The Fourth of July for the veteran


The Fourth of July holiday is a celebration of our Nation’s Independence from anarchy, tyranny, oppression, domination, totalitarianism, and cruelty against our Nations’ citizens by a government, any government.  Resulting in what was supposed to be a government “for the people and by the people.”  This statement, one would have to conclude, would be inclusive to “all the people” regardless if you once wore the uniform of the United States Military, which created this holiday celebration along with all of its reasons for the celebration.


This no longer holds true for the Nation’s Veterans and their families; if it ever did, which certainly can be debated with actions of our own government against the Nations’ Veterans throughout our history in many areas.


When our government “created the Veteran,” that government cannot then lay aside the citizen for the sake of money or the fact that Veterans will not unite under one political banner and demand equal rights as any citizen, convicted criminal, illegal, or even terrorist that resides in this nation. 


Time and time again, this is exactly what our own government supposedly “for the people” and “by the people” has done.  This time honored celebration and its meanings do not apply to those that created the reason for the celebration and have kept it in the finest traditions of duty, honor, and country.


The White House and Congress have gone out of its way to allow the Department of Veterans Affairs the legal authority to do to the Veterans of our Nation exactly what the Fourth of July is supposed to celebrate freedom from.  Freedom from anarchy, tyranny, oppression, domination, totalitarianism, and cruelty are set-aside for the Veterans and their families.


Inclusive to this government collaborations are: 

Just some of my personal charges of collaborative actions by our own government and the federal agency that is supposed to be a friend; instead it is a working budget control tool for White House Philosophy and many members of congress. 

A prime example of this flawed mandated process and not law is the “level of proof” required in mass veteran issues of government causations.  The congress from what they have mandated along with a courts review of the Department of Veterans Affairs processes and the government contracted Institute of Medicine (IOM) paid by the Department of Veterans Affairs level of evidentiary findings are totally different.


This conflict of interest is more pronounced and clearly defined by the Government Legal System set up “only for Veterans and their family’s” that in fact has become nothing but an appointed and hired government controlled legal system within the official elected government.  Those that are hired by the government including counselors, judges, rating boards, etc are now subject to the philosophy of the same government the Veterans and their families are seeking justice in government caused death and debilitating disorders.  To say there are no biases against the Veteran and his family in this so-called constitutional legal system would be specious at best.  A set of rating boards and judges that can pronounce what evidence is in fact “legitimate” and what that evidence even though scientifically correct is “value weighted compared to statements made by the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, also appointed by the White Houses.  


Congress and the courts mandated a process of “increased risk of incidence” or “significant correlation” to award the Veteran death and disability benefits and service-connected health care.  Yet, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the IOM mandates a level of causation that no one in the world can meet including the reviewing of corrupt medical data furnished by government and paid for by our taxpayers. 

Those charges by the studies own scientists include: 

To ignore those diseases and disorders that show up as a 50% increase or higher because they do not meet a single toxic chemical linear dose response which is a mandated White House protocol change versus a real study of the impacts is not appropriate only scientifically biased for the budget not science.  This is even more evidentiary as the dose rate per body weight in some diseases and disorders by the findings of other studies conclude for some of these disorders there is no linear equation that could be found.  In fact, in some disorders found associated to these mass veteran issues were found to not have a dose relationship to what it will cause or even the severity of what is caused.  This is another government mandate budget control tool to deny the Veterans service connection to government caused death and disability attributes and causations.  

General Accounting Office (GAO) conclusions were: 

This lack of openness and wanting no oversight some would consider a lack of integrity and is “not unique” to only this one government study. 

Some lately have criticized me for taking a political stand against these outrageous and despicable government actions against the finest citizens this nation has to offer.


Make no mistake this is a political issue. 


If you cannot shame our government or its elected members of the government by pointing out the biases against Veterans in the deaths and disabilities they alone, our own government, created by not coming forth due to White House Philosophy and mandates then I would suggest it can only be a political issue based on dollars and not guilt nor science.  In our government, dollars will always win out versus guilt or taking accountability especially when it involves Veterans and the Veteran Families.


If you read my book at then you know I do not make these charges lightly and there is clearly sufficient evidence and "statements of fact" that suggest this has gone on for over one half century or more.


