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Hi to All,


Martin, Mearil - 66-67 of D Battery (gun 3) found the site.  I added his gun name to our list of gun names.  Gun name was “Kiss of Death” had a heart drawn on it with a cross through it.


Altgilbers, Rocky - SP4 70-71 of C Battery 70-71 his son found the site and is passing on info from the site.


Bybee, James A.- SP4 66-67 (Original Member) HHB found the site.


Just got an e-mail from Tom Miller of Service Battery that he is in contact with:


Sachs, Bruce H. - SP4 69-70 Service Battery

Seese, Robert A. - SGT 69-70 Service Battery


Thanks Tom for the update and the kind words also.


For the new guys I added you to the all call list and forwarded Tom's e-mail over to Glenda so she can update our e-mail list by battery at:




The new fellows give Glenda till this evening to get your names on it.  Be sure and bookmark it as I do not have this linked to the main site.


The main site by the way is at http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/


Welcome to all the new fellows.  If you have any questions regarding the site please feel free to ask.


Gary Goedecke writes that Sharon Goedecke had some serious medical issues and had to be operated on.  Gary writes that she is recovering nicely and getting better each day.  Certainly, want to pass on our encouragement for that speedy progress to continue. 


We did receive e-mail as follows:


Sir, found this site from a friend who is a former marine - 


I was a kid during Vietnam but this website brought me to tears – tell the truth and shame the devil.

My nephew is going back to Iraq (second tour) he’s with the Army 3rd Infantry (I think that’s it) and I am scared for him and for everyone else who must be in Iraq. 


I’m glad Joe sent this to me and I am going to pass the website on to everyone I know.



Received another E- Mail 


Dedicated to:                        









Found amidst this nation

are some very few

who cement a relation

not all want to view.


Sacrifice within battles

unselfishness from life

often seen as chattels

amid our nations strife.)




Combinations of all

young and the old

hearing freedom's call

going out into the cold.


In the world of men

calloused and hateful

come these fine men

with only some grateful.




Their ranks are found

in Arlington and others

having given life profound

our sisters and brothers.


Many with names unknown

not like some who brag

these are good men grown

honoring their battle flag.




Understanding tradition

understanding ones duty

understanding others ambition

understanding evils cruelty.


Heeding the word truth

heeding oaths so taken

heeding the old and youth

heeding freedoms to awaken.




Wherever needed

an Army to serve

many have seeded

freedoms to preserve.


In fields to have bled

in monsoon rains

or on deserts tread

feeling wars oft pains.




Only this thought left

letting another know

who once were deaf

of courage to show.


Politicians who abhor

and condemn us now

acting the public whore

and with gall to scowl.


Understand we do care

and these were of us

who with lives did share

while others did discuss.


They didn't protest or cry

burn flags or issue threats

some who in war did die

with brothers known as Vets.)


Sounds like Greg is making some great headway for the reunion at Sill.  Lot of great stuff it sounds like.   Not sure when the date is but we will try and let everyone know just as soon as that is set up so you can make arrangements and plans accordingly.  Lets have the largest turn out yet.


Few more informed me of issues more than likely associated with the toxins.  Heart valve issues, of course more neuropathy, possible Polycythemia Vera and hypertension.


I want you fellows to realize that when I report this stuff to you it is based off of data I have gathered and I am doing the best I can to interpret this data.  It becomes obvious when you compare the real study findings of the Ranch Hand, the VA chemical corps study, the Korean report; and then compare those to what is not being told to not only veterans but their doctors as well.  Then tie then it to what veterans are actually seeing, the patterns are there in most of these.


Add in the fact that every study that is touted as an Agent Orange study has actually been reduced (forced by the government) to a dioxin only study.  In other words they do not have a clue what these chemicals did to us nor how it did it.


Add in that the VA requires a p value of 0.05 which the mandate stated because of the unknowns of toxins we only need a 50/50 push.   So some scientific benefit of the doubt would have been incorporated.   A p-value of 0.05 is the world standard for proving "there is no doubt."  So in reality there is not much doubt involved.  Then add in the cover-ups and you and I are only getting about 1/20th of what we should be getting as far as information.


