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Battalion Reunion 2007-2008


I have no information as of yet for the 2008 reunion – I will post that in e-mail as soon as I know something.  Many have been asking about dates already and where.  So far, I have no data to post.


The possible interim 2007 reunion on a much smaller scale discussed for the Chicago area I have no data as of yet or if it will take place.


Glenda and I will be attending the Khe Sanh Reunion in DC during the weekend of July 5-8.  I hope to go a few days in advance and meet with some of the staff members on the VAC’s and possibly Congressman Filner.  Since my BVA and that fiasco as you will read in Herbicides and Politics I am tired of the denial and the “do nothing attitude” so whether they will agree to meet with Glenda and myself again is unclear – but I intend to try.  This is especially disconcerting to me as any of you have read my book know the issues and what I concluded.  Now even some of the main government study scientists have stated the exact same things almost verbatim as I did and the government representative, the Air Force, is not going to put this data in the published reports that determine yours and mine compensations in death and disability.  As they say this just isn’t cricket.  In fact, I call it and continue to call it “government scientific misconduct.”


Jim Lary’s Battalion Colors


Jim’s colors I have many ask where did he get those made so I will ask Jim to field those questions.  His E-mail is

jlary@usa.net   http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/jimlarycolors.htm


Jim is our resident auctioneer at reunions for funds and does an outstanding job at it for those that missed the last one.  Jim was one of the first gun chiefs in the Battalion, if not the first.


Battalion History


Charles Stephenson has finished his review and edit of the Reactivation Chapter and I am in recent receipt of that section.  I will post that just as soon as I can at:



Now that link will be active but what you will find now is Will be posted later so check back from time to time in the next week and it should be there in .rtf format so all can print it out if you like.


As this develops we must decide how and what to do to get this in book form and the data that clearly indicates the role of the big 175mm guns and the impact they had on the NVA soldier; and the defense of the entire northern sector.  And the offensive fire power demonstrated when the government would let the Battalion go on the offensive into North Vietnam.



Herbicides and Politics


This is last on the update because again some suggested they were not interested in the herbicide updates on Battalion Updates. 


This is somewhat of a summary on where we are and some of the recent developments in failures and future workings on trying to fix these issues. 


I will post some recent links I have posted for the AO groups/Marines/Widows etc at the bottom.  Some of this is information, some of it is issues I am working on, etc.


The extra DIC money for our guys widows with cancers that passed before the established gate I believe is at in impasse.  The VA will not recognize that our guys with AO cancers, while it is service connected, are never going to meet some eight year gate.  Even though the Veteran may have suffered disability from years and years before the actual culmination and diagnosis of the cancer and then the end stage development.  How the VA leadership cannot see this is totally different than an immediately recognized war wound is just mind-boggling and I would say more White House/DOD Philosophy than anything.  I use a cancer because it is already recognized but there more issues we know that are not recognized that should be that the same issues apply.  Again this is not a lot of extra money for our widows but certainly as many of us have found out on fixed income, $300.00 a month more means quite a bit to the family.  Of course for those that vote themselves raises on a damn whim it would mean nothing that the government is not supporting our widows for damages they did; not the enemy.


As you will realize and read my tone has changed.  Probably for the worse but I cannot continue to try to prove facts if those that need to know the facts in congress do not listen.  Therefore, we must get someone else in congress (both parties) that will listen to not only my facts as submitted in 2004.  Recently these same facts are presented and stated by former Ranch Hand scientists in the media.  In fact, if you read both you will see it almost verbatim matches my conclusions and my statements of fact in my book.


One of the main issues as someone who has worked in failures studies and gathering data was and still is the assumptions of the cohort selection.  When I first looked at this issue, my conclusion was these assumptions were not valid and would be like comparing apples and apples instead of apples and oranges.  Therefore, the results of difference would be not only predictable but also less than valid statistics of why the portrayed study was being done.  Instead, of for our benefit, it now became our government’s exoneration study.


When I looked at the VA studies, I found the same flawed assumptions for the Chemical Corps workers of which even then they found some increases in statistics including Hep C.  Of which they said was not associated to the herbicides but found associated to service in Vietnam.  How many of you just in our Battalion have Hep C or liver issues and are not being compensated.  Yet, the VA study itself concluded that as fact.  Of course, I disagree with the findings of only service in Vietnam but the facts are - they made the statement.


In addition, what about the heart and vascular issues, which many of you have, the transcripts show and other studies show. Yet, now we know that even that significant finding is understated because of the mandated exposure assumption flaws.


Now we know that when these flawed assumptions were taken out the scientists themselves concluded in a reanalysis at least a two-fold increase in cancers.  “All cancer sites” not just the ones we have on our hit parade now.  This should include all of our digestive system cancers (from start to finish), which at present are not covered.


None of this is to be put in the published reports by our government – therefore the IOM that makes the recommendations for death and disability compensations does not even recognize these scientific findings by the governments gold standard study.  As I said that ain’t cricket but as long as the congress lets them get away with it and the DOD and the VA have the Feres Doctrine; there is little we as victims can do about it.


I have a hunch based on gathered data, which I am trying to gather proof that at least any adenocarcinoma is certainly an outcome of exposures.


This would be the lining of any organ as opposed to the inside or outside of the lining.


My research has not only been the Ranch Hand transcripts and the VA studies but the Korean, Australian, New Zealand Veteran studies.  In addition, civilian studies completed in Japan, Germany, Italy, and Holland and EPA conclusions.


The other main flawed conclusion at least on the surface is this belief that only the exposures in Nam or bases around the world could have caused the problem as opposed to be an increased risk of life long human baseline.  The EPA concluded as recent as a year ago we are still being contaminated by 2,4-D in the soil.  While in miniscule amounts as they have calculated probably not an issue for most folks but everyone is different.  So yes, the increased baseline in Vietnam could have had an increased risk of a life long catalyst with the way the body stores this toxic swill with a half-life of 10-12 years in the body.