How can any government deny a simple request of putting out the names of Veterans they already know that were used as “Lab Rats” in government biological, chemical, and toxicant warfare testing until some date four years from now when they say they will release the names.  As the book by Fred A. Wilcox categorically states “Waiting for an Army to Die”: The Tragedy of Agent Orange.  The real issue is our government is stalling the compensations and service connected medical treatment while it and our elected officials wait for all “Veterans to Die.”  These crimes against humanity by the Department of Defense and our White Houses while finally admitted to - still go uncompensated and not service connected.


Political interference in government-sponsored studies associated with Agent Orange has been the norm, not the exception.  In fact, there appears to have been a systematic effort to suppress critical data or alter results to meet preconceived notions of what alleged scientific studies were meant to find.


March 9, 1990 Senator Daschle disclosed compelling evidence of additional political interference in the Air Force Ranch Hand study, a separate government sponsored study meant to examine the correlation between exposure to Agent Orange and harmful health effects among Air Force veterans who participated in Agent Orange spraying veterans who participated in Agent Orange spraying missions under Operation Ranch Hand. 


{See generally Agent Orange Hearing; Congressional Record, S 2550 (March 9, 1990); Congressional Record, (November 21, 1989) (Statements of Senator Thomas Daschle).}


Shamefully, the continued deception, fraud and political interference that has characterized government sponsored studies on the health effects of exposure to Agent Orange and/or dioxin has not escaped studies ostensibly conducted by independent reviewers.  A factor that has only further compounded the erroneous conclusions reached by our government and its tag team of chemical company manufactures which also added in their proven fraudulent in a court of law toxic chemical studies our government used to pronounce additional non-associations making these exposures (plural) sound like these chemicals were good for you like Orange Juice or something.


This is nothing but politics and collaborations at the highest levels of our government and being nice to a president, or congressperson, or a senator has not changed this political philosophy.  If we as Veterans do not get political then who will in our stead.  The VSO’s will not attack nor go after the government with the facts; the media just ignores our cry for at least some representation, and a vehicle/method of getting some form of justice from a collaborative government.


Here is a prime example of how our wives and children are effected by this government stalling and denying philosophy.


Recently I received e-mail from a Marines widow who had passed away in Oct of 2003.  Now this Marine had survived the leukemia and he was compensated for his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  The Marine kept complaining that he was having chest pains and hard to breath at some intervals.  The VA just said it was because of his PTSD.  Finally, the VA did  the proper diagnostic tests and the day after the tests came back showing coronary issues the Marine died from this issue.  An issue that the mental health doctors have said is associated to the medical conditions of PTSD and as we know the scientific evidence is overwhelming as to the associations of cardiovascular issues associated with the toxic chemical environment the Marine served in during his wartime service in the Republic of Vietnam.  This is obvious to everyone except our Department of Veterans Affairs and our government for the dollar value saved, not the science.


The widow had tried and tried to get his death service connected to receive the little stipend for the Widows and Orphans.  The powers that be time and time again said his death was not service connected.  The widow ended up losing their home, which very little in comparison was owed on the mortgage, and living out of her SUV in South Carolina.


The denials made no sense to me so I had my wife contact a VA friend in DC explaining the situation on Saturday and on Sunday the VA person in charge called the widow in South Carolina listening to what she was saying and what she had gone through.


The answer was, it did make sense to the VA person on the other end so he would check into the case.


On Friday night the 30th of June some three weeks after we contacted a hardworking and caring person in DC she received a complete approval of her claim with back pay going back to the date of death in 2003.  Of course, the pain and damage had already been done and this should never have happened and would not have happened in a real court of law.  Yet, this is somewhat of a daily occurrence for not just our Veterans but also their Widows and Orphans in our VA court of law.


Not only will she get back pay but also Tricare Medical insurance for life along with educational benefits that she can use to start a new life after the loss of her Marine Husband who’s death must be attributed to dying for his country.


For many of our nations veterans and their families the only comfort they get about hearing that their diseases might be related to Agent Orange is the fact that they could consider that they were dying for their country.  Not much solace, to say the least, when some of it could have been prevented by early government admittance and preventive treatments.