Let me give you one example of this:


Birth defects - the VA covers "spina bifida" for all and for maternal side defects there are some other birth defects covered.  Not listed in the VA propaganda magazine but covered, what ever they are!


Yet, the Ranch Hand study, all paternal, shows over a 50% increase in birth defects.  Yet, they will not say what these are.  If they were only spina bifida do you think for one minute they would hold back such info when that would make their own bias case.


We have that data point whatever it is in this scheme.


Now in 2000 before the award of these extra maternal birth defects and only being considered Dr. Schwartz of Yale indicated:


“I would just like to say, as a way of informing everyone, that the VA did complete a study of the birth defects associated with women veterans.  Agent Orange was not in the--was not considered in that because of the presumption that if you served in Vietnam you would be eligible for this; and that the Secretary of Veterans Affairs found that the high rates of birth defects in women and the children of women who served in Vietnam was so high that he did make an announcement that they would be making efforts to compensate these women and their children.”


Agent Orange was not considered because they were presumed to be exposed??  Because the birth defects were so high.  Define high!  What are you guys chopped liver? No offense to the women veterans, but this is how disingenuous this whole damn issue is.


No dioxin tissue samples taken, no dose response per birth defect, no proof of exposure or type of exposure; just collect the data and presume that service in Vietnam had an effect and presumably the toxins had something to do with it.


That is how all of this should be done!!!!!!! Not just the women veterans. 


Now immediately after Dr. Schwartz testified Dr. Albanese spoke up.


“Congressman Shays, I think it's very important for me to say, based on what Dr. Schwartz

just said, I studied that report on the birth defects to female veterans.  The pattern in the

Ranch Handers is nearly identical to the pattern in that study.  However, because they didn't

meet the standard of a linear increase with dioxin, the fact of that difference hasn't been

 further pursued.  That's the tragedy of it.”




Of course we know why the paternal side is not granted, even though according to this scientist who actually formed the Ranch Hand and set up the protocols  says it is nearly identical in disorders and numbers.


This as I have said has become criminal in every way.


Ironically I received an e-mail from a young lady that wanted some help on her masters thesis regarding the government involvement of covering up some of the causes of Autism such as

the use of Thimerosal.  I found some info for her to review and while reviewing myself some of the data found our old veteran's allies the CDC was involved, once again.  Puke!


Then found a statement by Congressman Burton:


Congressman Burton has proposed bringing criminal charges if it's proven the government agencies were involved in a cover-up.

"Look, I don't think it makes any difference whether it's a private company or a government agency," Burton said. "If they know they're harming somebody and they continue to let it happen, then they should be held accountable."


I would say we already have a long list that should be charged!


Chairman of the oversight committee and was no where to be found as they reviewed the Ranch Hand for oversight.  Yet, he banged on the CDC and the FDA for hours it looked like.

"Government health officials squirmed uncomfortably in their seats Wednesday as more evidence emerged suggesting that they misled the public."

"You mean to tell me that since 1929, we've been using Thimerosal," Congressman Dan Burton (R-Indiana) said to the officials, "and the only test that you know of is from 1929, and every one of those people had meningitis, and they all died?"


Yet for us, everyone is given a pass when they mislead the veterans and their families and demand proof that is impossible to produce.   They know; they have to know what they are doing.  Otherwise they must be giving away PhD's in cracker jack boxes.


Here is my personal response to Dr. David Chu, pentagon idiot extraordinaire; again my personal opinion.





Finally go to have these growths checked out on Tuesday.  How long before I get the information back as to what they are and why they are, I do not know.  Normally at least three months minimum at the VA. 


My civilian doctor called them some form of bone or skin neoplasm.   But without tests he really had no idea.  I do not like the idea they are causing swelling and they hurt.  But we shall see come Tuesday morning.


The neurologist at the VA told me they have done all they can do for me regarding that issue.  Which is what two other outside neurologist have also indicated. 


I sure wish the secretary of the VA would tell all these board certified neurologist how to fix these nerve damage issues.  Obviously, from his stated requirements he knows; he just will not tell anyone.  Maybe the new guy will let the cat out of the bag????????


Yea, I know pretty cynical but then I think deservedly so.


Best to all,


Glenda and Kelley




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