The other issue is the EPA still concludes traces of 2,4,5-D in our food intake.  Again the main goal has been to establish what level of yearly accumulation is OK for humans.  Not very comforting but that seems to the goal to placate the chemical companies and their political lobby money inside 495.


My thoughts and I have so stated that with the now admitted to flawed assumptions just in the cancers alone.  What else that was on the low-end of significant has the government now covered up and will not admit to because of the flawed exposure cohort assumptions.  Furthermore, the IOM has no idea of the real data to evaluate because the gold standard lies.  Convenient for Congress and the White House; but also scientific misconduct at its finest.


My statements in the book were that these studies did not meet the common sense test and certainly did not meet the smell test.


The scientists that came forward said almost the identical phrases including that this issue is now common sense and you do not have to have PhD to figure it out.


This becomes more of an issue since the Secretary of the VA and the IOM data and statements are used against Veterans in legal claimsThe data is tainted and the BVA court is then tilted as planned by the VA and our White House.


Paradigm shift coming?


As you know, I am in the process of submitting an official challenge on this nerve damage.  It is currently being edited by a former chopper pilot and Army Officer.  I think it will be well received by the IOM. 


I am not sure how congress is going to receive it since the data is conclusive even by the government’s own gold standard and whether they will demand something be done or not.  So far, I have no (zero) confidence in either the republican or democratic congress.


Once again, this does not take a PhD to figure this out.  The facts are they found the nerve damages prevalent long before they found the diabetes associations.


This by default should tell someone that the nerve damage is also associated and should be an automatically associated regardless of etiology clinical or subclinical; or connection to other disorders.


If you ask an endocrinologist regarding the levels of this nerve damage they will more than likely tell you as two told me (one with many years experience and one that was a new doctor interned at the VA); to have nerve damage this bad you would have to have had full blown ADA diabetes for at least 10 years before this would manifest this badly.  That would be directly opposed to what the studies found and the known medical knowledge at this time.  Therefore, the conclusions by the Secretary of the VA and the IOM are invalid with any reasonable analysis.


Now my thoughts based on fault tree were that the nerve damage was implicated in the development of diabetes not the opposite as the government/IOM mandates.  I examined the facts of both types.  Not knowing any better and having to believe what medicine told me, I found that Type I was typically associated with immune system issues and Type II was just considered a disorder of aging.  At one time, I said well I am wrong.


The more data I gathered the more it kept coming back to the same answers.  Nerve damage > diabetes and not diabetes > nerve damage; at least in what the studies were demonstrating and the time lines.


I found no (zero) evidence of what the VA and IOM call transient nerve damage used legally in our VA and court denials.


In addition, I found some other studies that indicated the possibility of immune systems causing the diabetes.


Recently thanks to our friends in Canada, a study was sent to me that demonstrates this possible paradigm shift.


The study concluded that when the scientists swamped the sensory nerves that control the insulin islets within the pancreas that Type 1 insulin production became somewhat normal.  Which is great news for medicine and science?  However, I thought well that is Type 1 but we have Type II associated.  The scientists went on to say that in addition they found that insulin resistance, which is the hallmark of our Type II, was drastically reduced.  Therefore, their conclusion was the development/causes of either Type 1 and Type II were closer than previously thought in medicine.  


They also concluded that in about two years they should have better data on these facts they found in the first testing.  They also concluded that nerve damages from immune system issues had a much greater impact than previously thought.


Now does this validate what I have been saying?  Not yet but maybe someday.  The data and timelines on our Veterans even in Ranch Hand would also support the testing results they found.


Paradigm shift = dioxin causes not only PN damages but sensory nerve damages which lead to reduced insulin production and/or severe insulin resistance among other system integration issues.


Now how do I or can I go lower than that in evidence as to what in the immune system causes this?  I have no idea.  – I am not smart enough.  I hope the matrix I am putting together will supply that data on the found immune system issues we know were a result of dioxin exposures.  I did find some communication problems within the neurons themselves in damaged dendrites.  Is that one issue?  I do not have enough matrix done to make any kind of assumption or trend at this point.


Again I think the Matrix when I am done will be well received in science as some PhD's have indicated I am on the right track.  I have no idea if or how congress will react if at all.


Does the dendrite communication damage parallel what the Canadian study found?  I need more time to try and find a possible correlation.  Of course if this is a trend then that may explain other autonomic sensory control damages in other systems such as heart rate, breathing rates especially while sleeping and the Veteran forgets to breath, and even digestive system processes. 


Now in all of these there is no cure that I can find only band-aides to help the quality of life.  The more I found, the more it applied to me and 37 years of doctors telling me this and that and none of them were correct. It was only after I got into digging that I found some relief from a simple thing as gastro problems that I came home with.  The real issue is the longer I had this what doctors would describe a gastro problem was involved with the lymphoma lymphocytes and the longer you have this problem the more likely you are to develop one of the lymphoma cancers on our "reluctantly admitted to AO Cancer Hit Parade."


I stated years ago I did not see how bodies could have this much diagnosed PN damage and not even question whether there was autonomic sensory nerve damages also. 


Is this all just immune system damage; or CNS causing immune system damages; or liver enzymes (P450) being affected that create the many systemic problems?  I think someone in government knows.  They just are not saying.


The other issue that was brought out, which many of us with nerve damage have suspected all along, was the development of MS and diabetes is very close.


So I have been super busy fighting what is probably a losing battle not because of my evidence that proves it is at least as likely as not;  but because Congress and the VA on behalf of the White House says - because we say so!


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