2/94th Battalion Update Number 41


Hi to all,


Looking forward to seeing all of you in a few days. 


I will be preparing an update for the monument at Sill and post it later.



Members that have signed in and posted a message.


Poole, Kenneth B. - SGT 66-67 (Original Member) HHB


Was at Camp Carrol, served with WO Gore, Captain Heard be nice to hear from them.  And looking to find anyone I served with. Love you all.  Sgt Poole


Gore, Leslie B. - CWO 66-67 (Original Member) Passed away on 11 Jun 1987 ‘REST IN PEACE’


Swanner, Arthur T. - PFC 70-71 A Battery 

Armour, Joseph Earl signed in.


I do not have Armour listed in our rosters so I do not know what rank only the dates of 66-67.  Also unknown if Armour was an original member coming over from Sill.  Joseph indicates service in C Battery and Service.


Joseph if you would contact me at SP5Kelley2nd9th@aol.com and fill me in I can add you to our rosters. 

Tim Cline of 1/83 and 2/94th is looking for battery Mail clerk for 1/83rd & 2nd/94th. His nickname was iron man!  His height 5'8'', well-built, blond hair, &blue eyes, a true friend!




I had a nice E-mail from Tom Sharrett who was on the hill the same time I was and I respected this officer for his concern for all.  I think Tom was the one that sent Captain Mckrosky, Battalion Surgeon, over, to check me out.  Someone knew I was having some real medical problems while I tried not to show it. 


Tom wanted me to know while silent he has kept up with us and wished me well in my new assignment.


I forget what Tom was in charge of (S1 or S2) in the Headquarters assignments as a Captain.


I do remember I was over in the Command Bunker one day and was admiring the overlay on the wall of the max field of fire showing the overlap and range of the guns located at Dong Ha, Camp Carroll, and the Rockpile.  I also remembering see all the red on this overlay around Carroll and commented it was good to know we had all that help out there.  Captain Sharrett then told me those are the bad guys not the good guys.  Boy!  Talk about a wake up call.


Tom is actively engaged in local Veteran’s projects in the schools and packages and cards to our troops in harms way.


Captain Sharrett was the last person I saw and shook hands with that I knew when I departed Dong Ha for Da Nang and then home.


Eldridge Morris (Peaches), B Battery, was engaged in training some of our troops and recently suffered a heart attack.  Said he is on a ton of medication.  Peaches and Diane will be at the reunion. 




The dates at Gio Linh were 27-28 April 1967; it was the second use of artillery by North Vietnamese forces since Dien Bien Phu in 1953 (54?) when they defeated the French.  Your unit was B/6/27; I do not know what designation 2/94 gave them.  It happened on the north perimeter, the Marines name is Jim Hoffman; a single 105 howitzer had been positioned in front of your 175’s, which were out of action.  A ground attack was pending and the 105 was there to defend the perimeter with direct fire.  Their site had been destroyed by shrapnel so it was no longer able to return counter battery fire; hence, it was moved to defend the north perimeter.


It was towed into position by a personal carrier (I think) it lasted five minutes before two artillery rounds detonated in the parapet it was placed in throwing Hoffman five feet vertically, ten feet backward; he was bleeding from his eyes, ears, nose, mouth, left side, his left knee was exposed to the bone, bleeding badly.


He laid on the ground unconscious for five minutes the staggered to his feet; limping, he tried to run.  Your artilleryman broke from cover, took him to the ground, covered him with his own body until one of our corpsman arrived to care for Hoffman.


He remains grateful to this day and would like to thank the Soldier who he feels saved his life.  Jim Hoffman was awarded the Bronze Star with “V device” and Purple Heart for his actions that night.


Anyone know who this D Battery Artilleryman was please let me know. 



Main Page Changes


I did change the 2/94th main link some to add a new link called:


"Links to Review" and is for not only you fellows but for all Veterans.




On this new link you will find:


Battalion Updates



Toxic Chemical Updates



Generic Veteran Issues

(E-mail postings)



I would suggest you review the Generic Issues especially the one considering "a Social Security Offset for Veterans on VA disability."  That is correct "any Veteran" not just our retired Career Veterans.


