Another Veteran Asks WHY?



I served in the Army from 67 to 70, In Korea from 68 to 69.


I know this is the time for change in this country.  And with out the vets taking care of other vets, there will be no more vet's because no one will want to sign up just to get the shaft like we did.


I found out they hit us with Agent orange about five years ago. Now I have come down with Peripheral Neuropathy.


My Doctor's have no clue how or why I came down with it, so I looked up A.O. and sure enough that was one of the illness's listed. But VA said that because I was not treated for it with in the first year of discharge I can not get any help  even though they sent me for testing at the VA in Detroit and they confirmed I was in contact with agent orange.


Yet, if I come down with diabetes Type II after 30yrs I will be covered. Why?


Yes, it is time for change, for VA and the country before it becomes a dictatorship.


I am on SSD and can not do to much but I can maybe help in other ways.



The why for this veteran is simple:  Presidential, Congressional, and VA corruption against the nations finest: it's obsolete government assets; the Veterans.


This time thing for neuropathy and the other three associated disorders that met this VA fate is so bogus it stinks to high heavens.


Regarding polyneuropathy and how it applies directly to service in Vietnam and/or toxins (outside of diabetes involvement)


Ranch Hand transcripts show the following:




October 14-15, 1999

Park lawn Building, Conference Room K

Rockville, Maryland




Chapter 11 - Neurology.  The reviewers of this chapter are Drs. Favata and Shockley; Dr. Michalek made the presentation.  In it, he summarized findings that appeared statistically significant.  He discussed an increase in inflammatory diseases, but said that result had little real statistical meaning.  He said the data showed a significant increase in the index of polyneuropathy when comparing moderate versus mild or none on all Ranch Handers and in the high category and against current dioxin.  Another run through the data showed it “correlated significantly” with dioxin.



Chapter 19 - Conclusions.  Dr. Michalek presented a slide listing findings throughout the report: a significant number of Ranch Handers with increased dioxin; continued relation between body fat and dioxin and serum lipids and dioxin; and increased liver enzymes; platelets increased consistently across study cycles, including this one; consistent relations with diabetes, and a new finding in cardiovascular on the ECGs, evidence of prior heart attack, and “a new finding in neurology of confirmed polyneuropathy.”




October 19-20, 2000

Hilton Palacio Del Rio

San Antonio, Texas



III. Study observations to date – Air Force Report (Dr. Joel Michalek)

    • A significant adverse relation between reported health and dioxin body burden, and an increased risk of reporting fair-to-poor health in the high dioxin-exposed category

    • No significant relationship between any measure of exposure and cancer

    • A "significant and adverse relationship" between peripheral neuropathy and dioxin body burden

    • A significant and adverse relationship between reduced short term memory loss and dioxin body burden

    • A consistent and adverse relationship between certain liver enzymes such as GGT and dioxin body burden

    • No evidence of a relationship between liver disease and dioxin body burden

    • An overall 25 percent increase in cardiovascular disease in the Ranch Hand group

    • Average platelet count and average mean corpuscular increased with dioxin body burden

    • An adverse relation between diabetes and dioxin

    • No detectable adverse relation between any measure of exposure and immune function

    • An adverse relation between dioxin body burden and mild bronchial obstruction in Ranch Hand officers

    • No dermatological evidence of chloracne

    • No relationship between any measure of exposure and impairment of renal function


These are just some samples of what our governments own study show in polyneuropathy versus dioxin.


I could not find many of them as for some reason they are not subject to the freedom of information act.  One can wonder why with just these few that I did find. 


In addition to our own government studies above, the following was found in the Korean Agent Orange Impact study of 2002 that was accepted in May of 2003, that not only backs up the findings of our government’s own study of polyneuropathy, but also found many issues that the Ranch Hand study has found and “not reported” in cardiovascular issues, blood disorders, cell function issues (including mitogen response and heme production), among many others, etc.