The one issue our government has bestowed on our Vietnam Veterans is the discovery of PTSD.


The first step in PTSD Differential Diagnosis according to DSM-IV under Diagnostic Interview Schedule

should always be considered in differential diagnosis is whether the presenting symptoms arise from a toxicant substance that is exerting “a direct effect on the central nervous system (CNS).” …  the next step is to determine whether there is an etiological relationship between it and the psychiatric symptomatology.”


The next question should be what portion of the disability is mental and what portion is physically caused by the toxicants.  Subjective at best but it must be determined at some level for the Veterans Compensations.


To say that exposures to at least six major militarized herbicides could not and will not produce neuropsychological issues would be ludicrous with the data our government deleted from their own studies.  As well as other studies by prestigious research centers that show neuropsychological damages and personality changes are associated.


I would suggest the whole United States Government process for their self-protection as well as the chemical companies is not even considering the first step in the differential diagnosis of PTSD for at least our Vietnam Veterans as well as our Gulf War 1 Veterans.


In summary the Catch 22 for our Veterans and their families with this political scheme is as follows: 

  1. The government creates the medical disasters.

  2. The government then mandates protocol changes, as the evidence grows increasingly stronger on the side of the Veterans.

  3. The government then changes the found medical conclusions to be peer reviewed and no one has any idea what was really found and the published report data is severely lacking and redacted on what additional issues were found at even 50% increase or higher significant correlation.

  4. The government then contracts with the IOM mandating they look at the peer reviewed reports knowing full well that the data found is not in those published and peer reviewed reports and that they are indeed controlled data - not actual data.

  5. The contracted agency, the IOM, then reviews the corrupted government studies and then says they can find no associations to a significant correlation or increased risk of incidence and yet clearly the data found shows otherwise.

  6. The Department of Veterans Affairs then says and I quote: “The Congress gave the Secretary of Veterans Affairs that charge in the legislation, in which he took the reports that the National Academy of Science and Institute of Medicine gave him, and then made a policy decision as to what diseases should be service-connected.  In reality, we've accepted all the diseases for which the National Academy of Sciences found there was sufficient evidence of an association, and limited or suggestive evidence of an association.”

  7. To even slow this already biased process down and control the number of claims that are approved our government then creates a totally predictable legal system that answers to no rules of law or evidence of law normally found in a court of law.

You now have in 1 -7 the complete circle of nothing but government collaboration and biases. 


Leaving the Veteran with no legitimate unbiased legal means to prove his or her case. 


When in reality he or she should not have to if the truth were told by our own government.



Some Veterans have suggested we unite and vote for one of the present parties which would leave us little choice.  Unless the third parties find some common ground and unite under one banner for the Veterans there is no clear choice except in each Veterans political ideology which in demanding our rights seems to be very little difference.


One Veteran wrote:  "How about this as our political strategy? 


Vote unilaterally Democrat.  Not that the Democrats are any less crooked than the Republicans-- they are all in it to bring home the federal fat-- but because they are disorganized and without universal agreement on any of the real issues (when real issues are actually discussed).  My analogy at the recent Khe Sanh reunion was the only difference between the two parties was the size of the grain of sand the party uses as a Veterans lubricant.  Like the difference between 000 steel wool and 0000 steel wool -  Hardly measurable in the outcomes of the difference.


Republican politicians vote as a group that serves the trickle-down interests of oil and pork and prime-contractor war profiteering.  If we can eliminate the Republicans as a major party, the Democrats will automatically form bicameral groups in their factional fight over the fat.


At least we'll have a chance at a representative democracy. 


Anyway, I think that the battle for veterans' rights will be won in the courts and in the press.  We can count on politicians to sail with the political wind, but we can't depend on them to draft laws that will actually help us.  We Veterans will have to do that."


I disagree somewhat with the press, as the press continually refuses to publish these outrageous government actions even when hard data is submitted.  Only when the medias political ideology manifests in politics does the media take a stand and report it day after day after day. Veterans Issues are so far down on their list of issues we would not make page 58.


To all Veterans and their families hope you had a safe Fourth of July with family and friends.


Job well done!