2/94th Battalion Update Number 44





OD 24th Corps Patches


Sorry so late on some of this but we had to make a mad dash to Ohio for family illness.  Everything is OK for now but we really got a scare.


Hi to all:


Some bad news to pass on:


Bob DeLuccy who was with us at the last reunion passed away on Sunday Morning, Sept 10.  


Bob served in HHB 68-89 commo RTO.


His niece indicates that Bob went peacefully and that she is keeping his e-mail active for a while.   Bob6660RA@aol.com



“Rest in Peace” Bob Deluccy - thanks for your service to the 2/94th Battalion, The Army, and to our Nation during those troubled times.


I updated our HHB roster to reflect the loss of Bob.



Information request on anyone that knew Specialist Luc Allmon B Battery 2/94th and C Battery 1/83rd.


My niece's husband, Specialist Luc Allmon, is searching for anyone who served with his dad in Viet Nam.  His father died of Agent Orange poisoning when Luc was young and he would love to speak to someone who could tell him more about his dad.


His father was James Kelly Allmon, (SP4 68-69) He was in C Btry 1 BN 83rd ARTY from May '68 to Feb '69.  Then, from Feb '69 to May '69, he was in B BTRY 2nd BN 94th ARTY USARPAC RVN.


James was a 13E20 - Artillery Forward Observer.


Please pass my request along to others who may be able to help us.  Luc just returned from a tour in Iraq and will be stationed at Ft. Campbell.  He's with the 101st Airborne.


Thanks in advance,

Paula Stobaugh

Russellville, Ark.



Son Luc's e-mail is Luc_Allmon@yahoo.com



I updated our B Battery roster to reflect the loss of James Allmon due to AO.


New members found:


Suddith, Stephan A. - SP4 67-68 A Battery


Hi, I’m Stephen A. Suddith and served with A Battery 2/94th artillery from 8 June 1967 - June 1968 when I extended for 6 months with the 1st Cav as a door gunner.


I rejoined the Army Reserves in Nov. 1990 and i am assigned with the 223rd Maint.  Co in Grand Prairie, Tx. as a MSG and we returned from Iraq in 2005.


Stephen A. Suddith




Swearingen, Larry - SP4 67-68 HHB


My memory has faded a bit. I would like to talk to some of my old friends from that era.


Larry Swearingen




Parker, Jimmy N. - SP4 69-70 HHB


I served at LZ Nancy, Camp Evans, and Dong Ha in the maintenance section.  Patrick Mooney, Fuentes, and SSG Primas also served with me.  Mooney and I were very close and I miss him and think of him often.  I retired in 1992 and now work for the army at Fort Campbell, KY. Would like to hear from all during that period.


Jimmy Parker



Terry Engelhardt of the 2/94th has some OD 24th Corps Patches he would like to sell and then donate the money back to the Battalion.


Terry indicates three bucks a patch.


He is not on the net but the following info is provided.


Terry Engelhardt

605 South Timmers Lane

Appleton, WS 54914




best TO ALL,