2/94th Battalion Update Number 38




members found

Chronic Peripheral Neuropathy Update


Hi to all,



Reunion information is located on Greg’s blog site at: http://294fa.blogspot.com/




MEMBERS FOUND: Some may have been reported before.




Bell, Richard E. - SP4 70-71


I was assigned to 2/94 in early April 1971 after serving nine months in an airmobile 105 unit (A1/8) of the 25th Inf Div. I joined A Btry FDC at FSB Cannonball west of Dong Ha and my buddy Dale Luedloff was assigned to B Btry. If my memory is correct, the whole battalion was at that site. FDOs when I joined were Lts. Beidle and Bond. Next stop was FSB Bastogne where Lts. Erney and Tompkins took over as FDOs. From there to FSB Vehgel, thence to Camp Eagle (Phu Bai?) for a short period and then back to Vehgel for the duration. Guys I served with included John Justice, Mike Knabenshue, Denny Riordan, Jack Veigle, "Norm" Drucker, "Maynard" Neumeyer, and others I'll no doubt remember after sending this e-mail. I left some great buddies in the 25th and didn't think I'd ever find friends like that again, but the men listed above proved me wrong. I think about them often. My DEROS date was Aug 24, 1971 and I processed out at Ft. Lewis. I've spent the past 27 years as a local government land use planner and am looking forward to retirement in a little over two years. I'd love to hear from anyone who served with 2/94 and will try to scan and send some pictures to SP Kelley in the near future. Best regards to all, Richard Bell


Wolske, Benjamin E. - SP4 70-71




Sandifer, Benjamin L. - SGT 70-71


hello guys, just wanted to let you know i am still alive. agent orange hasn't succeeded in killing me yet and neither did hurricane Katrina. still looking for Fred Reed and Oscar Shaw. i would like to hear from any of you , call me, come see me, or write to me at my wife's email and she will get it to me. got pictures of a lot of you guys, from 37 years ago. i want some one to put them on a disk and make them available on the computer so anyone can download them. needs to be done before i die and they get misplaced forever. thanks and i will be waiting to hear from ya'll. benjamin (marty) sandifer.


Perelli-Minetti Ronald G. -  Lieutenant 71-72  The Lieutenant's son found the website and is looking for:


"If you have any other information or pictures or links for Fire Support Base Rakkasan from that time period also that would be much appreciated. I am trying to research some." 


I know some of you were there and might have some pics or information.  I think that is the firebase that was condemned and then rebuilt.  His sons e-mail is drummerboyz@hotmail.com if anyone has any info to share.  Not sure exactly what is being researched,


Lieutenant Perelli-Minetti is still with us and filled in some blanks on our B Battery rosters where I only had the last name of some of the fellows and no rank.


Completed info


Dunham, Richard - PFC 71-72

Neusome,  Wendell -  Lieutenant 71-72


Added Info


Cline, Herbert - Captain 71-72 (Was BC before Captain Wilgen)





Miller, Vernon L. - SGT 70-71


Burns, William L. - SP4 70-71



For the new guys –


Good to know all you fellows are alive and kicking!!!!!!! 

Welcome home to the Battalion to all and all please join us at Fort Sill for our fourth reunion.


If you think of someone you wish to communicate with let me know.  I do keep a database of those that are not on the computer but we have found them.

I also have an e-mail list by battery at:



Glenda is the process of updating that list now.

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You will find an update history and links to previous BATTALION updates.  In addition, you will find some of the Toxic Chemical updates I have posted over the years.


For the fellows talking about pics scanned in and on discs. I have done that in the past for the fellows and will continue to do so.  Just mail them to me and I will scan them in and do whatever I can to improve the pics and then copy them all to a CD and send the CD and the originals back.  I will keep a copy of the CD for our records.  If you can please put a title or something on them so I can add that.  Remember I was not there when you were there and what you remember I never saw.  If you have no way to do that I can do it afterwards but it is just easier to do it the first time through the process.


My address is:


Charles Kelley

2078 Eastwood Drive

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Chronic Peripheral Neuropathy Update

I posted a letter I received from the oversight investigator, Veterans Affairs Committee, on persistent peripheral neuropathy sent by the minority leaders on the VAC's in the house and the senate to the Secretary of the VA.


This is in response to my presentation in DC.


Best to all,