From that report:


“Abstract:  In order to determine whether Agent Orange exposure was associated with increased frequency of medical problems we conducted a cross-sectional epidemiologic study of Korean Veterans during 1995 – 1996.  Exposure to Agent Orange was assessed by structural in-depth interview on the participants’ history of service n Vietnam.  Health outcomes were assessed by a standardized comprehensive clinical investigation by a group of clinical specialists.  The differences in the prevalence of various medical diagnoses were assessed by Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel chi-square tests comparing the exposure levels of Vietnam veterans, adjusting for age.  Multiple logistic regression was performed to estimate the effect of “service in Vietnam” adjusting for age, smoking, alcohol, body mass index, education, and marital status.  Vietnam veterans had an increased frequency of eczema (odds ratio [OR] = 6.54), radiculopathy (OR= 3.98), diabetes (OR = 2.69), peripheral neuropathy (OR= 2.39), and hypertension (OR = 2.29), compared to non-Vietnam veterans adjusting for potential confounders.  In addition, higher levels of exposure among Vietnam veterans were associated with increased frequency of ischemic heart disease (p<0.01), valvular heart disease (p<0.01), and retinopathy (p<0.01).  We concluded that exposure to Agent Orange is associated with various health impacts in Korean Vietnam veterans.”


As you can see from the above, the difference in “odds ratio” between diabetes (already AO “dioxin only” associated {everyone wants to forget about 2,4 – D or any synergy effect}) and peripheral neuropathy is only three tenths of a point.  Not much statistical difference at all to say the least.


The Korean charts show the following:


Table 7 =

Association between types of diseases and Agent Orange exposure in Peripheral Neuropathy = p-value of 0.039.


Table 4 =

Association between non-Vietnam veterans and Vietnam veterans with Peripheral Neuropathy = p-value of 0.0042.


Categorically proving, mathematically, an association of peripheral neuropathy and military service in Vietnam and to specifically dioxin.


For those reading this submittal that are not familiar with statistics:


Statistical significance levels show you how likely a result is due to “chance alone.”  For example: at p= 0.05, the differences between the two groups, or even subgroups within the groups, have only a “5% probability” of occurring by chance alone.


At p = 0.05 the chance that the differences are strictly by coincidence or random occurrences are for all practical scientific purpose are now proven false mathematically.  To get the more “familiar positive association” you must subtract the p-value from the number 1.  Hence a p-value of 0.05 = a 95% valid association.  The smaller the p-value the greater the positive association.


Yes, neuropathy can be associated with diabetes but these studies now show categorical that neuropathy is also related to dioxin, and if not dioxin by itself, then service in Vietnam; for whatever the reason!


I must point out that in this study when comparing those with “diabetes and also neuropathy” the p-value was only 0.2157.  This does not even come close to proving mathematically that the two are related in this epidemiological study.  That would only be a mathematical probability of 78.4%.  In the mathematical and scientific world, this is not even being close to being  “statistically significant or relevant.”


The opposite is true of: Association between non-Vietnam veterans and Vietnam veterans with Peripheral Neuropathy = p-value of 0.0042.


That means that a 99.58% positive statistical significant association was found even after adjusting for age, smoking, alcohol, body mass index, education, and marital status.


I must also point out that every study our government has started out to do as Agent Orange Herbicide studies has been reduced to “dioxin only studies” with a trail that I found going all the way up to the Surgeon General.  What that office is doing meddling in scientific evaluations for veterans has become obvious to me.


So here we have peripheral neuropathy (PN) with a OR of 2.39 and p-values that go way beyond the world scientific standard of mathematical proof of 0.05.


We have our own corrupted government studies that could not cover up this fact of the found highlight of the study and the other reports I quoted above.


We know these reports go back to 1996 and later yet no one had resolved himself from PN and most had not developed this nerve disorder until well after Vietnam.  It is called long term damage from chronic ingestions; not an acute ingestion response.


We have the NAS/IOM contracted by the VA that stand up for the government lies.


Yet, we have veterans who are seeing board certified practicing neurologists who cannot fix our problems like the corrupt VA secretary and the NAS/IOM scientists who probably have never practiced medicine in their lives saying this stuff is curable within two years; even if you did get one year after Vietnam.  All government lies or else all of our board certified practicing neurologists are incompetent boobs who should be sued for malpractice all over the country, according to the federal government, the VA secretary and the contracted NAS/IOM. 


You decide who is telling the truth and who has the most to gain by lying through their "oh so honorable and government contracted teeth."


Time for some of these folks to be in federal prison.  This is not just a misstatement of the facts this is nothing but government collaboration and corruption.


The integrity in our entire government when it comes to veterans issues would not match the integrity of one little finger in a veteran.


Thank god for all of us - most of these honorable pinheads were draft dodgers.


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