An Oregon Veterans Account of a Meeting with Oregon Legislatures Regarding the

Corrupt Veterans Administration


I  was surprised to find out how little legislative bodies actually know about what goes on at the VA.

I just attended a meeting with the Legislative Committee on Veteran Affairs. It was the best meeting I had been to in a long time. The meeting was called to get input from current military, veterans and their families. The panel of committee members were interested in finding out what obstacles have been facing their states current military and veterans. The meeting was held at Camp Rilea Military Base in Warrenton Oregon.

Each participant was given the floor to voice their concerns. I don't mean we were each given a chance to ask questions, we were actually given a chance to voice our concerns for a seriously flawed DVA system.

When my turn came around I announced myself as Karl Schneider, Chairman Clatsop County Veterans Party of America. When asked what is the Veterans Party, I simply said it is the fastest growing political party in America. (I gave them each a bumper sticker) I explained as a Veteran who has been navigating the tangled maze of the Department of Veteran Affairs Claims Process I have witnessed some very serious flaws in the DVA system which are bordering on outright corruption in a system designed to protect the rights of veterans.

When asked how I came to this conclusion I simply said, there is currently over a half a million unprocessed claims that have been shelved with the sole purpose of denial, delay, and hoping the veterans will just go away out of frustration or die.

The committee's mouths dropped in disbelief. Then I was asked where I came up with the figure of over a half a million unprocessed claims? I told them about the Monday Morning Reports that the DVA puts out on a weekly basis  and there in black and white were the figures that were posted by the DVA. Once again these government officials were in disbelief. At that point in my testimony I mentioned that my claim wreaked of fraud and corruption and that there was a serious problem with the DVA, but that wasn't why I was here today.

At that point in the meeting I was invited to come to Salem, our State Capital to meet with them for a closer look at my allegations. I accepted and a date to meet is being arranged.

The committee truly wanting to learn more were listening intently on what I had to say. The reason I am hear today is to make the committee aware of an incident that happened to me at the VA Medical Center in Spokane, Washington. I was ordered by my Pulmonary doctor to go to Prosthetics to get an appointment with the physical therapist team to be evaluated for a mobility chair. The appointment was made. When I arrived I was asked several questions, my records were reviewed, and I was given a series of physical tests to determine my physical abilities. The therapist and his assistant after careful review of test results both agreed that indeed a mobility chair would definitely benefit as I am a single vet that needed this chair to continue to live in society. They qualified me not only for a mobility chair but also a winch system that would allow me to lift my chair in and out of my SUV. When the request was sent to the powers that be, the request was denied.

I told the committee that I telephoned prosthetics at the VA Hospital and asked, "What happens when a veteran for some reason or another doesn't have a need for their mobility chair any more? Do you have a place where I can return the chair to the VA?" The reply from the VA was "No, just keep the chair". I told the VA at that point in the conversation that, "well maybe that is why I was denied my chair cause you gave them out like candy from your pocket with no plan for recovery".

The committee then asked, "did you ever receive your chair?' Do you see me in a mobility chair? I stated that it would be a good thing to create a recovery program for things like this. They agreed and are planning to introduce some legislation to address this problem.

I have been invited to Salem to meet with them and share with them the "Rest of the Story". So I guess what I am saying is, that every state has a House Committee on Veteran Affairs. They are not the Department of Veteran Affairs, but are in fact a committee concerned with the actual treatment of veterans. I repeat I was surprised how little they knew of the tactics and corruption in the DVA system, but like I say they want to know more.

I urge every veteran who wants to voice their concerns to contact the House Committee on Veteran Affairs in your state and let them know of the injustices.

If we all did that, perhaps we can bring about the official investigation that is so badly needed. God Bless America, God Bless Veterans, and guys never give up.

Karl Schneider

Veterans Party of America

While I have offered to do same thing here in Georgia for all Georgia congressional reps and state senators so far the interest in anything for veterans and the government/VA lies does not seem to be important.   My only request was if I came to Washington at my own expense, instead of here in Georgia for my presentation - I wanted the lying Secretaries of the VA, the Ranch Hand management, and the representative from the (government controlled interested in more government funding than the scientific truth) NAS/IOM.

My hat is off to Karl and in the hope that at least the state of Oregon will recognize this federal government tyranny against it finest and most noble of all citizens.  What they will do with this information remains to be seen.

Thanks again to Karl for sending that to us.


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