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Battalion Reunion 2007-2008


I have no information as of yet for the 2008 reunion – I will post that in e-mail as soon as I know something.  Many have been asking about dates already and where.  So far, I have no data to post.


The possible interim 2007 reunion on a much smaller scale discussed for the Chicago area - I have no data as of yet or if it will take place. 


Battalion History


Charles Stephenson has finished his review and edit of the 1st Campaign and I am in recent receipt of that section. 

Reactivation and 1st Campaign is now posted at: 





 Information Request:


Information request on wounded Feb 19 1968 from former LTC Swearengen


"Anyone Know About DeCosta??"


DeCosta of Headquarters Battery suffered head wounds on 19 Feb 68 during a heavy rocket attack on Camp Carroll.  He was medevaced and never returned to the battalion.  Does anyone know to what extent DeCosta recovered??  Also needed is DeCosta's first name and rank.  Anyone with information please contact Mark Swearengen (2-94 Artillery, 1967-1968), at:  "startone@comcast.net


Mark Swearengen


{As I recall DeCosta wrote back and said he was recovering with a plate in his head but that was so long ago I am just not sure.  } {His name on the roster is James A., PFC at the time I had the roster anyway.}  {He was the survivor of the hit on the commo fellows on the 19th.}  Kelley



E-mail to AO groups on my PN challenge:


Peripheral Neuropathy Official Challenge to the Government with Associations to Herbicide Exposures


Below are the downloads for my challenge on PN.


The PN.doc is 113 pages so if you are on dial up it will take a few minutes.


The cover letter for the submittal I am still working on.  Therefore, it is TBD.


I am sending this challenge to congress, two members of the IOM, and most of the major media outlets.  I do not know if Dr. Birnbaum might want one also.


With this submittal and the completion of the VERPA Challenge already sent to on CD to those folks, I think that is about all I can do in this issue for all of us.  I have let my battalion guys down on our 2/94th website to take on what I considered a more important task for all Veterans and their widows.


I will take some time off to fight my own battle with the VA (at least get them to recognize a 27 year marriage) and get my battalion site back up to speed.  Moreover, I hope to work with Congressman Filner on some of our issues.  That remains in limbo at this time and unknown if that will even happen.


I intend to finish my "failure modes and effects matrix" (no time line) on the immune system damages that were found in other Vietnam Veteran studies as well as civilian studies on dysregulated cytokines and such.  Just out of curiosity if nothing else.  Just in overview, I found some positive associations already.  I think that is the key for most of these issues.  Whether induction of liver p450 enzymes is the real root cause failure or not?  I doubt we will know in our lifetime.  Too much government interference and chemical company lobby money in DC to try and find a root cause that may trigger any or all of these issues depending on the individual.  Like what caused the analog immune response switch to go totally digital or become confused and when one response is needed the other response is excited or the immune system is so damaged it cannot respond appropriately or effectively.


I will be following the new discovery of the pancreas insulin islets being affected by damaged sensory nerves creating not only Type 1 but also insulin resistance in Type II.  The study indicated they should have some more definitive data in about 18 months.  That could certainly address the issues of diabetes as it applies to our nerve damages first and then diabetes.  I hope that proves out just so we can say we told you so!


The data for PN is overwhelming in many studies including the newly pronounced flawed Ranch Hand study.  If they found that much and it was flawed towards the government side, who really knows what the Odds Ratios and p-values really are “of difference” and “dioxin associations.” 


I thought if we could just win one issue, we could create some science reports similar to this one on the other issues being denied as well.


As most of you know, I tried for at least three years now to point out that Ranch Hand assumptions on exposures was totally flawed.  IOM and our congress would not listen.  Now they have it from the horses mouth (the lead DoD scientists) the damn thing as it relates to our statistical real issues is a piece of crap.  When I reviewed other studies and found that even those study scientists were questioning why Ranch Hand was not finding the cancers and the heart and vascular issues; as well as other issues that they found associated.  I think now it is clear they were finding these issues and more.  Using flawed assumptions, the statistics were as one scientist said “predictable.”  Just like the Air Force wanted them to be with the scientific misconduct that was has gone on for 25 years now.   Like comparing a red delicious apple with another one and saying, I see little difference.


The other important issue, at least in my opinion, the other studies were not limited to just skin exposures (actual boots on the ground) and certainly found what we have been saying for years now.


I should have this challenge in the mail next week.  Will it do any good?  I doubt it very seriously but I had to try.  I do not think our congress has much intestinal fortitude to make Veterans Affairs do much of anything and all the folks that have corrupted the study since day one, even from the Surgeon General’s office, are protected against prosecution for scientific misconduct.


The world as a whole had so much to learn by the sacrifices of so many about the causes of cancers, heart issues, metabolism issues, immune system responses, and our government for the sake of the dollar and campaign money, in my opinion, blew it.  Not only for the "Nations Very Best" but the entire world of medicine.









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