Response from VA on my widows challenge



As most you know I submitted in writing a government/VA challenge on DIC compensations that should have been changed at the first associated disorder to mortality from toxic chemical exposures in Vietnam or even before in the Veterans' nuclear testing issues.


Below is a .jpg of that response from VA.





Now let me say I certainly appreciate VA taking the time in responding to my challenge personally  and quite frankly did not expect any VA response. 


So far,  I have no congressional response to the challenge for our 2/94th guys, I Corps Artillery, and our I Corps Marines that have died from these toxic chemical war wounds with no chance of meeting a physical war wound of eight years for their widows or their offspring follow on support for their husbands/fathers dying for their country.


I also would conclude if VA is supposed to be as advertised, an advocate of Veterans, that certainly someone in higher management should have realized how unjust this rule is with the additional damages caused by our own government of toxic chemical cancers.  Thus identifying the injustice to the Senate and House Veterans Affairs committees or subcommittees.  If only identified as a disparity for Vietnam Veterans widows and their children in this long standing rule, which cannot and must not apply to these government created Veteran's deaths.


I would also like to know where in the world our VSO's were in this common sense issue since 1989 when the first cancer mortality association was proclaimed by our own government.  If they did try to do something about this I would like to know how and what.  If they did try and failed then why was this not this brought to the forefront of the Vietnam Veterans Issues in 1989.


As most of you know, I not only e-mailed the challenge but also sent it in as an official challenge to the Senate and House Veterans Affairs Committees.  So far as indicated no response to the official challenge by congress of which I really expected a reply and did not expect a reply from VA.


I think, and this is what I get for thinking, this is nothing but common logical sense.  I do not think it should take the entire congress to see this disparity and for the entire congress to demand VA take a look at the rules and how they apply to the toxic chemical government created cancers and then fix it.


Then lets not forget the Executive Branch and the DoD and the separate military command structures.  No one thought that this was an injustice and should not be applied to those Vietnam Veterans that were to die within 6 months of diagnosis. 


These are graduates from some of our most prestigious and well known colleges and universities and none thought to consider the issues in these toxic chemical cancers and the rules that apply to war wounds.


I find this not only concerning but highly suspect that no one in government has ever even had a passing thought on this difference in medical outcomes based on statistics of survival or SMR.


Certainly VA has taken on similar issues when it "goes against the Veteran" and his family at the behest of White House after White House and the executive branch of our government.


"To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan"


Should be revised to "To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan" Strike that - as it does not apply to government caused toxic chemical  cancers of Vietnam Veterans and their widows and orphans.


Second revision should be "To 'possibly' care for him who shall have borne the battle depending on the congress and 40 years of White House political philosophy not to pay for their White House/DoD mistakes and mandated budget control.


I intend to pursue this with the Veterans Affairs Committee in both the house as well as the senate since it is obvious that even a pointed out disparity is not going to be addressed by VA in their own rules.


Will it do any good? 


Probably not - but at least someone will know we know this is not correct and certainly does not demonstrate even a good faith effort of the part of our government in its entirety with regard to our Vietnam Veterans and the cancer conditions declared presumptive to that war time service.