was over seven decades ago or longer in many Veterans Era Issues and continues to this day!

If any real concerned Congressperson or real concerned Senator wants to debate these issues and our recommendations to fix this on-going "National Tragedy" just let me know when and where. I and several others that know and have done the work will be more than glad to accommodate you.

Just remember: We are afraid to make changes because that's the way we have always done it... is the very poorest excuse ever uttered for not making POSITIVE CHANGES FOR THE BETTER!

With what we know, with evidence over the last 70 years of just Government abuse after abuse of Veterans and Widows, given any financial opportunity elsewhere…....Why in the world would anyone serve in the military for "earned benefits" and then have to fight for years to obtain those "earned benefits"...when the government gives so much to others, including our enemies, for doing nothing!