Discussion on this new push to look at Veterans drawing both

Disability and Social Security and the possibility of doing away with this scenario for Disabled Veterans


Now that I have cooled off some from this notice, maybe I can discuss some of it calmly and logically I hope!


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Again, I mentioned these issues months ago that I thought this issue was coming and even more was coming.  Just wait and see Veterans - nothing is going to stop this redefining of what a Veterans is and what the earned benefits are. 


Once the VA budget was rolled under the DOD this had to happen with men like Dr. David Chu at the pentagon and others like him.  In fact, these issues were looked at even before the change over as to what they were going to do to reduce costs and I would bet a month worth of my VA disability on it, which might fill up your gas tank at present.


Now does any Veteran think that our elected congress did not know what was going on with this move and were oblivious to the potential conflict of DOD interest and the reasons for it?????????????????               I did not think so.


They maybe dumb but they are not “so dumb” as the saying goes.


Again as part of the rerun of what I saw at this commission and the innuendos that were being discussed without being discussed in detail.


1. PTSD is not permanent and treatable and there “possibly” should be a time limit on 100% as this creates an incentive for the Veteran “not to try” gainful employment.  Again, two years max was mentioned.  (See note below)


2. Perhaps the level of 100% compensation should be looked at as to the earning capacity of the Veteran.  i.e. the difference between officer and enlisted men potentials.  Now in this area, my assumption was, that the max level would not go up any.  Just the delta of 100% would be reduced as to earning capacity or basically, what I interpreted as education levels or some such data point as that.  i.e. a 100% would be different $dollar value for category of Veteran.


3. Another concern was that concurrent receipt had gone way to far in supporting our military.  They wanted to look at that again and see if indeed it had gone to far and recommend changes.


4. While not specifically written down as I can recall, I would have to check the papers and my notes but I heard some discussions of this new deal where the Disabled Veterans would not be able to draw both VA disability and Social Security.  Alternatively, if the Veteran was drawing 100% from the VA then the offset of his social security should then go to the VA.  Not in actuality just on paper.  Doing the same thing to non-career disabled Veteran as the career Veterans who has his retirement offset by his disability.  While the limiting factor on the career veteran is his dollar value at retirement based on rank at retirement  - while our non-career Veteran limiting factor would be whatever the max disability is at the VA or similar.  Then by the same token if the Veteran was at 50% disability and his social security was higher then he could take the higher of the two but not both.  Now again this was not formally discussed as I recall but I did hear several scenarios of how this could take place.


Now did I believe that what the Veteran had worked for all his life could be legally even considered taken away from him or her?  No, I did not believe that and mentally dismissed it as some VA/DOD pie in sky - way of saving money.  Now I see I was again wrong and misjudged how collaborative and corrupt our government can be in the realm of the dollar to be given away to someone who earned it by simply being able to breath and vote legally or illegally.


Even in this scenario if implemented, I can see many issues within the anarchy at the VA.  No different than the downward pressure by the VA officials to VA management not to upgrade our retired military personnel in their disability to meet the new concurrent receipt rules.  A retired military person at 30% probably has to reach a conclusive 80% before he is finally moved up to the 50% percent rating in order to qualify for concurrent receipt.  A true conflict of interest as so many of them are that apply to the documented poor performance of the VA in order to reap dollar rewards for the executive branch and I would have say members of congress who could care less about Veterans.


Every time you look at the VA, you see government monetary rewards for poor performance.  The poorer the performance the better for the government.  (Just a slight conflict here.)


Now in this new potential scenario, the same conflict would be even more so.


A Veteran is at 40% disability and 100% social security.  The new law passes and the Veteran is now under new rules.  At present, his social security is more so he opts to take that and loses his 40%.


Now over time the 40% as so many of our diseases do get worse and worse and worse and eventually, he is at 100% or should be.


In this case, the 100% VA disability is much more than his Social Security as the Veteran was challenged during his working career.


Any Veteran that believes that the anarchy at the VA once again would not have downward pressure at the local VA levels not to advance this soldiers disability to exceed his social security - stand up and spit over your left shoulder.


While even this debate as to whether this is going to happen or not seems to be coming.  I would conclude that if it does the Veterans would once again be subject to a huge large gigantic conflict of interest that no other segment of our society is subjected to - just because you wore the uniform.  


Now up until four years ago I was republican in most issues.  I then went VPA and decided I needed to be an independent voter as I found more and more issues of the government, both parties, screwing the Veterans.


However, let me say this again repetitive as it is.  Unless we get up off our duffs in division and corps numbers, we are going to lose and big time.


While I voted for Bush not because of Bush but only because I thought, he might be the lesser of the evils.


In reality, I think Veterans will look back on this administration and “republican congress” as the absolute worst we have ever had in recent times - outside of the “Reagan/Bush manifesto” to federal agencies not to support the Vietnam Veterans and their children in our toxic chemical legacy - as they did not want the financial responsibility.


I would be glad to post any comments to my comments should you have any you would like to put forth.



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Note:  You will recall shortly after this meeting in Dec of 2005 the VA announced it was going to revisit all PTSD claims at 100% to look for potential downgrading and fraud.