As you have been following my March on DC with the toxic chemicals I also have brought up every time this disgusting Veterans Disability Tax that is put on our retired career Veterans with Service Connected disabilities.  And I included that in my book.


As I attended and spoke at a Disability Commission last December that is reviewing Veterans Benefits; after one of hour of listening; I did not like the tone of what I was hearing and reading on what the commission was considering.


My opinion, this was and still is nothing but a "political agenda mandate" not some form of lets see where the Veteran is not getting a break or in some minor cases too much of a break.


You Veterans must remember as I have discovered.  The separation of powers mandated by our constitution does not apply to Veterans.  Not with the protocols that have been established in our government of the VA having all the power over Veterans, widows, and offspring.  Now that would be fine if there were any ethics and truth left in this federal agency but I can tell you point blank there is not much left.  I can also tell you that the VA is directed by the White House and by default the congress based on supporting any White House philosophy.  Now with some of this budget under the DOD you can also expect as we have seen already by men like Dr. David Chu of the pentagon involvement in this reduction of what Veterans have earned.


While the Disability Commission advertises independence the main guy there is a VA liaison rep by the name of Wilburn whom I got into several very heated discussions.”


Example: One of the issues being considered to be done away with is this mandated Veterans Benefit of the Doubt.  Now I have been working this for about five years now and I cannot find any process that shows where this mythical mandate is applied in any BVA decisions or even at the highest levels of the VA.


So I asked what I thought was a logical question at the meeting.  If we are or you are going to discuss doing away with this so called mandate don’t we have to know where that mandate is applied and to what level?  The answer by the VA rep there?  W….eeellll they will just tell you they (the VA) give it to you.


So I asked again how we or you determine the impacts of taking something away when you have not identified what that something is?  Again the answer:  W….eeellll they (the VA) will just tell you they give it to you.


I was on the fourth floor and screwed myself right up thru the 7th floor on that one.


I just said this is a sham and what you are saying does not make any sense at all.


Now that was just one of the issues of many that made no sense to me as a very logical person including one issue of mandating some lump sum payment for disability of 20% or less.  While that may be applicable to a physical war wound which I could still debate it is not applicable;  in our toxic chemical wounds that start out at 20% and end up mortality this is of course is just a cop out to deny the damages.  Of course they wanted to talk around this also. 


Just one guy and his wife there arguing the points did not have much impact I can tell you that.


At first I thought these appointed high ranking officers and enlisted men were either naïve or just not experienced in the VA BS but as I said this is more of political mandate than anything; the more I listened those two days.  The results of other meetings that have been reported to me since that time indicate the same thing.  Nothing fair about it just a political mandate to save federal dollars.


Of course during the breaks I was busy lobbying and pointing out issues. I think it fell of politically deaf ears.  I think General Terry Scott and a few of the others have also been given their marching orders on this deal.


Now during the break I kept hearing about this, should disabled Veterans be able to also draw Social Security as well as VA disability for service connection and how an offset would work.  Very similar to our career veterans and their offset of their retirement pay.


Frankly fellows I put this out of my mind as impossible to even consider as being unconstitutional.  I was wrong!


If you go to http://www.2ndbattalion94thartillery.com/Chas/GenericVeteranIssues.htm


and go to Social Security Offset you will see the links I have posted.


General Scott officially asked the congress if this was to be looked at:


Rep. Steve Buyer (R-Indiana 4th Congressional district) Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee


Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) Chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee


Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-California 52nd Congressional District) House Committee on Armed Services


Rep. Ike Skelton (D-Missouri Congressional District 4) House Committee on Armed Services


All gave him the OK that this issue should be looked at.


Veterans in my opinion this as well as many other changes were already mandated and this committee is just a government legitimization sham to make sure it happens.


Many have said they cannot take away our Social Security or disability.  I can tell you point blank if the congress and the president want this to happen it will and going to the Supreme Court as in the Feres Doctrine will be useless as they play Patti cake with the congress.


There is no separation of powers in this issue if the government plays its dirty hand of tricks.


The only way that I can think of that we have any possible way of stopping a lot of this is if the 2006 elections the congress is now split in power.  At least we maybe able to find some allies with a little power.


