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Marine Dennis Mannion (FO) wrote in - he was looking for that old Pack 75 we had on Carroll and ran across our site.  While I had some of the nomenclature in my write up Dennis writes he had sent a letter home saying the piece was made by General Electric Corporation in North Tonawanda, NY in 1942.  Amazing weapon to have a service life that long.


Dennis is in our history write up as complementing the 175’s on their speed of delivery and accuracy when the Marines needed it.  Also complemented us on a great website. Thank Dennis for that update on the old Pack 75.


Russell Edwards 69-70 is looking for former Captain J. Raulerson if anyone knows his whereabouts.


Russell has the yearbook that was put out in 69-70 and has many of pictures of you guys that were there at that time.  That is the same book I have at the reunions that Felton Donahue (A Battery) 69-70 ran me a copy.  Russell indicates he is willing to scan your pictures in and send them to you.  For those that want to see what you looked like many years ago in a different world.  Russell can be reached at deafblonde@charter.net


Thanks to Russell for that offer.


Sims found a Norbert M. Carroll with an unlisted number in Louisiana.  Wife Ladell H. and daughter Kerri L and son Brent.  Will see if Glenda can find out more now that we know he is in Louisiana and make contact.


Many have written in that if not for the website they would not know their prostate cancers or diabetes conditions, or etc were associated and covered by the VA.  As I spoke at the reunion this is a shame and the shame of our government.  Some have indicated, that are not on line, if we had not contacted them about the reunions and they attended and then and only then find out about these issues they have - that should and would have been covered decades ago.  Again, this is a real tragedy that the government has not mounted any kind of outreach program in all these decades.  Obviously, the rational is they do not want the Veterans to know.


Something that may have affected over three million people with an additional one million that may have been exposed and denied by the government and they cannot mount any type of public information to that segment of society.


With all the waste that goes on - the government could not put the information out to the news media like CNN or FOX or the other networks.


Because there are no lawyers involved, we do not see the advertisements on TV in very similar situations such as the asbestos lawsuits or the toxin chemical benzene lawsuits.  Remember, AW had Hexachlorobenzene in it but then you guys were supermen.


Yet, the government can spend 86 million dollars to study the effects of weeds in the pasturelands of Montana with a total population of just over one million.


Then you have the media saying how much they support the military and yet they will not provide information to the mass of Veterans and their families with a simple banner across the bottom or something like that a few times a year.  Maybe the government/VA will not let them.  I certainly do not understand it except for the savings in government money at the expense of the veterans.


In looking at this in our case – I have about 100 guys or so I e-mail - with about 20 more or so that came to the reunions not on the internet.  I would estimate at least 30 over the last three years have indicated they had no idea this stuff was that bad and that they did not know what they had or had had in the case of some cancers was covered by the VA.  Now that is running at about 25% that had no idea.  Take into account that a lot of fellows were in units that do not have websites and have made no connection to the past and how many veterans still do not know? 


Case in point, one of the 108th guys I copy said he had no idea if not for our website and my all calls to the fellows.  How long he had the disorder before he just happen to contact me and I added him to our list is unknown. Thankfully he did apply and is now covered.  If it was 6 months only it was too long!  If it was two years or maybe even five years this Veteran went uncompensated; that is unacceptable government behavior towards Veterans. 


The best I can figure we had about 3500 from 1966 to 1972.  I would assume most battalions were running the same strength.  That means if what we have established is even close that 875 men still do not know anything about the herbicides and we have a website.  Times how many battalions served in Vietnam from 1962 to 1972?  How many widows that lost their veteran husbands early in the first 20 years of the lies - still have no idea?


I did have e-mail this evening that another one of our guys was diagnosed with prostate cancer last month.  I advised him to get his claim in as soon as possible because the clock starts on formal submittal; not when it is approved. Plus during the treatment phase he is entitled to additional compensations for loss of work and such.  He indicated he had not decided on how to treat the cancer and which options he would choose.


