2/94th Battalion Update Number 46


Battalion Update 46


Hi to All,


Just a quick update on one of our losses.


Frey, David E. - SP4 67-68 C Battery (Passed away on March 20, 2006  ‘REST IN PEACE’) (Final cause of death was determined to be congestive heart failure due to kidney failure, due to early-onset diabetes, triggered by Agent Orange Exposure.)


His son David sent in the update on his father.


Following his service, my Dad was married in 1968 to his high school sweetheart Shirley Pattberg. He graduated from Parks College @ St. Louis University as an Airframe & Power plant (aviation) mechanic in 69.  My sister Tracy was born in 70, and the family moved to Lafayette, Louisiana in July 1970.  My Dad took a position as a mechanic with Petroleum Helicopters and worked for them for 35 years until dialysis finally forced his retirement.  I was born in ’71 and now build and fly Wright Brothers aircraft in my spare time.


I’ve got a lot of photos, but would appreciate any other details you or the Vets would be willing to share.


David’s E-mail is scott.frey@cusys.edu if anyone would like to communicate with his son.




I have completed the updates I was sent on HHB and A Battery and am working on Service, B, C, from the new data we have from the 1969-1970 time frame.


Agent Orange postings for those interested:


I believe after four years now we are finally starting to see return on all the hard work.  Lots more to do though.


Several have contacted me about the Reuters Health posting on the finally admitted to issues.  At least on some issues, the article cited but our government refuses to associate… outside of diabetes anyway: developing heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and chronic breathing problems, along with a finally suggested increase in liver issues in the form of hepatitis C but again they will not admit to the liver damage.


Recently we just lost Bob DeLuccy due to COPD issues.


Most of you know I have discussed this point years ago with a 5 to 1 increase caused by something regardless if it was service in Nam in and by itself.  Now I have ammo on some Vietnam Veteran study findings of a reduced Interferon Alpha that at least in matrix seems to be associated.


I thank those members that informed me.


I posted that link at: http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/MoreFoundAssociatedAO.htm


Another recent posting is on the finally admitted to flaws in the Ranch Hand studies by their own scientists although you can say you heard it years before this admission even came out –Ha Ha


I am challenging that as I did the eight-year gate for our cancer victims.


Located at: http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/RanchHandCancer.htm


Still being reviewed by some of our team but will get that in probably next month and then resent after the first of the year to the new leadership.


I received e-mail from our Canadian Gagetown New Brunswick Veterans representative.  They have also been fighting with their government and like most governments wanting to minimize this tragedy – their government also wants to use the US IoM conclusions. 

This research group has indicated to the Canadian government they will not accept the decisions and recommendations made by the US Government contracted IoM.

Mr. Franklin of that group sent me their prepared submittals to the Canadian government and as Mr. Franklin indicated the parallels of what they found compared to my posting is simply astounding.

Yet, our VA directed by our White House and our Congress would then spend decades proving how mathematically it was possible this parallel event could even have taken place.

Unlike our Veterans that are under some form of sub-government underground legal control by VA where as we cannot demand exclusions of the government contracted IoM reviews; their Veterans at least can point out the disparities and conclude they are not going to accept these US IoM biased reviews

Australia and New Zealand seemed to be in the same boat as the US Veterans with their government telling their dead, dying, and disabled Veterans, "We are doing what the US is doing."  Although in the case of New Zealand dead, dying, and disabled Veterans even that is not true for some four decades after the war.

If these nations are using what our US government has done with all the chemical company lobby money inside 495 as some form of high water mark - then the World's scientific community is in big trouble.

I send my postings to New Zealand to one of my contacts down there that actually participated in the DNA damage testing, which seems to be conclusive.  Conclusive as to Service in Vietnam regardless of why or what particular toxic chemical or which dioxin or furan did the deed creating a segment of society with damaged DNA; called the New Zealand Vietnam Veteran. 

He also sends my research links over to their NZ research group.

I would suggest that some of all of our allies Veterans have been affected similarly.
Anyway, in reading the report the Canadians sent in - I did find it amazing that one study group in that Nation and one individual in our Nation can reach about 94% of the same conclusions based on researched facts!

Independent Gulf War Studies and Funding




VERPA Challenge on Feres and USC 38 Para 511


I have been asked by VERPA to write one of their eight challenges on the effects of the FERES DOCTRINE to be submitted in February of 2007.  My part will be on the effect FERES and USC 38 Paragraph 511 has impacted our Vietnam Veterans on the issues of their Toxic Chemicals (PLURAL) Legacy in the realm of government denials, stalling, and scientific misconduct.



This is a new arrival to me as of minutes before posting, by the Stoffers Family so I have not delved into the statistical data as of yet nor how these reviews were done.  In the brief time I reviewed this they could not conclude what in military service was the causation other than the trend was there.   It did say a 2 to 1 for Gulf War Veterans was established over those Veterans that did not serve in Gulf War.  The Article by Reuters did broach the subject of possible toxic chemicals the Veteran was exposed during military service.


As you know, I do not like to comment on something as to its veracity unless I do my homework first and delve into the how it was done and the biases involved.


I will say up front this is not unexpected on my part with the previous data and studies I have researched and I think the amount of time it has taken is not all unexpected.  I am curious about the sample time frame as from what I saw it did not look Veteran friendly and should be looked at in service years with known issues.  This at first glance was not done and of course the data now will be skewed since so many of our guys that served in our timeframe are already gone.   Like in Ranch Hand the scientists concluded that many of them had died previously from cardiovascular issues and did not live long enough to make the statistics for possible later developed cancer.



Thanks to all you Veterans for doing what some what not do, for doing in with "style," and of course dedication and honor.


Lets hope the best for all our returning and still serving in Harms Way Veterans.  May they all be home soon.

Best to all,