I did post a story posted by Mike Fishbaugh one of our Marines out at Khe Sanh on another Marines accounts of a mascot they picked up in the 66 time frame.  A nice story of Marines and a little dog.




I also had a request to post the following from an advocate and former lobbyist in DC:


Dear Kelley,

I am back from my adventures to Iraq where I experienced things I never
thought I would ever have an opportunity to do. I lived in the same
conditions as our brave warriors do on a daily basis, ate the same chow and
rode in the same vehicles across the desert.  God that body armor is heavy! 
WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! I had a great time.

If I had such a great time why did I returned early?  Well that’s because I
had already scheduled another great adventure, one that I am very excited
about.  This next adventure will take me back in time to a place you know
intimately.  From what I am being told, it’s still hotter than hell. It’s
still filled with the same jungles, rice paddies and terrain where thousands
upon thousands of you and your fellow veterans once fought, over thirty
years ago. On this trip, I will not be sleeping on a rack in a barracks, or
out in the desert, nor will I be lugging around that body armor. Kelley, I
am honored to be traveling with Marines once again on their journey back to
places they once spent a lot of time: Saigon, Da Nang, Hoi An, Hue, Dong Ha,
Hanoi and Halong with side trips to Perfume Mountain, Mutter's Ridge, Khe
Sanh, the Ben Hai River, Marble Mountain, China Beach, CuChi Tunnel and the
Mekong delta before we return home. Yes I am off to Vietnam and I am very
excited about it.

To me this will be a trip taken back in time to see the places my brother
Jack once ventured through as a Marine himself. Where a family friend lost
his life and many other brave warriors fought so proudly. I will be writing
about this trip and the history of this war in a future project, but to me
this trip is very personal. Even though I will be an observer as I travel
with these brave warriors, I will also be on a personal quest. Let me

I get to visit Khe Sanh where the 1/9 of the Marine Corps received its
infamous name as the “Walking Dead”. My brother Jack served with this unit
during a battle in which they received heavy casualties. I was young when he
went off to war so I never really understood what he went through.  I know
after this trip I will understand so much more of what he went through and
what made him the man he is today.  I am also honored to be traveling with
warriors who served at the same time he was there.  This will give me a
better perspective in which to draw from in order to better understand who
my brother is.

Although I have my own thoughts on what I will be looking for, I am writing
to you for a very special reason.  As a veteran of Vietnam, I have one
simple question to you and your network:  “What should I be thinking of, or
looking for, while I am there?"  I ask this because I want to be in the
right mindset as I travel throughout the country. Since I plan to write
about the veterans of Vietnam in a future project, I want to be sure to be
thinking properly. I want to feel their spirit and energies while I am
traveling. You see as a civilian   I will be able to feel the heat and
humidity as I venture about the country.  I might even possibly feel the
rain upon my face and see the beauty of the country as it is today, but
since I was to young back then, anything other than that I will never be
able to experience as you once did. However, after my trip to Iraq and
living with the Marines for a month, I have a better understanding of a
military personnel’s living conditions, the brotherhood of trust in a war
zone, the horrible cramped conditions while driving in military vehicles, as
well as that sick feeling of being in a chopper.  Oh yeah, not to mention
the feeling of not being able to take a simple shower for long periods of
time. These experiences I can relate to but that is it.

I am hoping your network might give me some ideas to think about. Here are a
few of the things I will be thinking about:  Living conditions of the people
now; cultural changes; foliage (did it ever grow back), what it looks like
today versus yesteryear; the way they rebuilt their communities and such,
and of course I will be thinking of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. 
Anything you or your network might afford me with ideas would be greatly
appreciated.  I look forward to writing about this adventure on my blog
during the trip, depending on connectivity as we travel.  The blog address
is as follows: 
http://bettykilbride.blogspot.com   feel free to encourage
your network to tune in.  Thank you for your time and assistance in this
very important request.  Thank you for putting on that Uniform too.  I pray
God will give guide me on my quest and inspire me with the right words to
honor you and your fellow veterans as I write about this experience.

Betty Kilbride



Best to all,