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If you notice the Color Guard are both an Army and Marine Composite Color Guard.  The Marines had requested this honor because of the close ties of the unit and the Marines the unit supported.


Glenda is getting more pictures ready to post and I am working on the reunion report for all on what went on at the reunion as we did have a great time.


Should have all of it caught up next week when I will put out another update.


We will be leaving for Mobile on Friday and back on Sunday so not much will get done till mid next week.



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Olieman, Matthys (Matt) J.  SP4 69-70 A Battery matt@olieman.us

Shields, Bordrie C. - PFC 67-68 A Battery (no e-mail) 

Barocio, Lazaro C. - SP4 67-68 HHB lbarociom@netscape.net


Some of those I remember are Sgt Denton, Spec 5 James Simmons, and Capt John Penn.  Also a John Swearingen, Hansen, Engel, Hill, First sergeant Brunswick.


I was stationed at Camp Carroll from Sept 67 to Aug 68.  Served under Capt Penn, MSG Denton, also served with James Simmons, Barry Engle, Gerald Smith, John Swearingen, Benjamin Hill, and Jacob Briggs.  I went by Larry and was a radio repairman in the HHB.

Hutchins, David L. - Lieutenant 70-71 “B and Service Battery” ltcdlh@grandecom.net


AMMO PLT LDR, SEP 70; FDO, B-BTRY OCT 70- AUG 71; XO, B-BTRY, AUG –SEP 71.  CAMP LOVE, NAC (Northern Artillery Cantonment); Dong Ha, 2KM s of Khe Sahn; Near Lao Bao Prison near Laos Border; FSB RAKKASAN;


 Harlach, David K. - PFC 69-70 A Battery snotnose34@adelphia.net

Franklin, Paul - SP5 70-71 HHB pefranklin@yahoo.com


Was Assigned to the METRO SEC, April 1971.  Was at Camp Love, Hill 65, Camp Eagle, and Fire Base Alpha.  A lot of memorable action.  A lot of friends that I have lost touch with.  E-mail me! Paul E. Franklin, U.S. Army SFC.



Taylor, William D. - SP5 66-67 (Original Member) C and HHB alexjalex@aol.com


I was originally a surveyor with 1/40 at Fort Sill.  2/94 needed surveyors, so I was transferred to HHB 2/94.  I remember the train ride to Oakland, the ride on the troopship to Da Nang, and that scary convoy north along Route One, past Hue and Quang Tri to Camp Carroll (which was just being established).  It was raining and miserable when we got there.  They asked volunteers to work in FDC so I went to HHB FDC (Peterson Niner).  When Charlie Battery was sent to Dong Ha, they needed an extra man in FDC so I went with them.  I was with Peterson Charlie Niner when we went to Gio Linh and later when we set up at Truk Khe (The Graveyard).  When I went back to Camp Carroll, I went back to HHB FDC, but I stayed with the surveyors.  Somebody found out I had an M-14 with a selector switch and sent me out on perimeter patrols and up in the towers (East towers) even though I was a short timer.  But I managed to keep my head down and finally went home in August of 1967.  Most folks just called me "T" or "Willy T" to distinguish me from Willy J (Urso from Chicago).  When I got home, it seemed as if Newark, NJ was as dangerous as Viet Nam


McClain, Robert - SSG 69-70 A and C Battery robert.mcclain.73501@usarmyjrotc.com


I started my tour of duty in A/Btry but after 2 months, I was transferred to C/Btry because of a shortage of NCO's in C/Btry.  After my tour was over, I was transferred back to Fort Sill, Ok.  I retired in June of 1992 as A Command Sergeant Major.  I am an instructor at Macarthur Senior High School teaching JROTC.


Slade, John - SSG Roster, 30 Nov 71 HHB myslades@hotmail.com


I was reassigned to HHB 2/94 when F BTRY 26th FA went home.  I was assigned to the Communication platoon.






Also had an inquiry from the Kentucky VA on Bolinger, Angelo C. - PFC 66-67 (Original Member) C Battery and talked with him on the phone on some issues.  Angelo is not on the computer at all.



Nice reunion letter and story of travel coincidences from Terri Mumm


Good morning from sunny Northern California!

I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the reunion in Lawton.  We have never attended before.  My husband, Gary, has always been in contact with one of his buddies and his wife, Ron and Germaine Dixon (southern California), since he returned from Vietnam.  During the last three years, both Gary and Ron have been busy finding and contacting the other three men that they were close to.  They began sending each other Christmas cards and then eventually, calling each other.  Everyone decided to meet at the reunion.  We flew from Oakland, CA, after driving 350 miles to the airport from Crescent City.  Our plane was delayed for two hours.  Because of this delay, we were able to have a surprise meeting with the Dixon's at the Dallas airport and were able to fly from Dallas to Lawton with them.  When we arrived at the Lawton airport, while we were waiting for our luggage, we were able to surprise John Batchelor and his wife Helen (from Richmond, Wa).  Ron and Gary had not seen Batchelor since leaving Vietnam.  We all got on the shuttle together and when we arrived at the hotel, there in the lobby waiting for us were the other two parts of our group, James Walden (Mississippi) and Robert Yonda (Wisconsin).  After hugs, pats on the back and tears, we met their wives, Cathy Yonda and Regina Walden.  Words cannot express how much fun we had that long weekend.  I had only known Ron and Germaine, but I felt like I had always known all of our group.  The bonding was instant.  I love the men like brothers
and I love their wives like sisters.  I could not believe the feeling.  We cannot wait for the next reunion.  I know that this is because of the shared experiences of the men and the shared stories each of them told their wives.  We were pleased to enjoy Lawrence and Betsy Mason (South Carolina) also, as Lawrence was in Gary's unit for a while.

I want to commend you and the gentleman (forgive me that I cannot remember his name - it was his anniversary and his whole family were there) (Greg Smith) who organized this event.  It was well thought out, especially considering the wide range of ages.  All of the events were interesting and most were very, very emotional.  The food was delicious, the hotel comfortable, and the base and staff were very, very hospitable and respectful.  The Memorial dedication was patriotic, emotional, and appropriate.  Everyone who attended was very, very pleasant.  As I said before, we can't wait to attend the next one, wherever it is held.  Thank you for sending the pictures. 

I am emailing from work.  Our home email is mummstheword@charter.net , as you know from the picture email. 


See you at the next reunion!

Teri Mumm



When we were leaving on Sunday I heard Felton Dunnehoo talking to Greg and his words or similar were, what a great reunion.  It no longer is just about seeing the guys you have not seen but seeing the fellows you may not have served with but have gotten to know and you know when and where they served and that they were cut from the same piece of cloth.


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