Veterans- your  chance to speak out


Here is your chance to speak out regarding the VA.  (See message below and contact information) 


I realize there is an intimidation and fear factor used by the VA but if we do not speak out then we have lost anyway.


Regarding the latest VA fiasco of the stolen records I found it interesting that more and more is coming out as:


"The most glaring illustration from the IG audit of VA’s apparent lack of control over patients’ private health information occurred when a third-party offshore subcontractor threatened to expose approximately 30,000 veterans’ private medical records if the prime contractor did not pay for prior services."


"In past years we were assured by VA that there was no evidence of offshoring of medical transcription services," said *Michaud.  "I do not support veterans’ private medical information being handled by third-party contractors operating overseas, especially offshore contractors who the VA has less control over and who are not necessarily subject to or recognize HIPPA or other U.S. privacy laws," Michaud continued.


The VA lies to the congress just continue.  Yet, the congress continually believes the VA and not its own Veteran constituents.


*Rep. Michael Michaud (D-ME), Ranking Democratic Member of the Veterans’ Affairs Subcommittee on Health.




From:  Rick Weidman, VVA National Government Relations Executive Director 

Veterans who wish to speak with the press


As a result of numerous inquiries from the national press and from Capitol Hill, your Officers and national staff are asking your help in locating veterans who are willing to speak to Hill staff and/or the press regarding problems they may be having in accessing to care or quality care for conditions stemming from their military service.


Specifically, we are looking for veterans and/or their families in the following groupings:


1 - Vietnam veterans who have had the onset or exacerbation of PTSD symptoms as a consequence of seeing the war in Iraq in the newspapers and on TV, etc.


 2- Veterans who served in OIF/OEF who are having difficulty being seen by a VA physician, including difficulty seeing a specialist (e.g., orthopedist, neurologist, etc.), or who did not seek help for PTSD or other problems before the two year from their DEROS date free enrollment time had expired, and now cannot get access to services


3 - Families of wounded or KIA veterans who have or are experiencing problems, especially parents who have not been kept fully informed or have been treated with less respect than they should be.


Please have interested veterans or others who have a valid story e-mail Mokie Porter at mporter@vva.org or Rick Weidman at rweidman@vva.org with their contact information and a brief description of their story.


As always, many thanks for your help!





 Best to all