The Veterans Right to Know ACT

 House Report HR. 4259

Here is the link to HR 4259


This Act may be cited as the `Veterans' Right to Know Act'.


There is established a commission to be known as the `Veterans' Right to Know Commission' (in this Act referred to as the `Commission').


(a) In General- The duties of the Commission shall be--

1.  to investigate chemical or biological warfare tests or projects, especially such projects carried out between 1954 and 1973, placing particular emphasis on actions or conditions associated with such projects that could have contributed to health risks or been harmful to any United States civilian personnel or member of the United States Armed Forces who participated in such a project or who was otherwise potentially exposed to any biological or chemical agent, stimulant, tracer, decontaminant, or herbicide as a result of such projects; and

2.  to submit a report to Congress of its findings and recommendations.

While I find the act an important one and should be supported by all Veterans and their families.  Does this not now say a lot about our DoD and White House after White House and even our congress that has let the Veterans' rights get so out of proportion with the rest of the nations societies; that they now have to form a commission to somehow try and get at the truth of what the DoD and our White Houses have done to Veterans and their families in the form  of inhuman and immoral acts.

The fact an act such as this has to be proposed for the defenders of the nation speaks volumes of a non-caring government.

I can think of many more things that should be added to this right to know issue and how after their service to this nation the Veterans will lose all their constitutional guaranteed rights.

More acts and more congressional committees studying for how long while more Veterans die uncompensated from government/DoD wrong doing.  The DoD and White House after White House will just do whatever they want with the present Veterans rules in place even with a passed act. 

One only has to look at the Dioxin Standards Act of 1984 to see how ineffective these acts really are if congress just sits back and does not follow up on what they intended to support the Veterans and do not change the rules.