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Duitman, Stanley - SP4  69-70 C Battery stan@yellowbananas.com

Gilliland, Charles - SP5 68-69 HHB gillicoors@yahoo.com

Look for Del Rossi, Cleburg, Willie, Dyer, DeLuccy, The Old Man, and the other crazy guys in the commo section that survived JJ Carroll and LZ Nancy


DeLuccy of course just passed away.  See update 44.

Gugel, Harold - SP4 70-71 Service Battery hank.gugel@ngc.com

Great site. Memory faded over the years. Hard to recall what happened, where, and who was there. I remember some names: John Hundahl, Bill Hegedus, Mike Lactorin, Rob Spencer, 1st Sergeant Madden, John Hilton, Carl Gaedke(sp?), .. So many great guys - wish I could remember more. Lost hundreds of pictures. Wish I had them back now. Only guy I still know is John Hilton who is still a friend and lives in So Cal.  

King, J.  Wayne - SP4 67-68 B Battery Expresscare98@comcast.net

Stanley, Gary L. - SP5 66-67 (Original Member) A Battery PROPERTYMGR22@YAHOO.COM



Forchelli, James J. - SP4 69-70 B Battery scorpi1836@gmail.com


Member Information

Jim Lary C Original C Battery underwent surgery for prostate cancer.  Reports doctors got all the cancer and he is recovering.  Speedy recovery to Jim and the best his way.

We all have issues in our life and as most of you know I have reported on many medical issues our guys have that certainly can be contributed to the herbicide exposures and mortality issues.  One in particular that has been affected and I have reported with his concurrence the many medical issues of Dennis Berg (2/94th Khe Sanh siege Survivor) berg@hi-line.net


He has just reported he is still battling the issues but in addition to these issues on Oct 11th his wife (The Love of His Life) died at home totally unexpected.  Of course an understatement would be that he is now devastated.


I can only imagine what Dennis has been and is going through at this time in his life.


I can only extended our deepest sympathy to Dennis at his loss and the battles he still faces.

For the new guys and reminder to the rest our Battalion E-mail list by Battery is located at:





Thanks to former Captain Jim Avery I received two roster copies of the Battalion during the 69-70 period.


I have updated HHB and A Battery only so far.


As most of you know Charles Stephenson is trying to get our recorded history in order for publication or whatever the battalion members decide to do.


At the back of that history we certainly want to include the "battery rosters" with as much correct information as we can of those that served with the 2/94th, at least those men of which we have a record.


Therefore I am asking all HHB and A Battery enlisted members only to go to those links and send me any data or updates that you have.  Like your name, your ending rank with the battalion, etc.


Including those gun crews lets add the gun number to your name or gun name if you recall - if you do not do not worry about it.  I just thought it would give you a personal association for you fellows to the guns you fired.  If you do not remember the gun number then the name of the gun may be remembered as served on Blood, Sweat, and Tears as an example.  I do not mind doing it if you want to add the number and the gun name.


I would also like to add "any nicknames" the fellows called you as a member of the 2/94th as another personal touch of those that we are in contact with or still in contact with as some folks their e-mails no longer work.


I found one that was recorded that is probably the classic nickname - "Get Low"


Anyway for those in HHB and A Battery if you would review the rosters at:






I am also recording Battery Commanders if I know them or the record shows command. 


I forgot who was the "first HHB commander" so I need that from someone so I can add that as a note.


I will be working on the rest of the rosters as I have time and let you know when to review those. 



Personal activities:


Still fighting the government/DoD/VA for our Vietnam Veterans.


I have not updated that AO link list yet but will for those that are interested.  I will let you know when that is complete.


I did update our Battalion Updates list index at:  http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/BattalionUpdateLinks.htm


So those that have missed any the index runs in chronological order.


I received a call from VERPA asking that I write the paper for one of the eight or nine issues they will be submitting to the entire senate members and the house members in February of 2007.  My portion will be how the Feres Doctrine has impacted our toxic chemical issues in outcomes and associated disorders.  Part of that will also be USC 38 Paragraph 511 used by the VA to deny many many issues.


For those that have read my book at:



You will recall I slammed the cohort selection of Ranch Hand pretty hard with rationale.  In fact, I thought it was quite biased, relatively stupid, and unjustifiable.


As I reported in the book in 2000 several original scientists came forward under sworn congressional testimony and indicated that in a nut shell "scientific misconduct" was being committed.


Now in 2006 two more later-on Ranch Hand scientists have come forward stating that the numbers were skewed in the statistical analysis.  The study added Ranch Hand members that did not serve in actual Ranch Hand activities and/or where in country during the time no spraying was going on.  Of course that serves to dilute the statistics.


These scientists now are saying that these fudged numbers greatly underestimates the cancers and diabetic statistical risk for those exposed even in the Ranch Hand study which was the most benign form of exposures.


Now in my novice opinion is much more than just diabetes but that is a subject that some do not want to hear about so I will leave that to another posting on the AO link updates for those that want to read about what I have found in other studies in insulin issues and in chronic C - reactive protein inflammatory conditions.


Government has been notified and indicated they will do nothing about this diluting of the statistics.


Most of you close to me know I recently challenged the VA on this DIC rule for our guys and their widows that cannot meet the eight year gate until mortality.


That was at:




I then just recently sent in a challenge to congress since the VA written response is they do not get into policy which of course is not exactly true.





best TO ALL,