I had an e-mail conversation with the daughter of the late Major Meredith, Amy.  She offered to let me use pictures of her stillborn sons if I needed them for the book.  In her words; anything to help us out in telling our story.  I assured her I had enough information in that chapter to certainly question the findings of only spina bifida by our wonderful government.  In our conversations and my review of the chromosome damages involving the 13th and 18th chromosome, I found that only those two are affected by hereditary influences.  In fact, those two have overlapping medical issues and you put them together and that about covers what the birth defects have actually been in stillborn and those that survived that are physically or mentally handicapped.  It also matches some of the EPA birth defects and offspring developmental issues they found.  The 50% increase found in the Ranch Hand study has been kept quiet as to what they really are and what was found.  Now in using government/VA logic, if there were only spinda bifida cases, then they would not have kept this quiet; now would they?


What I studied also discussed the varying degrees of damages from the same damaged chromosomes and not all will be affected the same or develop the same, or the severity will be the same; yet the cause is the same.  This parallels dioxin and toxin damages, as not all of us would react the same, to the same dose.  I would suggest that those offspring that were stillborn or those that were damaged but survived; if the proper blood tests had been run we would have data already that possibly ties the spina bifida to this hereditary 13th or 18th chromosome rearrangement.  However, if the government allowed that or mandated that and it did come back as an overwhelming 13th or 18th chromosome issue.  Then that would throw the door open to a definite damage sperm issue and the actual disorders the veterans and their families have seen and are seeing, including the massive amount of stillborn and very possibly the miscarriages.


The scary part of this - is this particular chromosome issue can skip a generation and that would possibly mean; we have not seen the end of this toxin legacy.


Now of course I have only educated conjecture in all of this since the real government data is kept quiet.  But if you take the data found:  that spina bifida is positive associated, the survey of 44,000 Aussies, the real data found in our fellows on the paternal side, the common data found in the maternal side, the data of the Vietnamese people themselves, our former enemy and what they are saying, and so on.  Then back out the common found issues and what is actually stated the toxins can cause in birth defects by modifying, altering, or rearranging chromosomes.  It seems to me that it there is a definite link to some kind of chromosome damages.  Much less that Dow was able to keep some scientists from testifying to that fact.


There is much more known about this issue than the government is admitting to!


I thank Amy for that generous offer in trying help out the veterans and I would say she could serve along side any of us; at any time, with fortitude like that.


I wrote a rebuttal to that VA pinhead Brown to be submitted to the Military Officers magazine.  Whether they will post it or not????   I had already sent a rebuttal to the Associated Press on his statements in one of their articles.


As you know my right side swelled bad about two months ago almost if something had ruptured in there from the inside out.  The bruising and blood went away and the swelling went down for the most part.  It is now swelling again with pain in the left side almost identical to the right but only slight swelling.  What is going on - I have no idea.  The VA was not worried about it at all or so it seemed.  Just take more pain meds and hot compresses and that fixing everything.


I am getting somewhat concerned that it is coming back and that it is now on the other side also.  Almost feels like there is something under the last rib or close to it.  I know one doctor in my conversation with her said; I see you have swollen lymph glands on the right side.  I then asked when was someone going to tell me, since no one had?  Since she was not the doctor that had asked for the tests and only commented on it, she stumbled around with some lame excuse.  That was over 9 months ago and still no one at the VA has said one word.  I certainly hope that is not what this is!!!!!  Although you cannot blame these interns that work at the VA.  They are trying to learn their trade and lord knows the VA throws them into the lion’s den.  She was obviously talking out loud in discussing some of my other issues and happens to say the wrong thing just in passing.  I did apologize to her for being so stern but for a Vietnam Veteran and someone says your lymph glands are enlarged that just maybe cause for some alarm; given the real facts, that I am sure she was not made aware of.


The good news is I got a call from my lawyer and I have finally been approved for Medicare.  Have not got the official notice yet but he said I was approved on the 16th of December. 


At least now, I will have a chance at some descent medical care without the 6 months in waiting for testing that is required.


An AO question has come in from Darrell Gutsche of C Battery and it is a good one; that I will try and answer at:




For you new fellows I just added - I posted two updates just a few days ago if you want to check those out:







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