2/94th Battalion Update Number 43


New folks

AO Issues

Disability commission issues

Battalion history and last request from me


personal status

Neuropathy information


Updated the update link at http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/Battalionupdatelinks.htm

to add update 43



New folks 





Callender, Curtis W. - SP5 66-67 (Original Member) HHB found the website and retired from the Army - Command Sergeant Major. callender@TATRC.ORG



Avery, James Thomas -  Rank? 69-70 JTAVERY@RCN.COM


I did not have this officer on our Battalion Rosters.  As you know our rosters were a snapshot in time only.  I have updated that link at http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/hqbattery.htm

Minor, Michael Bartlett - SP5 70-71 nh6cj@yahoo.com

Transferred to 2/94th when the 8/4th stood down. Was with the unit in Aug- Now time frame in 1971. with the Metro section at camp Evans. Was a SP5 at the time.

Also added Specialist Minor to our rosters.

Ballou, James A. - PFC 68-69 Jambal48@aol.com

I discovered your site while surfing Google. Just wondered if anything would come up. I was very surprised....nice work. I remembered a number of GI's from your "Members not located list". Gary Oliveria was a good friend...from Petaluma, California. I tried after the service to locate him, but was unsuccessful. I was at Camp Carroll when we moved the unit to LZ Nancy. Kanalekai was a big Hawaiian fellow that lived in my hooch. Marchi was from New York City and Horner was from somewhere in Illinois. Cser, Perdue and Gamble were good friends, at the time, but I can't remember where they were from. Oh well, again, it was wonderful to see your web site....very nice job. Jim Ballou

Holt, Larry W. - SP4 67-68 (HHB or Service not real sure)

The e-mail Larry left was not complete but I do have a phone number and address for those that served with Larry and wish to contact him.

Smith, Gerald Dwayne. - SP4 67-68 ekperry131@yahoo.com

Simmons, John F. - PVT Roster, 30 Nov 71 sweetsoulsim@msn.com

Bybee, James A.- SP4 66-67 (Original Member) jimbybee@frys.com

First enlisted man to join the battalion at Fort Sill.

Simmons, John Franklin Rank  71-72 Sweetsoulsim@MSN.com

Searching for information regarding FSB Bastogne. episode when the gun breech blew-up. One fatality, Sgt was burned and other five injured. between 11/71 and 1/72. please email any information regarding this incident.

{This was the last fatality of the Battalion that I know of}

SP4 Lipsey, Thomas Washington III

Approximate Date:  Feb 6 1972

Unit: A Battery (gun explosion)

Location:  FSB Bastogne, RVN

Bore Explosion

HOR:  Kalamazoo, Michigan

Wall: Panel 02W-Row 104



Robinson, Charles - SP4 67-68  corobinson@earthlink.net

Most of time in Nam was spent in the Battalion FDC coordinating the fire missions for Charlie Battery. It is interesting for me to note the revived interest in re-creating our ties some 30 years later. I find that I need to re-visit that time as wrestle with the questions of why?, was it worth it all? I would like to hear from some of those that I may have worked. I must admit to some mental blocks in blocking out many of the memories of my experience in Nam. As I look through the rosters, I seem to recognize few names, but in any event I would like to hear from you. I am now retired and have been devoting my self to work on my website on which I am selling my photographs that I have taken over the years. I would invite you to check it out at www.photosbycharlie.com

 No photographs from Vietnam, however.




Skeans, Jerry G. - SP4 70-71 jskns@lycos.com


A Battery


Montagno, Anthony S. - PFC 66-67 (Original Member) left a message. antmont647@verizon.net

Hi to all, I was an original member of A Battery, I don't remember exactly when but was shipped up to B Battery, and went to Sgt Epps's gun. Would like to hear from anyone who wants to talk. I went by the nickname of Monty. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care

Lerro, Glenn J. - SP4 70-71 bogart28@hotmail.com


Would Like To Hear From Anyone Who Remembers Me . . . Hopefully, I Will Remember You .


2006 Disability Commission Presentation

I posted my presentation as well as Glenda's presentation we will be presenting to the Disability Commission in September in Atlanta at:



As I said at our reunion it is time to call the kettle black as it were.



I mailed in my Vietnam Veteran widows and orphans challenge posted at:





I also sent in my government challenge to the IOM and having "any VA officials" part of what is supposed to be an independent agency.










Battalion history and last request from me


As you know Charles Stephenson has graciously agreed to finish up the Battalion History for us.  Afterwards we must decide on how to record the history as in the form of a published book or what.  I think with the money we taking in at our auctions and personal contributions we can afford to at least look at what the cost will be be with a few pages of color for the shield, and the regimental flag, and crest.  I think this is the only way to make sure the Army Artillery and what you fellows accomplished remains as permanent after we are gone.


Now in that regard I asked Sgt Lary and Captain Smith of C Battery many times to get together and document the Recon firing of C Battery and how the crescendo of that one gun firing led to all C Battery guns firing as those Marines tried to get away.  We have a unique perspective of not only the Battery FDC officer but also the gun chief that started the mission.  Well worth documenting for our history.


This is my last request.

If you decide to put together the mission accounts then please forward to Charles at cstephenson@mail.utexas.edu

for inclusion in the "appropriate time frame".


Once Charles and I agree the time frame being documented is "as good" as we can make it we must close that time frame.  Otherwise we will never get to a line in the sand that we can say "good to go to the printer or publisher which ever we as a unit decide to do."  Not to say we cannot collect other data for a possible addendum for later but we need to get something base lined.



book orders


I updated my book website at: http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/book/bookorders.htm

To include an option at the bottom for credit card orders by phone at a local bookstore here where I live in Georgia.

Some had asked for that and I got it set up this past week.



Personal update


Biopsies came back negative and since I started the medication and the new pictures showed some improvement the doctor wants to go from a 12 month biopsy to an 18 month biopsy.  That is good news for me.  whew!!!!!!



Neuropathy information


Many of us have tried the medications the medical profession gives us for this toxic chemical nerve damage.  Many of us have found no relief - even at max dosage.


Ironically I had told my VA neurologist about two years ago the only relief I found was in some levels and intensity of vibration.  Although I had found that going through the frequencies and intensity there was an optimum level for each for me and my bone mass and/or neurological mass and I thought that it could be used - if it were optimized for individuals.


My suggestion to him was that the dendrite communications were riding the frequency responses of the outside forced artificial levels of vibration frequency - similar to any frequency and injecting a rider on in it.  Or the frequency became an active filter for the pain messages and that I was not real clear without further testing - but certainly it had to be one or the other.


At my last meeting with him about three weeks ago he concluded that the British neurologist have concluded that I was correct in my assessment and he hoped that in "some amount of time" that the vibrating shoes they are going to make will be available here.  Apparently he discovered that in one of their medical journals they put out periodically.  He had remembered my suggestion and concluded that I was pretty close in summarizing why it made it better. 


They have found by forcing the vibration that some patients that could not readily walk before - are now walking a lot a better.  While it is not a cure as the alternate neuron paths go away it might help some folks in their quality of life. 


Lets hope so anyway.


Best to all,